In case some of you would like to go and weren't invited, Jonathan Shaw is doing a preview of his new book and I will be there to check it out, if your not too busy watching the idiot box come on by and check him out, he's a nice guy and easy to talk to and his books are interesting though we write in vastly different styles I have three of his books, and will be getting more as I can. it starts at 8 tonight,
The Original True Tattoo
1614 N Cahuenga Blvd LA 90028

Hope to see you there!

I have been working on "Threesome" and made it a lot better, I'm on the second story and have one more to go, but I think my writing has changed and I think for the better...going to see Jonathan Shaw on Sunday, anyone else going? He's a nice guy and writes in a different style than me, but I admire his work and support him as much as I can, I have three of his books at this time.

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Just received a CD from Xlibris that has my book, Opened Windows on it, with the cover and all, kinda cool...

Funny...for me. I've always been told I was different and felt that way a t times. Not special but different...and now I'm starting to feel like that's a good thing...

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This is getting eeeexxxciiitinnnng....your favorite author just signed approval to put my work in the Publisher's Weekly and the Publisher's Select...did I ever tell you how much I LOVE being a writer????

I can't swear but I swear, the last two days I came home and really wanted to ride, then I had book stuff to do...and when I was done it was too late, last time I rode it was getting dark at 4:30 so....I thought I was going to ride today...but more book stuff came in...I am not complaining though, I love being too busy with book stuff to do most things but I love riding my bike too...

Xlibris Publishing introduces JR Gonzalez, author of The Lingstroms, Esmerelda's Web, and Opened Windows.   Please briefly describe your books. I have three books published through Xlibris. &n...

They asked me to do a thirty words or less description of my book, Esmeralda's Web and I wrote this:

"During the Spanish Inquisition, two kids die horribly, but for them, death isn't the end; its a short pause of 200 years before the nightmares begin once more!"

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I have an e chip number that contains the entire book, "The Lingstroms" if you want it, it sells for five dollars and I can send it to your e mail if anyone wants to read it that way, I opened it and it looks just like a book; so let me know....

This just in...your favorite authors third book, the Lingstroms is available now on e books...

I had a lot of fun playing music and jamming with Steve and Mario as the Regenerators, but I also had a lot of fun afterwards, meeting people that were asking about my book, signing and giving the books away, I'm going to keep doing that until they are all gone, started with 250 and only have about thirty or so left, let me know my friends...

I find myself in a weird position with my work; I have finished all six books now and they are ready to send in, but I can't afford to do it at this time because I have to pay for a repair to my car and for that opportunity to get my work to a major publisher, going from the minors to the majors for a shot at the big show...but I cut "Skull Collector" out of the story because it was badly in need of editing and fact checking, and it was rewritten as my sixth book after all.
A...lso, to those of you that know my connection to my friend who originally designed this page, I didn't fire him, we really haven't been able to get much time working together but I thought this page needed a new look, so Mr. Murdock, I hope you don't mind.... original point, the six books are:

Opened Windows*
Esmeralda's Web*
The Lingstroms*
Servant of Evil
The Skull Collector

and there are seven more trying to climb out of my head even as we speak...

Willie and Joe
Lawnmower Men
and two more whose names escape me at the moment (check under your chair, maybe they got out!!!!)

Blame me for the nightmares & Sleep with the lights on!

*All available now at Barnes and Nobles, Amazon and all other outlets, published by Xlibris Publishing.

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September 18
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September 18
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September 18
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