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Gina Reolegio
· October 26, 2017
A group of us went on Friday the 13th and had a great time! There were lots of laughs and screams... The actors did a wonderful job and were very interactive with us. The hay ride and the cemetery wer...e my favorite. We purchased the fast passes which was an awesome investment. It was nice not to have to stand in line for a long time. Only complaint /suggestion is for the 4d to be worked on. Total disappointment compared to the other 3 attractions. It was waay to short and not worth even going in. We will definitely be back next year. Thanks for the scares and good times. See More
Laura Rozboril
· October 21, 2017
First of all, I hate giving negative reviews, but this place angered me so much, I just had to do it. I would have given 0 stars if possible. We only went through 2 of the houses because the lines wer...e long (not a problem, we expected that), however we waited 45 min for the 3-D house and no lie, it took us at most 1 min to get through it. How is that possible? Tickets are expensive and the experience you get is nothing short of a joke. People - save your money... what a waste of time. See More
Michael Zahn
· October 29, 2017
I was very much looking forward to this event, however, I was extremely disappointed and even angered by it. It was pretty pricey for such a short time through less than mediocre attractions. The wait... time for the hayride was pretty quick, but the ride itself left a lot to be desired. I only made it through the crypt because after waking through it, I was too disgusted to spend another $13 to be disappointed yet again. We waited on line, in the same spot, for 20min while the attendants were nowhere to be found and most likely on break. Are there not enough people to cover breaks??? I was told the Crypt was soooo scary and pitch dark. Not only was it not scary, but I could’ve read the news paper in there with the amount of light. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone and wish I could get my money back. People, save your money and your time. See More
Rachel S. Donelson
· October 22, 2017
My husband and I go every year! It's an event that we always look forward to and has become a Halloween tradition for us, as well as most of Charleston! We always have fun, but we both commented to ea...chother tonight how awesome it was this year. All the new additions to the hayride, the haunted houses, and even the could tell they were having fun because they were very active and on their game this year! We really had alot of fun tonight! So glad y'all are back! See yall next year! � See More
Kathy Urban
· October 29, 2017
1st time. 2 hour drive so 16 yr old daughter could go with friends. Thankfully it had been raining so not too terribly crowded. Too $$ for what they had. Did not realize no outside drinks and I had opened a soda in parking lot. The VIP is rip off to the many who can barely afford, so we wait for large groups of VIP, hence some long waits. Crypt team was best. Some ground and string lights would be better than glaring bright overhead lights. Hayride was ok, loved interaction, although one team member was over teen kids mean comments (not mean, just girls so scared, their way of dealing with it...I did not know these girls as I did attractions separate from my daughter). Team member snapped back at girls...and it was only 8pm! See More
Mary Margaret Moran O'Brien
· October 28, 2017
This year was the best ever they have ever had. They really did a great job changing up the exhibits this year. The graveyard was so scary but fun that kept us screaming & laughing! It was great how y...ou walked into different sections & it felt like it took a good amount of time to go through it. We also loved the crypt - lots of fun and the actors did a phenomenal job! We loved it! See More
Amy Kosar
· October 22, 2017
We were there for three and a half hours and were only able to do two of the four attractions. Having to wait in a line for at least an hour for one attraction is ridiculous. The all access is $33 and... a VIP (think fast pass) is $45. With a $33 price tag I couldn’t justify $90 for me and one other. In addition when on the hayride one of our kids was extremely frightened and we we told the actor to back off he bent down and screamed in her face. See More
Brooke Davis
· October 15, 2017
2 years ago, the event was so scary that I was running out and literally terrified to do the last event.
This event was not anywhere near compared. I am
Reading that it was too expensive and yes it wa...s pricey but we made the most of our night. The girl on the hayride attraction didn't interact with us at all. That is disappointing bc previously the people running it would stand and scare us, never leaving character and the hayride would stop which freaked us out more than just the ride through. See More
Justin Houser
· October 16, 2017
Went down from Myrtle Beach and had a blast. I've been to it before in previous years and this year was by far my favorite. The setup was great actors did very well love how they interact with me. Was... definitely very busy going on Friday 13th. All in all I loved it and will be back in the years to come. See More
Allen Dial
· October 15, 2017
The two events we had time to get into were well put together, but the line to get in was way too long. We arrived at 7:15 and at 9:30 at only completed two events. We are unable to finish the other t...wo as it was time to go. I am not saying I have the answers, but anyway to speed it up or provide more options to spread the people out would be a great idea. See More
Misty Ethridge
· October 15, 2017
If u want a good laugh it's good ..I laughed the entire time's good mainly probably for kids 10 an under to scare them, teens probably like the music, as for adults nothing scary ..just fun to w...atch little kids reactions . The food is good !. definitely not what I expected based on all the stories from 2 years ago ..but hey it was a good laugh .. See More
Rebekah Griffin Bryant
· October 15, 2017
My 12 year old son and I had a great time friday night.. wish the haunted house was a little different. Only other complaint is there should be some sort of dress code considering that there are famil...ies out there. I saw multiple young girls in shorts that my father would have never allowed me to (nor would I have wanted to) wear. Too many butt cheeks for me�, otherwise wonderful time. � See More
Michelle Brooks
· October 14, 2017
My friend brought her 9 yr old daughter and I brought my 10 yr old daughter along with her 9 yr old friend.

We had a really fun evening, the atmosphere was good with the dj, there was food there at... a reasonable price. The 4 attractions were good, there were plenty of actors and it was scary in a good way (nobody will have nightmares)

The lines were long but moved relatively quickly, it was Saturday night so there were a lot of people.
At $33pp it's a little pricey but in fairness, I don't feel like I was ripped off.

If you go there determined to find fault then you'll find it - if you go there with an open mind you will enjoy it and have fun.
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Heather Nicole Garcia
· October 29, 2017
I had such a great time here this year. It's the closest haunted house in the area and 3 out of the 4 attractions my fiance and I enjoyed. The 3d clown one was too short and not scary but the others w...ere great. Hope to go next year :) See More
Michael Edwards
· October 14, 2017
Great evening! My wife and our three kids had an amazing time. Each attraction was different with some scarier than others, but that’s what makes it great. Something for everyone. The actors do an... amazing job freaking people out. On the way home, everyone was talking about next year. Great job Boone Hall! See More
Donald King Jr
· October 14, 2017
So far this is a very good show this year. Pricey, but we got the Fast Pass. Which when we left there was about a 3hr wait for the Hayride. Fast Pass, about 10 min. Been going to Boone Hall when it... was just a Hayride. This was the best so far... See More
Amanda Gillespie
· October 14, 2017
I did like the haunted hayride ! That being said there where to many kids screaming in the lines and they where long I got there at 730 and sat in line for over a hour just to go through the cemetary.... The actors I know gave it there all but all they did was scream at you. if I wanted that I would have stayed home. I love fright night but I have yet to see anything scary. I would like to see more of people sneaking, jumping out at you something other than screaming I probably will be back for the hayride but have no interest in going into the other attractions especially not when you have to pay 33 dollars you stand in line for most of the time and all they did was yell oh and I definitely agree there should be a night for kids and a night for just adults and bring out the real scare for the adults See More
Megan Welsh
· October 22, 2017
i thought it was ok, ive been to atleast 50 in florida this was my first one in SC. was i scared? no but i go with my mom who screams and the people we get grouped with are usually screaming which it fun for me. we got the VIP pass which is worth it to not wait but definitely over priced. we probably wont go again but its worth the expierence to add to my list See More
Kimberly Carroll Holt
· October 14, 2017
Cemetery was the best! Hayride was great too. Crypt was ok and 4D way lame and so short! DJ out front playing some great old school funk and r&b and hip hop! Very fun experience overall. VIP only way to go!!
Trisha Spencer
· October 29, 2017
I don’t think it is worth the money at all. Having teenagers in costumes yelling at you is not really scary, but annoying. My 15 yo said it was lame. My 12 yo said it could’ve been better. My husband ...and I wanted to know why we spent so much money for this!! Lol!! Get your act together!!! See More
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We want to thank everyone who came out to Boone Hall Fright Nights for the return of this event in 2017. We had a great fright season and received positive feedback from the majority of those who came out that they enjoyed the event and had a good experience.

We are always in the process of evaluating what we do and how we can make the event better. We also want everyone to know we take heart and listen to feedback about ways we can improve the event. We will evaluate the event with that feedback in mind as we move forward to plan for 2018. Thanks again for your support.

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The final days are here. Boone Hall Fright Nights is wrapping up the 2017 fright season and will be open every night through Halloween.

Use the E-Ticket Express line to get into the event by by purchasing your advance tickets online at:

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INCLEMENT WEATHER CLOSURE: due to sustained heavy rain and ground conditions, Boone Hall Fright Nights is now closed for the night 10/22/2017. We will reopen Wednesday 10/25/2017.

Guests with unused attraction tickets from tonight may bring them back any night during the 2017 season.

Guests with e-tickets that have not been redeemed should contact to request that they be exchanged for another night.

As darkness falls, our creatures of the night prepare to feast...Rain or Shine, #BooneHallFrightNights returns tonight 10/22 from 7:15 - 10:00pm.

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REMINDER: Those entering the costume contest should arrive early. Those going through any of the attractions after the costume contest is over must change back into your regular clothes before doing so.

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Opening weekend for Boone Hall Fright Nights kicks off the 2017 fright season this coming Friday September 29th at 7:15PM. Be some of the first to experience the return of this event to the Lowcountry.

See details and buy advance tickets at:

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Final Casting Call for Scream Team Actors! We have a few positions remaining for the 2017 Season- Apply In-Person This Saturday 9/23/2017 from 4:00-6:00pm at our Ticket Windows off US-17. Must be 16 or older.

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