Whoa. Out of stock at Amazon. They tell me more are coming ASAP. Wild to see this.

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Two weeks. 12 cities. Dozens of stores. Thousands of people. And now, thanks to the redeye...finally...home. Just in time for my anniversary. This was, without question, the most amazing, rewarding and inspiring tour I’ve ever had. People brought presents, knit Ravenclaw scarves, baked cookies, had me handwrite tattoos, asked me to sign Green Arrow bows, and even whispered the dirtiest things in my ear. Denver brought 350 of the nicest people ever — who spent their Friday IN A LIBRARY! — for a sendoff in style. And now, I’m going to sleep for the next month. I loved seeing you, family, old friends, new friends, readers who have been with us for years, folks who dragged relatives to try something new, people who tried something new themselves, and of course, fans of books, TV, comics, kids books, and everything else I love. I am the luckiest person in the planet, so thank YOU for this miraculous adventure.

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The Escape Artist LiveSigning
Storytime With Brad Meltzer - Episode 8 - Leadership. Buy I am George Washington here: part 2
StoryTime celebrating Dr Seuss. And Paperback of House of Secrets. And Lego Amelia Earhart here:

Can't tell if this is the high point or low point.

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Want to read more from me about THE ESCAPE ARTIST? Check out the extra special Costco edition. It has an exclusive introduction from yours truly, AND a personal note from me at the end. Here’s the thing: you have to promise you won’t read the end note until after you’ve finished the book. Seriously don’t even look at it until you’re done. Or Nola will find you.

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I never do this. I don't like announcing spots on the bestseller list. It doesn't seem very humble. But I wanted you to hear this directly from me. We just got word that The Escape Artist will debut at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. It's been a long time since we got the top spot. So why did it happen? Because of YOU. This launch was unlike any other we've ever done. And it relied so much on your kindness - from buying the book early, to posting about it on social, to taking pictures of it and sharing it with your own family and friends. I've collected all of them - every picture and post - amazed at your generosity.

Of course, Cori and I are still flying over here. I'm in LA about to head to Arizona (and I'm taking the red eye home from Denver tomorrow so I can make it home for our anniversary). But when it came to the book, it just didn't seem like a celebration without having you in it. So thank you thank you thank you for everything you've done. I have a giant hug for you whenever you want to cash it in.

Much love and thanks,


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Need plans this weekend? Well…I, um…I wrote a book. Perhaps you haven’t heard of it. It has one of my favorite characters I’ve ever written. Here are really nice people who said the same. If you order it today, you’ll have it this weekend. See? Instant plans. Order here: And seriously, thank you to every person who has bought it, read it, and posted a picture with it. I am collecting every single one of them. I love you with giant hugs. California was amazing last night, from the one little girl who I secretly told who the next hero book is about, to the person who knit me my own Ravenclaw scarf, to Marv Wolfman, Jessica Herthel, Scott Brick and loads of friends. When I got back to the hotel, Montage Beverly Hills had a cake with the book on it waiting.

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Beautiful but short day in LA started with this man, who is in fine form. Thanks for the free therapy @ThatKevinSmith. Always love seeing you, brother. #Smodcast coming soon. It’s a deep one. #EscapeArtist tour... Arizona on Thursday.

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Stephen Hawking, wherever you are, thank you for proving the power of our brains over the power of our bodies. Also, oddly feel like Hawking is in a place we still haven’t discovered. And waiting there as a surprise. Also: “People who boast about their IQ are losers.” - Stephen Hawking.
Smartest man around.

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Best surprise. During a radio interview with the amazing @MrMikeCalta, he brings on my high school newspaper teacher, who published my first ever story. Mr. Ferguson changed my life. Forever my #teacher. As for last night, we found the only person on book tour to arrive by police car. Not making it up. His car broke down and he actually convinced the cops to take him the rest of the way to make it in time. I love you, Tulsa! Plus, signed baseballs and got a Certificate of Appreciation by Rep. Jordan at the end. Wichita, I’m coming for you tonight! California tomorrow!

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The true maddest moment of week 1 of the book tour was the time spent with The Wire’s Michael K. Williams (nicest man in the world), and him telling me how tough my old neighborhood was in Brooklyn. Omar’s COMIN’! Week 2 begins in Oklahoma tonight. See you tomorrow, Tulsa.

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Breakfast in Florida with best guys in town. Love seeing you James Murray Brian "Q" Quinn SalVulcano And love that my kids found you @Joe_Gatto. These guys are the best. Support them even more. Oklahoma, headed your way as week 2 kicks off. #EscapeArtist tour. Impractical Jokers

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For all those asking about personalized and signed books, call Books & Books before 9pm tonight and I’ll be there signing: 305-442-4408. MOST IMPORTANT, if you’re thinking of buying The Escape Artist, today is the last day to count to vital week one sales. Sunday becomes week 2. So PLEASE order here: Can't thank you enough for this week. Between CBS, Fox & Friends, and Seth Meyers, the real secret weapon has always been YOU. Loo...k at the pics below. Every one of you who took a book pic and posted it? I LOVE YOU! It really matters so much. And yes, please post your pic today. I love each one like a new puppy. Cleveland was amazing last night: incredible people and presents. My name in Kryptonese! Homemade shirts with Invisible Army secret codes! Lots of pics on Twitter and Instagram. But the real point? I REALLY DO LOVE YOU! See you next week KS, OK, CA, AZ, CO!

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Nuff said. Thanks, Stan. My hero.

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Wow. Virginia sets the record — a FOUR(!) hour signing filled with kids, spies, crazy DC staffers, and kidney donor Amy while CSPAN filmed it all. Shut down the Barnes & Noble and they let everyone stay an extra hour until 11pm. Also thought the record for furthest travelled was 5 hours to Virginia from North Carolina. But BROKEN by couple who supposedly flew from SEATTLE and were delayed! Left them secret decoders in their books. I love you, people! Just landed in Cleveland — and here’s the statue with our name on it. That’s right! Book profits helped pay for this in the airport, so thanks to YOU! Buy The Escape Artist and we will put superhero statues in EVERY airport. Buy here:…/…/1455559520
Share for Justice.

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Today marks the day my father died. I can only imagine how many books he would be selling if he were with us. I feel so lucky to have had him. Also, I keep my promises. Three years ago, to save my history teacher’s life, I said that if you donated your kidney to her, I would make you a character in the next book. Below is our hero Amy Waggs, with her character in The Escape Artist. Kindness wins. Thank you to every single person who bought the book this week, when sales matte...r so much. Blown away by all the incredible reviews. Easily, the best of my career. ‪Buy here:

As for last night, Maryland brought out nearly 250 of the nicest people around, a giant #EscapeArtist cake, tons of kids drawings, and the real artist-in-residence from the Army! Virginia, coming to see you tomorrow!‬…/10214205209657226

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Whoa. Associated Press review: “Stellar. Escape Artist is Brad Meltzer’s best book in years.” Full review here: And yes, will send video soon of me telling penis jokes on Seth Meyers. And the full story of meeting Michael K. Williams (Omar!). Otherwise, I’m spending the day being beamed to radio stations around the country. I am in my underwear the entire time. Do not tell them. Love to every person who has been supporting and helping us this week. Every single sale matters. See you tonight, Maryland!

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