Bluink's eID-Me brings #Ontario digital identity to your smartphone with help from the Ontario Government #Tech #PressRelease

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How to protect yourself from #Ransomware #Security

Common sense and software can keep your system safer from security threats.
Bluink Key on Android | Offline Password Manager and 2FA

"By downloading #Security software, consumers also run the risk that an untrustworthy #Antivirus maker — or hacker or spy with a foothold in its systems — could abuse that deep access to track customers’ every digital movement."

Government officials warn that software from Kaspersky Lab could be subverted by Russian intelligence. A security researcher shows how it could be done.

What's a #VPN and why should you use one? Get the answers in Lifehacker's Beginner's Guide to VPNs: #Privacy

In our new series Getting It, we’ll give you all you need to know to get started with and excel at a wide range of technology, both on and offline. Here, we’re arming you with everything you need to know to understand and use virtual private networks.

"Software #Security is an ongoing journey, not a point-in-time obstacle that needs to be hurdled." What happens when security companies fail at security? #InfoSec

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"Lots of data is encrypted based on public key cryptography, which relies on a simple principle: Some math problems, like factoring large numbers into primes, are hard for a computer to solve." Quantum computers could change that.

Your data may be safe from a quantum attack... for now. When quantum computers develop the ability to crack present-day encryption mechanisms, will you be ready?

Security > Convenience. "Strong #Security and #Privacy are now at the forefront of the average user's concerns, especially when it comes to banking, financial, online marketplaces, and their email accounts."

The tide on convenience over security is turning.
Download the app for free at Bluink Key is the secure password manager and 2FA app that lets you automatically log in to anything witho...

#CyberAttacks are costly. #Security is worth the investment.

A new White House report says that cyberattacks from foreign and domestic actors cost the US up to $109 billion in 2016.

"Facebook never intended to send SMS notifications to #2FA users, Stamos said." #Security

Two-factor authentication, a security measure that requires a verification code as well as a password upon login, can help prevent phishing and account takeover.

There's a #Reddit clone #Phishing people who type too fast

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“Port out #Fraud has been an industry problem for a long time, but recently we’ve seen an uptick in this illegal activity.” This is a major weakness of SMS #2FA. For stronger 2FA, use Bluink Key's FIDO #U2F and OTP.

For the last few weeks, T-Mobile customers have been receiving text message alerts warning them about “an industry-wide phone number port out scam.”

#Grammarly #Vulnerability affected Grammarly's Chrome and Firefox browser extensions, leaking authentication tokens that let any website access a user’s documents, history, logs and all other data

Grammarly patches browser extensions that exposed private user data - SiliconANGLE

"Once inside a device, the ADB.Miner #Botnet installs an app that causes the device to mine for the Monero #Cryptocurrency while also attempting to propagate itself by scanning for other Android devices connected to the same network"

Rapidly spreading cryptomining botnet targets Android phones and smart TVs - SiliconANGLE

#Lenovo #Vulnerability "affects Fingerprint Manager Pro for Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1." Patch if you are affected.

Attackers exploiting unpatched #Flaw in #AdobeFlash to break into Windows computers #Vulnerability

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