New season is off to a roaring start!

Opening day got sun, wind and clouds against blue skies Saturday at Wiscasset Speedway. Drivers, their crews and families, and retired drivers and other fans turned out for the season’s first afternoon of racing at the West Alna Road track. Row...

Teel, a board-certified family physician for 30 years, has a practice in Damariscotta. He is a co-founder of the area’s ElderCare network which provides assisted living in home environments for seniors.

Boothbay’s newest health facility, Boothbay Region Health Center, has been offering walk-in family care services every day since January. Those who have sought medical assistance on the weekends have been able to see Dr. Allan S. “Chip” Teel. He is...
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Ed Bedrick
· April 19, 2018
Do you people really have nothing better to do than just gossip amongst yourselves? I have never seen a town with so much backstabbing and story-telling in my life. This town has nothing better to do ...than make up stories about people that cannot and is not there to defend themselves. And your your self righteous minds this is fine and makes you feel better. Maybe, if you cared enough to get the story straight you would call directly. If you even HEARD such a story you think you would call to see if that person was all right.

But no. You make up your own story. Spread it around your town and that is fine and in your minds that has to be the correct story. Yet you cannot care less if someone is ok. Just as long as you can sit on your back porches and drink your alcohol and get drunk every morning, day and night. You should look at yourselves before you judge and talk about others. I see your lives. I see your Facebook pages. Not many on such a high horse that you should be spreading stories.

Maybe if you hear a story about someone that was one of your own, you may want to reach out. Do the right thing and get the story straight. People can effect the lives of others just by looks, attitudes, and words. Maybe there are other reasons or circumstances that certain and specific decisions had to be made. Maybe it was in a way a life or death situation.

I have also heard the threats made to me by a certain individual. If you think that is going to keep me out of your town. Guess again. I'll be there eventually and you can make good on your words. If your town only knew the "real you".

There are still a few I stay in touch with there. But if you have issues with us. Don't hide behind your fake smiles. Your not going to hurt my feelings. Just say it to me (those that know me) . You have a problem, let me know. Maybe you don't know the full or real story either.

For the rest of you maybe it's best you keep your thoughts, stories, rumors and gossip to yourselves and shut up unless you know the full and real story. It's an open book here. We have not been there for 6 years now. Yet a lot of you just cannot keep your mouths shut. At this point in time, this many years later, you know nothing. And, you don't know the circumstances.

Is this all Boothbay has to live for?
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Karen D Wilts
· September 6, 2017
Love being part of the Boothbay life here in Eugene, OR- I spent all my childhood summers in Boothbay in a beautiful old farmhouse on River Road. I try to visit in the summers- Still holds the same ma...gic for me... See More
Mackenzie Andersen
· April 11, 2014
The Boothbay Register a great paper within its chosen limits. It was better before it imposed word count limits on Letters to the Editor. The website has the feel of a politics free zone- or an extens...ion o f the Chamber of Commerce. Is there a Boothbay Region Political Group. How about starting one? Maybe “ As The Boothbay Region Goes? “- I would but I think it needs to be started by someone who can commit more fully to it than I am able.

This is a letter I wrote to the Government Oversight Committee which includes our District Senator Chris Johnson. None of the Oversight Committee answered. Chris Johnson did not answer the last letter I addressed to him either and Bruce MacDonald stopped all further communications with me after I brought up the Small Enterprise Growth Fund several years ago after an incident that motivated my research journalism blog about the Maine economic development statutes. Preserving the American Political Philosophy !

Today my blog remains completely off the grid- I have yet to find it mentioned in any listing of Maine political blogs- although it is the only media source that I know of that writes about such things as what is IN the Expanded and Improved Seed Capital Tax credit that passed by unanimous vote in our Senate last year- Why would expanding the limit by which the legislature can transfer taxpayer money to private investors by eightfold be news worthy?

This is the Letter that I recently sent to the Government Oversight Committee on which Senator Chris Johnson sits. None will answer me. Whoops not allowed to use a url
- yet another limitation! OK so you can look up my blog- Preserving The American Political Philosophy- The Letter To The Government Oversight Committee is currently the first two posts.
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Cory Edwards
· November 11, 2013
Funny how a news service can deem what's news or not.... or report a story, then delete it..... makes me wonder who is being served by the newspa paper... the readers, or the advertisers....
Sharon Goldhirsch
· March 6, 2014
The best little newspaper in the entire United States!
Carol Slocum Hulse
· September 12, 2013
Love receiving the current news of the pennisula!
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