Be yourself.

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Learn to embrace uncertainty.

Learn how to live with greater ease and acceptance, no matter what's happening around you.
How to Talk with Animals
Weekly Multi-Sensory Meditation for Daily Stress
Ruby Warrington - Material Girl, Mystical World

Shungite is a form of carbon, an essential element for creating and sustaining life. Here, it’s cut and polished into a pyramid, a universal symbol for the integration of self and soul. Black stones are known to offer protection, creating a sense of retreat, so we keep ours by the front door. Available here:

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To self-discovery through disconnection (via Lin-Manuel Miranda)

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Tattoos for your soul.

Like any form of artistic expression, traditional Māori tattoos hold a special meaning that is more than skin-deep. In the Māori culture, the art of t...

The ancient ceremony of smudging—when smoke from sacred plants is used to clear and bless a space or person—dates back to prehistoric times and is most associated with Native American practices. Clearing a space with Juniper Ridge smudge (with sage, cedar and mugwort) and a Spirit Feather Crystal Wand takes the ritual of smudging to another level. When lit, the smudge will emit a natural, earthy aroma. Wands are associated with magic and directing energy, and this one contains a rose quartz orb, known as the “heart stone.” When used in a smudging ritual, the white spirit feather is intended to bring in the energies of trust and faith. Get yours here:

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Choose your tools (and thoughts) wisely. (via Louise Hay)

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The radical, 600-year evolution of tarot card art 🎨

They began as a novelty game before becoming a tool for divination. But throughout tarots long history, its art reflected the spirit of the times.

As we move into the final month of Winter, take time to meditate and receive insights and higher truths about your life, as this is a month for self -reflection and productivity.

Astrologer Cathy Coleman shares her forecast for February 18–25, 2018. Learn how to make the most of the energy of the planets this week.

As incense, ayahuasca fills a room with an earthy and pure fragrance. Through this ritual we connect with ancient ceremonial traditions while enjoying the scent from the smoke itself. Incausa incense is made from raw materials and does not contain toxic carcinogens. What’s more, this variety incorporates offscourings, the dregs usually thrown back to the soil. The sticks burn slowly and can be used many times over. Available here:

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Never give up. Never stop trying.

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Words of affirmation. You?

Take a quiz to find your love language based on how you feel about these best-sellers.

In an industrial finish of white bronze, the rocky, mineral-like base of this incense holder complements the earthiness of a burning, scented stick. Solid and organic, it’s a piece of art in and of itself, pretty enough to keep on a table and desk, with or without a stick of incense. Conscious of the greater good, all products are sustainable, US-made with organic materials and fair trade practices. Available here:

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Don't forget to slow down and enjoy the moment.

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Who doesn't love hugs?

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Who doesn't love hugs?