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Jeremy Piper
· January 8, 2018
I tried to cancel by phone prior to the 15 day cancellation window and the Manager Christina told me I have to go in person or send in a letter by mail 15 days prior to billing date. My issue is I was... in the process of moving my belongings to Texas and could not drop everything for them at that time. The Manager Christina will not work with me at all, but sure did charge me my $19.99 monthly membership plus threw in a $34.00 yearly membership charge. I’ve only been with them since November and not very impressed with customer service obviously. The manger does not return calls and places you on hold as they transfer you to different people. I have filed a BBB complaint hoping this multimillion dollar company won’t go out of business for my $54 refund that I’m asking for, due to my situation. I’m moving and on unemployment at this time, because the military has medically retired me so $54 is a lot of money to me at this time. See More
Kyle Brown
· March 23, 2016
Beware of Body Xchange Fitness Gym and Sports Club. I joined the health club back in 2007 or 2008. During my membership term my finances got so bad I could not afford the membership anymore. At time I was going to the sports club behind White Lane.
I asked to meet with the general manager to talk about my options. I sorry but I don't remember who I actually meet with but I am assuming it was not the GM because I was lead to believe that we were all good when I left and that my membership would be canceled. This was not the case (of course), I was sent to collections for a balance of apx 1200 dollars for a membership I was told would be canceled. After my conversation with the "GM" I stopped using their services because I was under the impression i was no longer a member of their club. I was wrong! I'm not sure how they served me court papers, but I never got them even though they say I did but can't seem to provide me with any real proof. So, I have been fighting this for quite some time now. I have made, what I believe were more that fair offers just to make this go away, all with out success.

Now, I find out that according to a title search Body Xchange wants over 11 Million dollars! (see image) This has just gotten beyond absurd. I realize (hope) the 11 Million is just a mistake. It looks like I'm going to have to pay the collection agency even though I truly don't believe I owe this. The sales staff lie to you and so does the corporate office.

I hope your happy with the way your company is run Mr. John Ovanessian.
Is this the lesson you want to teach your boys. I hope not.
Well I will get over this because as Tom Hanks said "Theirs no crying in baseball"
Kyle Brown
Bridal Association of America
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Tony Schulz
· January 14, 2018
Beware they will charge you even after you cancel. They are not Veteran friendly.
Priscilla Guerra
· July 29, 2016
I will start off by saying I loved being able to tan! With that being said the staff NEVER knew if the bulbs were new and a few times I got burned REALLY bad! Not cool B.X. :(
I also love to do cardio.... I try to monitor my heart rate to make sure I'm in the fat burning zone so when you get going on a machine and realize that the heart rate monitor is broken or inaccurate is the worse! That's pretty irritating. I almost gave my self a heart attack a few times going faster and harder trying to get my heart rate up and according to the monitor on the machine is was reading really low when I could feel my heart wanting to jump out of my chest!Lol. I can laugh know but at the moment it is really frustrating ; (
So of course I have to switch machines which takes a few minutes because you need to wipe down the broken one (gym etiquette) gather my belongings and hopefully another machine is available and hopefully not broken too! (Which ironically has happened a few times) I have told the staff and nothing seems to be done because the same machines seem to be broken they don't even ask which machine or put a note on them. I have even told them which machine specifically and what the problem was and they just smile and say, " ok Thanks for letting us know! " And then don't even write anything down? This happened to me at both locations, white lane and east side location when I was attending B.C.
I didn't really have any major complaints or concerns about the weightlifting equipment accept standard annoying stuff that the average gym has like people not re-racking their weights or wiping down after using the equipment.
I can attribute some of that to the fact that sanitizer spray was not always available so it could be people just got used to this and stopped trying to bother wiping down?
Another pet peeve is that not all the same equipment is available at the other locations. So when you have a routine that you are following and certain machines you are using you kinda expect to stick to it right? You can't do that if you use different locations in town because they all have different cardio and weight machines.
I have since joined another gym because I moved and the other gym is across the street now. But I will say being locked in a contract is no fun and you literally have to move out of town and have no B.X. near you and new proof of residence from the mailing address to get out of the contract. Being unhappy with the gym or services simply isn't a good enough reason which sounds crazy right? Lol, either way this gym has its ups and downs just like most places but I still got results just a few bumps along the road. Good luck to all every gym is gonna have a few problems you just have to figure out what you are willing to put up with
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Jason Roar
· March 16, 2016
Beware of this place! The local folks working at the clubs are nice enough, but the corporate office who runs this company are a bunch of shysters with fraudulent billing practices that will overcharg...e you, and they will not resolve it. Their contract is a scam and they will charge you for services you never received. If you want a workout run, don't walk, away from this shady "gym." See More
Sergio Murillo
· January 23, 2014
The weight lifting is good. The treadmills are horrible. At east bako if you raise one over 7 mph it cuts out except for one. Unless it's a newer machine. But those have a set time limit for people wh...o run long distance. Seems unfair when cycling and ellipticals take up more space but aren't used as much. Would be nice to have those fixed. Been a member too long to always see equipment doesn't get fixed or a big group of athletes get neglected. Just an honest opinion. See More
Whitnie Blake
· October 6, 2015
I ended up paying 130$ for one visit, I do not recommend going to any body xchange and going to another gym, they lack tact, customer service and you are just a number and monetary value to them. And ...never, I repeat never do a year long membership, it will be a nightmare canceling it See More
Kirby Ryan
· June 27, 2014
I'm new to bakersfield and members haven't been very friendly, however the staff goes out of their way to make you feel welcome, especially at the Panama and southwest locations. Class are few and ...far between, it would be great to have so more high intensity or even just more classes especially in the evening. The only negative thing is that there is never sanitizing spray and/or the paper towel dispenser is empty. Hand sanitizer dispenser would also be helpful. Overall this is an amazing fitness centre and I look forward to going once or twice a day See More
KL Khaliss ArcBrazen
· November 4, 2013
This is the worst gym I have ever joined! Now I know why they lock you into the contract and wont let you out! They have no equipment! Always packed except 430 am and even then they had 4 treadmills w...orking. I will just have to eat it and buy out my contract! See More
Eddie Mcgee
· March 8, 2014
I train hard regardless of where I'm at.. no complaints just results.
Marissa Nichole
· May 25, 2014
What are your hours of operation for Memorial day, Panama location ?
Chuck Garcia
· December 21, 2013
I place to work out.
DeAnna Louie Lara
· March 30, 2014
very clean and friendly enviorment....I love my new gym!!!
Teresa Fajardo
· April 9, 2014
Love it!
Joel Lopez
· December 10, 2013
Big Shout out to the crew @Body X Change North East! The Lopez Boyz....
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