Facebook knew of illicit user profile harvesting for 2 years, never acted #security #privacy #cloud

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Pre-Installed Malware Found On 5 Million Popular Android Phones #security #privacy #cloud

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🔐 Let’s Encrypt takes free “wildcard” certificates live #security #privacy #cloud

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Warning – 3 Popular VPN Services Are Leaking Your IP Address #security #privacy #cloud

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'GrayKey' iPhone Unlocking Box Used by Law Enforcement Shown Off in Photos #security #privacy #cloud

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A New Backdoor Around the Fourth Amendment: The CLOUD Act #security #privacy #cloud

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Automation could make the modern workforce more ‘human’ — here’s how

Technologies like artificial intelligence eliminate repetitive tasks and leave more time for workers to focus on strategy. [sponsor content]

Equifax CIO Put ‘2 and 2 Together’ Then Sold Stock, SEC Says

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The Cloud Act Is a Dangerous Piece of Legislation

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😢 Physicist Stephen Hawking dies aged 76

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You can close the door, but you can’t hide from Boston Dynamics’ latest robot dogs

We laughed at the video of a robot falling over while turning a doorknob. But the laughter’s not as loud now that Boston Dynamics’ robots have learned how to open doors.

This simple solution to smartphone addiction is now used in over 600 U.S. schools

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John Gage said “The network is the computer.” — Yup. With my Internet down this morning, working from home is taking on a distinctively analog flavor. @RCN

From July, Chrome will name and shame insecure HTTP websites #security #privacy #cloud

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Is technology making the world indecipherable? – Samuel Arbesman | Aeon Essays

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