Why study Jewish education? As the article suggests, "study leads to action."

Come find out how our MAT program leads to action:…/education/mat/jds/index.html

I once attended a grant-writing workshop led by Dr. Debbie Findling of the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Foundation. She lit a match, and requested that participants present a compelling argument for their projects in the time the match burned down. If she singed her fingers before hearing an answer to....

In the United States, on average a master's degree costs from $30,000 to $120,000 to complete. At Brandeis, a student receiving a Master of Arts in Teaching on average pays just $16,000 to $17,000. Not only will you receive your master's, but you will also receive your initial license to teach in Massachusetts.

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Mara, an alum of MAT with a focus on Jewish Day Schools (formerly DeLeT), speaks about why she chose the program:

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Mark your Calendars! The 2018 MAT graduation will be held on July 20th this year. Follow the link below for more details!…/education/…/MATgradRSVP.html

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If you are interested in teaching in Jewish Day Schools or public schools, come to our info session on February 27th!

We will be speaking about our regular MAT program as well as our special track for Jewish Day Schools (formerly known as Delet).

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This event is an excellent opportunity to learn about the MAT. Meet faculty members, administrators and current students and ask about our programs, admissions, student life, career planning, and financial aid. We regularly hold an info session during the months of October, November and February.

Tue 4:30 PM ESTAbraham Shapiro Academic Complex Atrium
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Come on down....learn to teach with us at Brandeis Mat!

Tue 4:30 PM ESTBrandeis Education ProgramWaltham, MA
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Brandeis' Masters of Arts in Day School Teaching hopes you have been having an amazing Hanukkah!…/education/mat/jds/index.html

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Greg Smith is with Nate Bostian.

Why is social justice a bad term for many Americans these days?

I am asking because I was just challenged, yet again, on how I would dare to incorporate social ...justice themes into my teaching. This is troubling for me in two ways. I feel that justice is a universal good - it facilitates peaceful interaction, mitigates harmful conflict, and allows for trust. Without justice, society becomes untenable and cruel. The social part, to me, is simply an extension of the concept of justice to as many people in the community as possible. I simply cannot understand why a seemingly benign concept like social justice would arouse such suspicion and anger. What is the alternative? Are those who mock "Social Justice Warriors" really arguing for a world of division, injustice, and segregation?

Beyond this, fighting for social justice is why I became a teacher. Teaching students to be just to one another and to seek and uphold justice for those around them is the highest calling I believe I could have follow into the classroom. Social justice was the basis on which Brandeis University taught me how to teach - a program that I remain indebted to and grateful for. Thank you, Marya Levenson and all of the others who helped me begin to attain the skills needed to accomplish what I will always think of as the most worthwhile goal of education. It is the basis on which I continue to develop every course, every unit, and every interaction with my students. It is not about politics, it is about humanity. I love my conservative students and embrace their approach to social justice with as much joy and respect as my liberal students - although honestly most young people are far too creative to put into one of those boxes.

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Know someone who would make a great Jewish day school teacher? Is that someone YOU?

Check out Brandeis' Masters of Arts in Day School Teaching!…/education/mat/jds/index.html

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Looking for a meaningful career? Consider teaching and make a difference every day! Check out Brandeis' Master of Arts in Teaching program.

Come to our info session and meet with professors, students and alumni.

ASAC Room 204, January 9th from 4:30-6pm

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Tue 4:30 PM ESTBrandeis Education ProgramWaltham, MA
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As part of his teacher research project at Brandeis, Tim Marten wrote a song about incorporating mindfulness in the classroom as a new teacher. You can download it below at Bandcamp for free.

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