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The coughing at the beginning of Sweet Leaf is Tony Iommi right after he took a drag on a joint. Sweet Leaf Alright now! Won't you listen? When I first met y...

We are honored to have a track from our self titled included on the Doomed & Stoned comp of Portland Bands. There are so many killer bands heavy bands in Portland, so go check it out.

Thanks to Billy Goat of Doomed & Stoned for including us.…/doomed-stoned-in-port…

48 track album

Some questions about the meaning if life (or something) on no clean singing…/doom-quiz-part-3-altar-of-…/

(Today our Russian contributor Comrade Aleks brings us Part 3 of a four-part series in which he puts the same five questions to doom bands from around the world, and introduces us to their music at the same time.)

We parted ways with our old bass player at the end of last year. Chaz and Tim are looking to get the next iteration of Boneworm up and running. If you or someone you know is in Portland and is interested, send an e-mail:

Help spreading the word, always appreciated.

A week from Friday Boneworm will play our last show........for a while anyways, so mark your calendars. This bill kicks a whole lot of ass.

After this one we are taking a break from playing shows to focus on writing and preparing for our next recording. We got something in the works for you and hope to be able to share soon.

Fri 9:00 PM PDTEast EndPortland, OR
38 people went
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10/25/2013 - East End

Sioux, Billions and Billions, Towers, Boneworm

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Thanks to all you rad people for coming out to Ash Street Venue last night for the show. We had a blast playing with Ancient Warlocks and Mos Generator, some kick ass rocking went down.

One year ago today, we released our self titled album on bandcamp! Thank you to everyone who “paid what you want” for the album, reviewed the album, interviewed us, came to one of our shows, and supported us generally. Just want to say thank you, and please share Boneworm with a friend.

3 track album

Pssst, there is something you should know. Mars Red Sky is stuck in Rio unable to get into the US, so they will not be performing this Saturday at Ash Street Venue. Clearly with such upstanding and proper bands as Ancient Warlocks and Mos Generator there will be a riotous show, packed with delicious tones and rocking groves. Saturday!


Man, what a great fucking show last night! Thanks to Diesto and Drunk Dadfor having us on the bill and for epic slayage, and thanks to Ash Street Venue for putting it all together!

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September 19, 2013
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Had a bitchin' time last night at Steve's birthday party. Boneworm, Disenchanter, Zmoke, and Mammoth Salmon all played. Killer tunes and fun people. Thanks a bunch for having us over!

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This show will be amazing! The EPIC French doom band Mars Red Sky will be crossing the pond and playing the Ash St. on October 12, opening up will be Boneworm, Ancient Warlocks and Mos Generator. This will be a show not to miss!


Wow, last night was a blast! Thanks to everyone that came out for ths show, we appreciate the support! Thanks to Disenchanter and Heavÿ Baäng Stäang for playing killer sets, and to World Famous Kenton Club for hosting the show. Let's do it again sometime, mkay?

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Tonight the ritual continues with a gathering of the souls. Dark times may be upon us as the experiments in the manipulation of time shroud the truth of our being, but the healing rituals of the past can both protect us, and set us free.

We gather to conjure the vibrations of the ancient practitioners of the faith, keeping alive the λατρεία του riff started eons ago in the lands of Αγγλία. We call on the people to gather togehter to cleanse the heart, mind, and ear of the κύριο ρεύμα.

Thus may it be so, now and forever.

Fri 9:00 PM PDTKenton Club
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