A new website for licensing music has just launched, with around 40 of my tracks available exclusively.

"We're Coming Home" was played on Surrey Hills Radio in their "Transmission" programme, from about 1:15:00…/transmission-local-14-01-2018/

TRANSMISSION local - 14 01 2018
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The piano stem of "Acorns To Oaks" was used in this episode of BBC's "Autumnwatch" from about 53½ minutes in

"Aiming Higher" and "Over The Moon" are used in a film by Martin Cox about the Silent Pool distillery (from about half-way through)

Welcome to Silent Pool near Albury in Surrey where England's finest hand crafted gin is made.

"The Icing On The Cake" is used in this French TV article, from about four minutes in

Le chef Alberto Herraiz invité à l'émission de l'art et du cochon sur ARTE pour évoquer son menu tout en légèreté consacré au "Porteur d’eau de Séville " de ...

"Auburn Leaf"'s use in Lebanese TV drama "Nos Youm" engenders such a following that it is copied and played in many YouTube clips, such as this one ...

كنت عم احضر المسلسل و سمعت هالموسيقى على البيانو ، حبيت اعزفها على امل انو ال mbc ما تحذفو متل ما عملت بمعزوفة عزفتها من مسلسل تشيللو :( I am a lebanese girl...

"Amongst The Angels", "Auburn Leaf" and "Ripplebach" are used in a film by Martin Cox about Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking

Denbies Wine Estate in Surrey celebrates 30 years of wine production.

"A Horse Called Careful" is used in a clip called “Komponisten der Zukunft”

Deutschland: Land der Dichter, Denker und Ursprung vieler der kommunikativ bedeutendsten Innovationen und Erfindungen: Buchdruck, Papierrohstoff, Telefon, TV, Computer…

"There Is Hope" is used in a corporate clip called "The Little Things"

At Medline, we feel good knowing the little things we do for our customers can help them make a big difference in their patients' lives.
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