A noted scholar had something unfortunate to say about crime writers, and several crime writers — including BTDF editor Declan Burke and a few of BTDF's beloved contributors — had something to say in return.

13 thriller writers take William O’Rourke to task for dismissing them as untalented and their readers as undemanding

Anybody read Korean? We knew this was out there, but had never seen a copy.

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US readers — BOOKS TO DIE FOR is on sale in trade paperback today! Everyone you know needs a copy. Trust us on this.…/John-Connol…/9781476710365

The world’s most beloved mystery writers celebrate their favorite mystery novels in this gorgeously wrought collection, featuring essays by Michael...
Books To Die For updated their profile picture.
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Thanks to BOLO Books for this shout-out about the US trade paperback edition of BOOKS TO DIE FOR, on sale tomorrow!

From The Booking Desk: Since this is the week that the new John Grisham novel is being released things are a bit slower than normal. But rest assured, there are still some really strong books for t…

BOOKS TO DIE FOR will be out in trade paperback in the US on October 25! [CL]

At this year's Bouchercon, someone asked Meg Gardiner to sign her essay on A IS FOR ALIBI — and she found that Sue Grafton had signed it already. So very cool. [CL]

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Very pleased to see BOOKS TO DIE FOR cited as a source in Sarah Weinman's Library of America collections, WOMEN CRIME WRITERS OF THE 1940s and WOMEN CRIME WRITERS OF THE 1950s. The collection includes IN A LONELY PLACE by Dorothy B. Hughes, chosen by Megan Abbott Books as "her book to die for." Thanks!

Books to Die For has its first complete translation — thanks, South Korea! [CL]

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If you've read BOOKS TO DIE FOR, you'll get at least three of these questions right. We promise. [CL]

Test your noir knowledge with Declan Burke's devious crime fiction quiz

"One thing that I can guarantee about reading this book is that your own reading lists will expand." It's great to see people still discovering BOOKS TO DIE FOR. [CL]

The Crime Warp blog is celebrating its second birthday by giving away a copy of BOOKS TO DIE FOR - all are welcome to enter! [CL]

The Guardian says nice things about the paperback edition of BOOKS TO DIE FOR: "a fascinating glimpse of the way styles and influences can echo through generations and across cultures." [CL]

This compendium of essays by crime writers of their favourite books in the genre is often personal and always fascinating, writes Stephanie Merritt

In today's Irish Times, the introduction to (and explanation of) BOOKS TO DIE FOR. [CL]

Bestselling author John Connolly and Irish Times critic Declan Burke asked more than 100 crime writers to pick their favourite crime novel. The result is Books To Die For - this is what they learned

How will the next generation discover the classic mystery novels of earlier generations? The Bookwitch suggests that BOOKS TO DIE FOR, in UK stores again today, will help. [CL]

Hot on the heels of Bloody Scotland comes the paperback version of Books To Die For. You know, the book about crime writing by crime writers for crime readers that I love so much. (I'll tell you a ...

BOOKS TO DIE FOR returns to the UK tomorrow in trade paperback and e-book formats. The Crime Fiction Lover blog takes another look at the project here. [CL]

Whether it’s Golden Age giants or great lost novels, there’s always another crime classic waiting to be discovered. If Classics in September has opened your eyes to this diverse literary canon, then there’s a new edition of an ambitious book that provides an indispensable insight into the art of cri…

In bookstores next week in the UK and Ireland: a trade paperback edition of BOOKS TO DIE FOR. In plenty of time for holiday shopping! [CL]

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