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Our DIY #broochbouquet book is now on sale on Amazon Kindle #diywedding

How to Make a Brooch BouquetAre you ready to impress? This DIY brooch bouquet guide highlights the best tips & tricks that we’ve learned after years of making hundreds of bouquets. This book will give you what you need to know to make your own brooch bouquet, including:•What tools y...

5 Tips for a happy married life

Everybody wants a happy life, specially after marriage. But there is no fix formula for it. If something is working for someone it doesn't mean it will work for your married life as well. We can definitely try a few things to keep it healthy. Checkout these tips for a happy married life Do's 1)…

Love and Money: should you merge finances?

Before the ceremony or honeymoon start is a good time to discuss merging finances after marriage including bank accounts, outstanding debt, and retirement.

How to catch a #bouquet like you mean it.

How to Catch a Bouquet

Where are you going on your #honeymoon?

Stumped on where to go on your honeymoon? Check out these awesome places for a honeymoon and start planning that perfect getaway for you and your better half.   Cancun, Mexico Unwind from the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations at Cancun’s pristine beaches. Check in at any of the island’s luxu...

5 awesomely funny #weddingspeeches

Looking for inspiration for your wedding speech. Take a look at these quirky ideas for a speech

Some great tips for choosing a #wedding planner

15 Tips on How to Pick a Wedding Planner April 12, 2016  |  No Comments So, finally you are officially engaged and got the dates of your wedding and everyone wants to know about the ideas that you are going to consider in your wedding. There are lots of dreams in everyone’s mind for his/her wedding....

Is this "the one"?

9 Good Signs You’re In The Right Relationship “When you know, you know.” But, do you? We are talking about the special one here, a relationship that is going to last a lifetime. Sometimes relationships are difficult to navigate. You might have to be in the relationship for the long haul to realize t...

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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Proposals

Grooms can plan too, you know!

Want to help your fiancé with the wedding planning? Or just looking for inspiration to add a guy's touch to the day? Here's what I did recently.

#SomethingBlue for your guests

Hey folks the holidays are almost here and so is decorating your home. And what would be a Christmas without the jars? Well, if you would rather just buy some decorations and put them on

Inexpensive ways to keep your guests entertained!

Make your wedding day fun and stress free with amazing tips to keep your guests entertained for the evening. It will make your big day an event.

Bridesmaid fashion wedding trends for the season

  Getting married in 2015? We're seeing a lot of familiar summer trends in cheap bridesmaid dress. Start looking to these bridal trends now to see what the hottest look for your bridesmaids is. Gone are the days of frumpy, puff-sleeved bridesmaids' gowns.

This is a good resource if you are thinking about a wedding planner. Bookmark it!
Interviews with three professional weddings planners exploring the huge benefits and peace of mind that using a wedding planner can bring to your wedding.

Are you just about to start planning your wedding and feel a little lost, don't know where to start and are in need of some practical support and advice? Are you in the middle of planning and, rather than being fun and fulfilling, it's draining your time, stressing you out and taking over your life?...

As we talk about wedding bands, a lot of people usually focus on finding the perfect ring for the bride.

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Get your wedding budget back under control today with these 17 insanely actionable techniques

17 instantly actionable techniques that you can use today to start saving money and getting your wedding budget back on track. Each technique has a step by step guide to help you through and make saving money on your wedding as easy as possible.

Gorgeous in Greece! Love this.

Atelier Zolotas - Unique wedding dresses - Hellenic Vintage Collection