This is what Donna Blythe-Shaw had to say about lack of fairness in the taxi industry.

Donna Blythe-Shaw, Staff Representative, Boston Taxi Drivers Association, talks about proposed legislation on ride-sharing regulations and the uneven framewo...
BOSTON — It seems likely based on recent legislative developments that Massachusetts will adopt regulations for ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft, but it's still far too early to assume
A House bill that bans Uber and Lyft from Logan airport and the convention center hurts consumers, and doesn’t do much to help cab drivers.

The bill passed Wednesday, March 9th is a miscarriage of justice undermining the livelihood of hundreds of small medallion owners and shift drivers. It's a cynical slap in the face to the taxi workers and taxi small owners of this city.

State representatives on Monday passed a bill that would create regulations for ride-for-hire companies such as Uber and Lyft, a move that would formally legalize the burgeoning industry after Uber began providing rides in Boston five years ago.

We ask the legislature to vote against HB 4049. It will be the ned of the taxi industry as we know it.

this is the hand out to legislators that drivers and owners will pass out to state representatives tomorrow when they go to vote on HB4049. We cannot let this bill pass. It will be the death of the small medallion owners and the shift drivers that once made a respectable and living wage from owning a medallion and driving a cab.

Call the Speaker DeLeo tomorrow at 617-...722-2000 and tell him that this bill is bad for small owner operators and bad for cab drivers.



OPPOSE HB 4049 An Act Relative to the Ride Sharing Industry

To: The Honorable members of the House of Representatives
From: The 1400 members of the BTDA/BTOA drivers and small owner operators.
We ask you to vote against this legislation that will destroy our small businesses and put us out on the street. There is nothing in this bill that levels the playing field for the taxi industry’s small medallion owners and drivers.
The taxi system is broken. Unfair competition of Uber & Lyft is sending small medallion owners and shift drivers into bankruptcy. The small owner operators’ and drivers’ livelihoods are threatened and their families are suffering. The economic burden of the industry plunge falls squarely on the shoulders of a workforce that is majority immigrant and people of color. Uber & Lyft are demolishing an industry and people’s livelihoods, resulting in a tragedy that is shameful and unnecessary.

Among its utterly unjust and unequal provisions:
¬ Section 2 fails to regulate fares
¬ Section 3 fails to establish any cap on the number of TNC vehicles on the road
¬ Section 4C fails to require fingerprinting
¬ Section 7 allows Cambridge and Somerville cabs to work Logan Airport, taking more work from Boston drivers, and gives the airport to TNCs in five years.
¬ Section 8 creates an elitist “Task Force” that does not include one driver or medallion owner
¬ Section 11 allows TNCs to employ vehicles 10-15 years old, while Boston cabs must be six years or less.
¬ Inadequate insurance and lack of livery plates
We ask you to vote NO today and send this legislation back to committee and rewrite a bill that will provide fair competition. That is all we ask for - An equal opportunity to make a living.
Thank you

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More photos of great rally on March 7 State House…/taxi-drivers-protest-for-equal-r…/…

Today hundreds of taxi drivers took the streets on Beacon Hill to protest the legislation to Regulate Ride Shaing Uber & Lyft. There is nothing in that bill that levels the playing field for the taxi industry. More importantly this bill would open up the airport to Uber and Lyft in 5 years and allow Cambridge and Somerville to work the airport. That is unacceptable

The fight has just begun. On Wednesday, March 9, the House of Representatives will take up the legislation for a vote. We call on all available drivers and owners to go to the State House and show your strength. Wear your T-shift and have a presence. Let them know that you are mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore. THIS IS A BAD BILL FOR BOSTON CAB DRIVRS. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD.

Start arriving at the state house at 11:00am and plan on staying until the end.

BTDA Mobilizing March 7th, 2016 at 1:30 at the State House, Beacon Street, Boston against Ride Share Legislation

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BTDA is please to announce that we successful won the fight to end mandatory radio associatons dues for 620 owner operators and the end of the rediculously outrageous $18 new car fee unfailry charged to shift drivers.. Economic relief from excessive fees and reguations is a step in saving our industry.
It took longer than we expected, but better late than never. We thank Commissioner Evans for keeping his word when he promised the BTDA Committee delegation back in August, that he would end these antiquated regulations that our taking money out of our pockets to feed our family.

Some taxis will no longer be dispatched by radio and medallion owners will be able to buy used cars as Boston police relax some rules this week — a move some say will provide needed relief for an industry struggling with competition from ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft.“Public…

“It’s better than nothing, but it’s not the answer,”

A smart app for Boston was the answer a year ago, its not the answer now. The cab industry is outnumber 3 to 1 on the streets of Boston, when will cab drivers ever get a fair deal?.

Uber is making waves, and the taxi industry is taking on water.

21st Century technology finally coming to Boston's taxi industry. Boston cab drivers get VeriFone's smart app "Curb", but will it make a difference?

Open an app, hit “book a ride,” and minutes later step into ... a taxi?A new app launching in Boston next week promises to bring a taste of Uber and Lyft to taxis, but the taxi industry warned an app is not enough to compete with the controversial ride-hailing services.

A "BTDA member courage and bravery against gunman"

Boston should be proud of its cab drivers. This taxi driver exemplifies the character and integrity of all each and every one of its drivers.

Driving a cab is one of the most dangerous jobs to do. We are thankful that he was able to go home safely and without being harmed to his family

A taxi driver says he took the gun away from the man who fired shots at the Taj Hotel.

The BTDA committee gathered for a holiday luncheon

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“When the system allows an illegal, unregulated business to supplant a legal regulated business then that system is broken. The Taxi Industry is broken. It is a complete injustice to you. We have no other choice, but to continue the struggle until justice is done”. Donna Blythe-Shaw
On Tuesday, September 15th hundreds of cab drivers wearing BTDA Yellow Shirts filled the Gardner Auditorium at the State House in support of House Bill #3702, to regulate Uber & Lyft. I was p...roud to stand with my friends and brothers fighting to save their jobs, their homes and their family’s livelihood.
I want to thank you all for attending and staying the entire time. I was a bit irritated that you had to wait 7 hours before you had a chance to be heard. It was extremely frustrating to listen to Uber and Commissioner Davis, limousine owners and small cab companies from Somerville when it is Boston and Cambridge cab drivers that have taken the largest and most destructive hit from these illegal operations.
It was incredulous to listen to Former BPD Commissioner Davis tell the members of the Financial Services Committee that the Boston taxi industry is burdened with outdated and antiquated regulations. After all, it was under his command and his orders that mandated credit card fees, new car rules, the hybrid fiasco and gave you hackney licensing renewal rules that ended hundreds of cab drivers jobs with a swipe of his pen. And let’s not forget all the abuses that you once suffered under the Hackney Unit police while he looked the other way. It was hypocrisy at its finest.
I have hope that this legislation will put some regulations in place that will level the playing field. I am saddened by the lack of respect and concern government and law enforcement have for you as workers in this industry. For three years they have ignored your demands for regulations, while watching your livelihoods being destroyed by an illegal business.

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Be there; your jobs and life investments depend on it.

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Labor Day Rally: Fairness and a level playing field, that's what we've been demanding. We are ready to fight for it. Regulate Uber and Lyft.