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My website,, is getting a MAJOR much needed face lift. Not of those crazy Meg Ryan ones where the face becomes non-recognizable and something that it isn't. Just a solid upgrade. Keep in touch here at Boomerang Photography - Wisconsin Portrait Artist or over at Stephanie LH Harvey, artist. Stay tuned!

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I'm excited for the session that I'm going to today! But I am sure the family that gets to hug their husband, daddy, son and friend after nine months are even more excited than me! I am so entirely grateful for all of the people who give up so much support our country.

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✂️♥️✂️ Aaaaahh... 2:03 "ugh... yeah... I think it looks like perfect. " hahahaha. I love kids.

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Hair Styles 2018

Hairdressing prodigies in the making.. 😂 🤣

Embarrassed by your parents? Who isn't?! Hire me to come photograph your crew before your next prom, dance or event!

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Freaking Elf. 🤣🤣🤣

Kayla Hilton added a photo and a video.

Y’all, I feel so bad but this is too good not to share. Jayces Elf on the Shelf left a little “surprise” on the mantle for him yesterday morning and he thought was the funniest thing ever. Well he’s never eaten or even seen HERSHEY'S kisses before so I guess in his little mind, it really was Elf poop. His reaction when I eat one in front of him is priceless. 😂

ETA: Seriously never expected this video to get this much attention or shared by so many people but thank you! I love that I could share and spread some of the laughter that I get to enjoy (almost) every day with my little guy. 💕

Also, I did try to make it up to him by explaining that it was just chocolate/candy and that he could have some but he starting gagging again and wanted nothing to do with it. So I’m pretty sure I’ve ruined Hershey’s kisses for him for life. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

YouTube Link:

And Ellen DeGeneres, you gotta see this! 😂

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Bad Parenting Moments

When your kids say "don't worry" that many times, it's never a good sign. 😂

Have *your* kids ever given themselves makeovers?



(Big thanks to Ashley Zing for sharing her daughter's sweet new style—and for giving us the best reason for a fresh cut EVER!)

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Boomerang Photography - Wisconsin Portrait Artist is with Kate Schulz Diederich and Ross Diederich.

Why don't I take my clients to a public park or use a studio for sessions? This is why: Natural joy and silliness!

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At hospital now, waiting for my clients to welcome a new baby boy! It's a beautiful day to be born!

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Once in a great while, I have to post in color, because, well... color.

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