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Paris Motorshow 2012. BMW highlights.
BMW Concept Active Tourer Paris 2012. It is on a white stand as a rink that BMW presents its vehicles. This is not to illustrate the slogan "driving pleasure" but to highlight the fiber ecological models. The show will begin in five minutes. EfficientDynamics models and ActiveHybrid around the stage company Concept i3 and i8 . finally opens the curtain, dancers come and make us a demonstration of their talents. Some even dance on your hands! They quickly exchanged places with the big news that everyone expected: the Active Tourer Concept . The first MPV and the first BMW model traction too! The dancers walked on their hands, but they also work with BMW on the head some say!
BMW Concept Active Tourer with bike mounting

Series 2 Active Tourer was the first BMW minivan. This completes the Gran Tourer offering 7 places. This is a first for a premium manufacturer, whatever the Mercedes B-Class.

Some fans comments :

"Wrong-wheel drive..."...
"this is wrong on so many levels"
"Oh c'mon, I'm a big BMW fan but this design?"
"If it doesn't drift, it isn't a BMW."

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WHEN many think BMW, they think 3-Series sedan or 4-Series Coupe or 7-Series limousine. The Ultimate Driving Machine according to BMW's own slogan, and rear-wheel-drive as preferred by driving enthusiasts.

So when the BMW X5 and all-wheel-drive came along a decade and a half ago it took some of us a little while to get our head around it. Now the X5 is the top selling BMW in Ballarat. The ultimate driver, it would appear, is market forces.

Now BMW has introduced its first fr...

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