Disaster Recovery has never been easier!!

There are chilling statistics of companies that failed to recover from IT disasters. With cloud storage services, disaster recovery is completely virtualized and is independent of physical devices. Cloud disaster recovery offers remote resources to replicate data and allows employees to work from cloud during emergency situations. Disaster recovery systems have to comply with legal and regulatory compliance where there is a standard of disaster recovery expected.
If your company still lacks viable disaster recovery strategy, it might be time to start thinking about virtualization.

There are few key aspects to ensure a successful backup design

• Data protection
• Robust recovery options
• Scalability...
• Broad OS support
• Optimized storage space
• Cost effective

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Information security and risk is the top concern in today’s world and this is the major obstacle to the greater adoption of cloud computing services. One has to be careful while choosing a cloud storage provider to ensure that the provider is following security best practices and provides verifiable measurement of trust on the hardware system in place

With the average overall data volume said to the growing at 30-50% every year, did you realize that in a couple of years current computers may become insufficient for data storage?
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