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People often ask what domain platform is "best" for selling their domains. It varies often and is a good reason to consult with a pro. It's also a good question to research often, because it constantly changes -- and it's different at different price points.

Take a close look at Ron Jackson's weekly Domain Journal, which focuses on high-end sales. Something that jumped off the page is that Sedo had 14 of the top 20 sales. Remarkable.

If you check last week's data, you'll not...e that Brooke Hernandez of @Uniregistry brokered a $500,300 sale of Vacation.Rentals. This is the largest sale of the new gTLDs, surpassing the record $500k sale reported in January of Home.Rentals. Way to go, Brooke!

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Donuts Inc., the world's largest administrator of new domain extensions (new gTLDs) gave fans of the genre something to cheer about today when they announced they had closed a $500,300 all-cash deal - brokered by Uniregistry's Brooke Hernandez - for (details of the sale are in a sto...
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I applaud #Uniregistry employees, who have been consistent givers to good causes. Here is their latest campaign. Yikes!

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Uniregistry added 3 new photos.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored our team at Uniregistry UK to complete their skydive to raise funds for the Christie Cancer Care Hospital. In total they raised an amazing £781. Well done team!

Bobs Domains is asking for donations to charity: water.

Whether I'm in Pittsburgh or traveling globally, the need that stands out most is the lack of clean water. I'm impressed with the effect of charity: water. A portion of the profit from Bob's Domains will be donated. You may also research them or donate here.

Bobs Domains is raising money for charity: water.

Ron Jackson of DN Journal has published his annual industry review. It's something that we look forward to seeing every year. This year he worked with 24 experts on his panel!

The State of the Industry 2018: 24 Leading Domain Experts Analyze What Happened in 2017 and Tell You What to Expect Next

It's a bit late, but want to wish everyone a new year of learning, growth, maturity, and love for one another. I can't think of a better article to share than this one from Bill Gates. He's a model of how we can use our strengths to help others. Please Like and Share -- and Like our page too if you're just learning about it. There are some big changes ahead for Bobs.Domains and I don't want you to miss out!…/some-good-news-once-bill-gates/…

I have a special connection to this week’s issue of TIME. I got to serve as the magazine’s first-ever guest editor. We’ve been working for the past

Congrats to Bee and her proud husband on the birth of "New Bee!"

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Here is a great article from Robert Herjavec, with tips to help you secure your data today.

Enterprise data breaches dominate the headlines today, yet it’s easy to get complacent in our day-to-day lives. We’re connected to our devices 24-7 — laptops, tablets, mobile phones, Fitbits, etc. — whether it’s for work or just fear of missing out. My company, Herjavec Group, specializes in cyberse...

Hi friends. This post will be more reflective and personal than usual. Been through some changes with one more change coming up November 1st, a move to my new home. Fortunately, it's all good!

In March, successfully fought prostate cancer by having the Prostate entirely removed, using robotic surgery. I'm seven months out, with no recurrence of the cancer. Yay!

As I recovered from surgery, my delightful 101-year old Mom left this world for greener pastures. I spent the last ...years of her life with her, a real blessing for me. She got her ultimate wish of dying from home in her sleep.

The fam has been sorting through 101 years of photos, cards, letters and "things" so that we can sell her home. I'll be moving to a home closer to Pittsburgh and Oakland, where Pitt and CMU are located. I'll be going back to school to brush up on some I.T. skills, particularly HPC and security.

My friend Cleo Huggins, whom I know from my days at Adobe, will be designing a new look for Bob's Domains. Cleo is appreciated worldwide for designing the Sonata font for music printing.…/type/font-designers/cleo-huggins.html

Congratulations for making it through this super-long post! As my ambassadors, I'd appreciate your feedback as we go through the process of rebranding. I'll be asking, "What do YOU think?"

And you, since you've gotten this far, please share something about yourself and what you'd like to see discussed in this group. It will make it more fun once we get to know each other better!

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Verisign released their top trending keywords for March and somehow President and Fun topped the lists in .com and .net. Chinese and Bots made the top 5 in .com. Max,value and ultra were in the top 5 for .net. The Raiders are there for the Oakland Raiders planning to move to Las Vegas. .COM .NET …

Ron Jackson's latest domain industry sales chart has been updated. Market is healthy.

Now that spring has arrived the temperature isn't the only thing that is warming up. Several high dollar domain sales blossomed this week including a chart topper that ranks among the year's three biggest sales to date, along with the best ccTLD sale thus far in 2017 and the year's highest Non .com…

Interesting blog post from my friend Morgan Linton, discussing the new extension .WEB -- and in particular what the Domain King Rick Schwartz has to say about it.

I haven't seen a date posted for General Availability of .WEB. If you hear of it before me, please post a comment!…/

When I first started investing in domain names Rick Schwartz’s blog (aka the Domain King) was one of my regular reads. I’ll be honest in saying I don’t always agree with everythin…

Domain sales through 27 March 2017, courtesy of Ron Jackson at

This was one of those rare weeks when .coms didn't take the majority of positions on our all extension Top 20 Sales Chart. They did take more places than any other group - nine in all - but the other 11 went to non .coms - six of those being ccTLDs and five non .com gTLDs (one of which was a new gTL...

From our friend, Ron Jackson:

The new weekly domain sales report is out at This was one of those rare weeks when .coms didn't take the majority of positions on our all extension Top 20 Sales Chart. They did take more places than any other group - nine in all - but the other 11 went to non .coms - six of those being ccTLDs and five non .com gTLDs (one of which was a new gTLD). Our all extension Top 20 Sales Chart was led by a .org domain that is also ranked as the biggest non .com sale reported so far this year. We also saw the year’s 3rd biggest ccTLD sale.

You can get all of the details here:

. Every January since 2005 we have assembled a distinguished panel of experts drawn from every corner of the industry-  including domain investors, developers, top  corporate leaders and attorneys - to give us their thoughts on the key trends of the past year and what they saw coming our way in the…

If you're from India - NamesCon has an event scheduled for May 19.

If you're from China - There will be a NamesCon event on September 28.

NamesCon Elaborates on 1-Day Event in India May 19 & Planning Another in China September 28:…/low…/2017/dailyposts/20170306.htm

(WHD) last year. WHD already stages popular conferences for the hosting industry around the world and already have the infrastructure in place to incorporate the closely related domain shows - via NamesCon - into those international events.

For those that follow domain sales, the bearish market seems to have turned. Whatever is happening, you'll read about it here!

Solid Week for Domain Sales - Top Four Totaled over $500,000 With a Pair of 6-Figure Sales Leading the Way:…/domainsales/2017/20170315.htm

Boosted by NameJet's release of their February sales data, there are some nice numbers on our latest all extension Top 20 Sales Chart. The largest of those is at a cool $290,000 - the year's 3rd biggest sale to date. That domain drew the highest bid in the RightOfTheDot/NameJet live aucti...

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