Death FM is the only radio broadcast I know of that will air songs like "Death Unto Us All", "They All Deserve To Die", and "The Meaningless Of Life".

A Brutal & Beautiful Blend of Black, Death, Doom, Goth, Gore & Grind w/Requests

Mary, a punctual goth, and Steve, a mass murdering psychopath.

Paul and Kevin are indescribable session musicians who can't even send their pictures in.

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Hey Mary, they think you sound like our old singer Cal.
I don't think they even previewed it for free on Bandcamp.

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Band –Bombed Up Album –No Excuses For The Living Year –2018 Genre – Death/Thrash Metal Country –Canada Web – Facebook Quality - MP3 CBR 320 KBPS Tracklist: 1. D...eath Unto Us All 2. Crippled, Traumatized, Or Dead 3. Tombstones 4. Hades’ Brails 5. Sex, Guns, And Rock 6. At War With The Living 7. The Consequence Of Hatred 8. Entwined With Death 9. Machine Gun.

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Band –Bombed Up Album –No Excuses For The Living Year –2018 Genre – Death/Thrash Metal Country –Canada Web – Facebook Quality – MP3 CBR 320 KBPS Tracklist: 1. Death Unto Us All 2. Crippled, Traumatized, Or Dead 3. Tombstones 4. Hades’ Brails 5. Sex, Guns, And Rock 6. At War With The ...

No Excuses For The Living is on sale for $7 CAD
On CD Baby and Bandcamp…/no-excuses-for-the-living

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This is Steve, I want to explain something.

There's a lot of traffic on our pages subsequent to the release of No Excuses For The Living. There's more to come: soon we'll be on CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, all of your favourite services, etc.

I want to explain that as usual, the lyrics on this record are excessive. You will be offended, and yes, it is personal. Mary is a session vocalist. I PAID her MONEY to sing MY lyrics that I wrote. If you think I went too far with the lyric...s, take it up with me, not her. Working with Mary is like working with a perfect lady. Same with 50 Cal, he was only singing lyrics that I wrote. I'm the one who's fucked in the head.

In fact, I want to remind you that I have a standing offer with my fans. If you bootlegged our records without paying for them, you at least owe me the etiquette of contacting me. I'll tell you where to find me, we'll meet up, and I'll rape your fucking soul in public. I don't owe you fucking freeloaders anything, and you have no right to complain about music you stole from us. It's death metal - you have to pay your dues. I'm being serious. It's your obligation as a music pirate to prove yourself to me, I'll fucking destroy you, and anything less than that is unacceptable.

Yours truly,
- Steve

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No Excuses For The Living is a scathing, hardline attack on humanity, and a glorification of death.

Steve Pera, founder and guitarist, is accompanied by mercenary session musicians: Mary Zimmer on vocals, Paul Asper on bass, and Kevin Trudel on drums. It is the new lineup’s first album together, and the band’s 3rd album, since the loving dismissal of Callum McPhee and John Kay.

Bombed Up’s divergent songwriting is backed up by draconian criticisms of human morals. This reco...rd is also unforgiving toward heavy metal clichés - it’s not for freeloaders looking for the same old death metal one-trick-pony.

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9 track album

Sorry guys, we're not the world's greatest photographers.

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Bombed Up updated their cover photo.
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Our new record No Excuses For The Living is finished, and is in the post-production phase. It was held up by a lineup change.

Bombed Up was formed by Steve, a cannibalizing psychopath. It featured Cal the pompadour musketeer, and John the welfare gamer. Except those two guys left, so now it has Mary the beautiful American girl, and two other bargain bin session cats that use pseudonyms.

Bombed Up is where session musicians go to retire.


We're wrapping up all the files as I speak. More to follow.

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Maybe one day when you lazy assholes find some jobs, you can enjoy the satisfaction of investing in your favourite band - instead of ripping our albums from online and then complaining about them.


Broken ring finger. Someone's gotta play the guitar solos, and it ain't gonna be Slipknot.

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Yes, we are recording our third album. We're not a fly-by-night. Just like death, we're going to be around forever. I just want to give the fans a thrill before they go home and shoot themselves. The last thing you hear before you blow the top half of your own cabeza off is Bombed Up. That's the mark of a successful band. If the fans shoot themselves INSTEAD of the guitarist, score a big fat freakin' point for Bombed Up.

I distinctly remember having to show scream-o's how to tune their guitars just hours before they went on stage.

John Kay from Bombed Up tells a story of when Steve Pera called a screamo band "gay".
Bombed Up updated their status.

Who does Steve look the most like:
Clint Eastwood
Adam Levine
Joe Girardi