Video of the Brisbane rally marching onto Adelaide Street. Audio recordings of all speeches will be online tonight.
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RISE: Refugees, Survivors and Ex-detainees


Tamil asylum seeker handcuffed & forcibly deported to Sri Lanka -escorted by 4 guards, one Border Force agen...t and one doctor-Border Force agents grabbed him by the shirt & THREATENED to handcuff him, TAPE HIS MOUTH SHUT and drag him onto the plane via Tamil Refugee Council, Australia.

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RISE: Refugees, Survivors and Ex-detainees

RISE MEMBER on Twitter..

"What would have happened if all those NGOs in Australia given millions of dollars to "help" refugees had strongly advocated and campai...gned in 2012 against human rights violating Julia Gillards No Advantage policy to reopen Manus & Nauru?

Paris Aristotle an advisor for this policy STILL employed in refugee sector (Paris Aristotle is the CEO of Foundation House Who remembers when Paris Aristotle was given an almost unfettered platform by the Castan Centre to justify his role in opening the Manus & Nauru torture camps & a suite of other refugee torture (or so called "deterrence to stop deaths at sea") solutions?

This is why supporting self-determined orgs run by & for refugees (not just those with token refugee representation) is CRITICAL for ACTUAL empowerment of our community.

We challenge those individuals and organisations in the refugee sector getting publicity and awards from footage and stories of our community members suffering for 5 years in Manus and Nauru to demand that Paris Aristotle be expelled from the refugee sector and hold him accountable.

It is quite apparent that to most it is irrelevant what current & ex-detainee refugees in our community think about Paris Aristotle's "contribution" to refugee settlement"


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Promotion video for the Ausrtalian Govermnents New Immigration Scheme - PLAN 2050
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The mandatory detention of asylum seekers in offshore processing centres has been a boon for a number of private companies. Companies such as SERCO, G4S, Decimi...l and Transfield have posted significant increases in profits over recent years. This is largely attributed to the expansion of the detention regime, costing upwards of two billion dollars in 2013.

These profits are made at great cost to the health and wellbeing of people that arrive in Australia. Detention centres register high rates of self-harm and attempted suicide. Private service providers have consistently failed in their duty of care in these instances, by failing to report or call for medical attention. This negligence has occurred in the face of increasing profit margins for service providers.

Plan 2050 will break the detention-for-profit business model by allowing all new arrivals to settle directly in Australia. Removing the divisions between offshore and onshore arrivals will ensure that all new arrivals are treated equally. It will also allow people to move more quickly into healthy livelihoods, and represent significant savings to the national budget by ending the detention tax.

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Phil Monsour to These Machines Cut Razor Wire (Brisbane)

Artist Teresa Jordan - - has donated this amazing artworks called "leaving" and it will be raffled at the show. It is framed and 50cm * 50cm.

Volunteers from Amnesty illustrate what a pregnant asylum-seekers must suffer because the Government wills it.

Ok, so we've got links to 280 photos from yesterday's rallies up at the Boundless Plains wiki. Anything we've missed?…/index.php/Previo…/meetings…

Photos published by the Greens party of various rallies around Australia Perth Report in the West Australian of the Perth rally Report of the Perth rally at the Guardian Workers' Weekly website Sydney Sydney Morning Herald report on the Sydney protest Adelaide YouTube video of the Adelaide rally by…
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Yesterday at the Melbourne rally

Melbourne 24 August 2013

At the Melbourne rally yesterday

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Vanessa Dodd

Photo from yesterday's Perth rally

Lou Dingle holds a painting created by a child who is in detention today at yesterday's Brisbane rally

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HUNDREDS of Canberrans gathered in Garema Place on Saturday afternoon to rally in support of refugee rights.