Interview with Blueseed co-founder Max Marty on decentralization

We are pleased to present Max Marty and his expertise in entrepreneurship, startups and social organization to promote innovation and creativity. We talk abo...

Where will 23andMe go?

In an unusually harsh warning letter, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has ordered genetic-testing company 23andme to stop selling its service to consumers because the agency hasn't approved it and fears it could endanger lives.

Our efforts towards obtaining permits to operate off the coast of California are now on hold due to the government shutdown. #irony

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This intricate action, thriller novel takes place in a futuristic United States. Foreign start ups and workers are outlawed; the protagonists Victor, Mario and Kira employ an ingenious cover to circumvent the law, a floating casino-resort called Blueseed, located in International waters off the coast of California. However, they are soon in peril because of the powerful United States Immigration and Business (I & B) department, headed by Maurice, a religious fanatic who is he...ll-bent on transforming America into a fascist country. Acting on behalf of the US President and his policies, Maurice joins a major UN coalition to advance his agenda but unknown to him they have their own agenda. He orders repeated militia attacks on the Blueseed Prodigy partners (across the United States and into Canada) who threaten his vision. As the stakes become higher and more dangerous, the protagonists enlist other allies including Lawrence, the CEO of the private Space Agency, Alpha Centura. The Blueseed Prodigy battle on two fronts: to enlist support to foil the UN conspiracy, and to defend against the assaults on their lives. Our protagonists are outnumbered! Can they succeed? The fate of the Free World is at stake!

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Blueseed is with Dario Mutabdzija at Zhongguancun Life Science Park.
September 2013

Blueseed CEO Dario Mutabdzija at the Zhongguancun Forum 2013

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"From 2007 to 2011, immigrants in California founded around 45 percent of all new businesses in the state, while 36.6 percent of business owners in California in 2011 were immigrants"
-- and more impressive facts from…/california-immigrant-ent…

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Our CEO Dario Mutabdzija (达里奥·马特迪加) will be speaking at the Zhongguancun Forum in Beijing, China this week. Other speakers include Nobel laureate James Morris, VP of Microsoft Research Asia Rui Yong, DELL director of global sourcing Oliver Campbell.

Looking forward to an English version of the website.

中关村论坛2013年年会将于9月12日在北京举行。会议主题为:“科技创新与产业革命”。届时将邀请国际知名科学家、国内外知名企业家、专家学者、政府官员等嘉宾。会议将围绕科技改变生活、国际技术转移、文化融合科技 创意点亮生活、科技金融创新、创新创业新势力――U30创业者、中法节能环保企业对接等平行论坛展开,与会期间还将举行“中关村指数2012发布会”及“中关村管委会与德国交易所集团签约仪式”两个专场活动。

Any OpenStreetMap users who like Blueseed? Would be great to have the NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries GIS data near Blueseed's location imported into OpenSeaMap -…/imports-us/201…/000319.html

Excellent meeting with the U.S. Coast Guard earlier today.

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Blueseed added a new photo to the album: Blueseed in the news — with Dan Dascalescu.
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Met with the The Port of San Francisco. They would love to have the Blueseed ship as a customer.

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Another of the now 21 entries in the Blueseed Rally Fighter skin contest

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Love how "all roads lead to Blueseed" in this skin entry.

Want to learn more or participate?…/blueseed-rally-fighter-custom-ski…/

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Madjammer's entry in the Blueseed car skin contest. Want to learn more or participate?…/blueseed-rally-fighter-custom-ski…/

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Looking in the rear-view mirror: two years of Blueseed.

Two years ago, on July 31st, 2011, Blueseed was announced as the first commercial seasteading venture.

Mark2257's entry into the Rally Fighter Blueseed Skin Challenge -

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