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Lexi Roberts
· September 4, 2017
I have been a part of BYS for 6 years, 4 of which as a participant and 2 as a counselor/staff, and it only gets better every year. It's a week of fun people, presenters, performers, good food, and groups. It's the highlight of my summer every year! See More
Natalee Rohbock Smith
· July 14, 2017
All 4 of my girls have been and ALWAYS come home so spiritually lifted, but also say how much fun they have in just those few short days. So thankful that we have BYS here in Boise. Thank you to all... who make this event possible each year!! See More
Sarah Arnett Steed
· July 18, 2017
My daughters have loved BYS. My oldest has now attended first as an attendee and now as a counselor and both experiences were amazing. Truly life changing! So thankful for this program.
Jonny Henderson
· July 16, 2015
An incredible spiritual experience. Counsellors instantly become the youth's biggest cheerleader, and the kids go home full of tears on such s spiritual high, having made amazing new friends. Always i...ncluded are great and talented acts that the kids and counsellors all love. BYS offers a more hands-on experience than EFY. Spots to quick for a reason! See More
Krissi Severson Hansen
· July 28, 2015
Wonderful experience for my son this year! Fun music, awesome speakers. He came away with lots of funny stories, many spiritual experiences, and ready to go back next year. Thanks to all those who put... so much effort into this for our youth! See More
Debbie Schley
· July 11, 2017
This is an awesome experience for our youth! Thank you to all the volunteers that make it possible!
Wendy Steinburg
· March 11, 2015
Braxton had a GREAT experience at BYS.....didn't realize it was going to fill up so fast this year! I didn't get my son Bryce registered in time so if there are any boys that don't end up being able go, I would LOVE to get Bryce a spot in this year's BYS and would pay you the full price so you won't lose your money. Let me know at 949-7086 See More
Janice Barger Draper
· July 26, 2014
Thank you providing such an amazing experience for both my kids. They has a fantastic time the last three. What a great spiritual experience!!!
Mary Gagnon
· February 21, 2017
Great Spiritual Boost in the Summer. Youth who attend with their hearts open leave with it filled.
Sarah Wollan
· July 20, 2015
I never regret coming. My favorite part of summer! There is always something to be learned and you grow soo much over the course of just 3 days! I love every second of it.
Janet Cottle Green
· July 24, 2015
My granddaughter had a wonderful time She couldn't stop taking about it. The spirit just radiated from her. I was so grateful that she was able to go
Trevor King Nielsen
· August 3, 2016
Best experience that ive ever had even as a counselor it was amazing
Brialee Nelson
· July 26, 2014
What a refreshing taste of the gospel. This church is true and BYS is a strong testament of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I AM READY NOW.
Madeline Malia Antrim
· December 9, 2014
It was what I was looking forward to during the summer, it was the best! :)
Anna Josette Reed
· July 27, 2014
I am ready now! Thank you to all the counselors and speakers for the best part of my summer!
Craig M. Spjute
· July 30, 2013
Loved the counselor/staff training and all the amazing youth that came!
Chase Oneida
· July 20, 2015
It was fun the milkshakes were the best.
McKenzie Weigt
· July 29, 2013
It was the best week of my life!
Elizabeth Eyre Wood
· June 4, 2014
So amazing for the youth
Braden Storrs
· August 2, 2013
A lot of thought, prayer, and love go into making this happen each year!
SESSION 1 Video is here!!
Session 2 Video
Session 1 - here is your video. Share it with your family and friends!!

Counselor Applications are available on our website!

If you are 17 or older and graduated from high school we would love for you to apply to be a counselor or staff member for BYS! You will find the application under the 'Staff & Counselor' tab at the top of the home page.

Thank you for being patient. We had so many people trying to access the site, our links crashed and we had to fix them. It is all taken care of now!


Please be patient while we are working with some technical problems (we know they are asking for an access code...there isn't one). Registration will be open soon!! We are working as fast as we can to resolve the problem!

BE KIND AT REGISTRATION TIME. Since 1999 my wife and children have been thrilled to be part of BYS. It is humbling to have been part of this program with amazing volunteers and leaders. My wife and I are no longer the directors but we want to invite you to show Christlike love during the registration process. The BYS staff does all they can to make sure the process is as smooth as possible even though all who wish cannot get in. Each year they try to make room for more partic...ipants. Don't hesitate to go to Nampa--it was much more intimate and equally wonderful! Suggestions if you don't get in: Get on the wait list, be patient, and pray. Questions & concerns should all go to Thoughtful and caring people will respond. Thanks for 19 great years! (don't be shocked if I am still riding around on a golf cart this year and throwing out candy). POSTED BY BROTHER SPJUTE IN THE VISITOR'S POSTS of our page.

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Are you ready??
Registration opens on
Thursday at 8:00pm!


Here is a reminder of the dates & cost:
July 16th-18th (Boise and Nampa)
July 19th-21st (Boise)
Boise: $145
Nampa: $90 (no breakfast or housing)

Have questions? Most questions are answered on our website under the 'Info' and 'FAQ' tabs.

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January 28
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January 28
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PEACE IN CHRIST - It would be awesome to have these two at BYS this year!

READY FOR BYS REGISTRATION? Registration begins at 8:00 pm on February 15. Prices are still being negotiated to keep rising BYS tuition to a minimum. Nampa session will be between $85-95, while Boise sessions will be $140-150.

BYS - Boise Youth Spectacular updated their cover photo.
January 13
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BYS - Boise Youth Spectacular updated their profile picture.
January 13
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BYS Staff & Counselor Hopefuls - make sure you are enrolled in institute, where possible-it will increase your chances of being selected. Seniors in high school-do all you can to graduate seminary! Enrollment going on now for all young adults for institute anywhere.

Welcome to the Boise Institute!! This is THE place for young adults in the valley. Whether you are looking for AMAZING classes (offered day & night) or you want to join one of our choirs or serve on the activity committees--you will find yourself having a BLAST!! Friday luncheons, service opportunit...


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BELIEVE YOUR SAVIOR - BYS I love Noteworthy (former BYS guests) version of WHEN YOU BELIEVE.

► DOWNLOAD “When You Believe” on iTunes and our NEW album ‘How Sweet the Sound: Songs of Inspiration’ at Or STREAM the song on Apple...

Who is already looking forward to BYS next year? We sure are! Here is a reminder of the 2018 BYS dates:

July 16th-18th (Boise and Nampa)
July 19th-21st (Boise)


Registration will open in February! More information to come!

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FAVORITE PERFORMER for BYS in 2018. Jason Hewlett, Alex Boye, Vocal Point, Michael McLean, Jenny Jordan Frogley & David Archuleta. Put these performers in order of preference. 1 being favorite and 6 being least favorite.