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Juan Martinez
· December 16, 2017
5 stars is not enough! It’s a great community with great amenities.
Emily Deering
· July 29, 2017
My family and I lived in Bridgeland while I was in highschool, and now I want to settle my family here! It is so beautiful and the community seems like its up and coming. Love the new amenities they adding! See More
Alex Rezende
· March 12, 2018
Our clients LOVE Bridgeland. Sold many homes here on resale and New Construction. Nothing but good things to say.

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Demetra Walker
· February 13, 2017
I sooooo njoyed myself at The Friday Nite Bites!!!!The food was off the chain!!! Skye Cafe, I love the food.... Went back for another get another cake from The Bakers Man and he was sold out! Can't till next month so I can try The Cuban Food Truck. Yes the lines was long, but the wait was worth it cause the food was Delicious!!! The kids enjoyed the DJ and the dancing. See More
Peggy Otto
· November 20, 2015
My daughter lives in Bridgeland and we recently visited there. It is a beautiful planned community with many wonderful ammenities. While we were there it rained about 7 inches and there was flooding... in many areas around Houston. But the canals and retention system in Bridgeland handled that amount of rain with no issues. We loved walking in the quiet neighborhoods, seeing all the lovely landscaping, and sitting in the small parks dotted across the area. We even stopped at the various models open to the public and were impressed with the quality of construction offered to prospective home buyers. Coming from the midwest where new home construction is still slow, it was nice to see a thriving area of new construction. But the crowning jewel has to be the schools in the area. Our granddaughter is thriving in middle school and we are so pleased with the quality of education she is getting. A new high school will be opening just in time for her to enter as a freshman. So glad my daughter and husband chose this area to live in. See More
Whitney Spurlock
· December 19, 2016
I love Bridgeland! The area is wonderful and I have many friends in the neighborhood. The only reason why I am giving 2 stars is because of the 'private' park rules. It is ridiculous. I understand the... pools and waterpads being private, they're gated. The trails though (Oak Meadow park) that is absurd! I'm a local photographer and I've used this location for years! I'm always respectful of the land and others at the park, I never get in the way of any disc games, bikers, or runners. I never bring more than one family at a time. I was recently approached by a 'staff' member, I explained what I was doing (taking photos) and he said it was completely fine for me to be there. The next time I'm practically yelled at by a woman who guards the park with her life I'm guessing. She was so rude, it actually upset me. I understand they don't want this to become overcrowded, but they won't, I've come here for years and never experienced a crowded park. It is wrong for them to tell me to leave, it is even worse that they can't be respectful about it. I've been coming to this wooded area on House and Hahl road before there was a Bridgeland. I enjoy the trails they put in and I will continue to go to the park. Sure there are other places to take photos, but this place is one of the best, there's parking, it's safe, and there's such a big area to work with. I don't believe I am hurting anyone by being here. Honestly I've actually even picked up trash that I've seen, taken pictures of the park (planned on emailing to Bridgeland until now), and helped a 'resident' fish his disc out of the water. But I'm not allowed to be here?? Imagine had I just been someone looking to buy in Bridgeland and was approached the way I was, they would have lost the sale! I will speak to whom ever I need to, and get this resolved. See More
Gonzalo Garza
· December 24, 2016
Walk-way north of Josey Ranch Rd.not properly maintained, our neighbors have an issue with heavy trucks busting their sprinkler system, HOA has not approved professional's prints to fix it, they have... cancelled/will not meet with home owners to come up with a solution See More
Linda Zoeller Anderson
· April 16, 2014
We've lived here for almost a year now, and are so glad we chose Bridgeland when we transferred here from out of state. Our neighborhood is very social with lots of kids and friendly neighbors. It's f...un to walk along the waterways in Water Haven and look out for turtles, blue herons, the young cranes, and all the different migratory birds visiting now. Personally I love the wildflowers. My son and I talked about them every day when we were waiting for them to bloom; and now we love the display. Gorgeous! See More
Christy Rankin Moosa
· July 23, 2015
Just completed our 1st year here. We love the community, and very glad we've moved to Bridgeland. The fitness room was a little small, and HOA restrictions are enforced, but other than that, we love P...ope Elementary and are very happy here and would choose Bridgeland again. See More
Nikki Daraphet
· March 9, 2018
WE LOVE Bridgeland! This place is one of a KIND! :)
Shannon Bippert Ward
· October 15, 2016
We tried and tried to find a home we could afford in is such a beautiful community...I was broken hearted that it is soooo overpriced...I wish there were more options to help families ...get into this community... (beyond a teachers salary).... See More
Sam Rodriguez
· January 31, 2017
We've lived in Bridgeland for just over 3 years now. It's a wonderful place to live. Our family love all the amenities the community has to offer to its residence. Lots of space to enjoy playing, b...oating, exploring, ect. Bridgeland is truly brilliant. See More
Edward Ware
· April 28, 2017
Love this community, lots of Parks, Lakes and Activities! All my client that live there say it feels like a small town and everyone loves it!
Kimberleigh A Rogers
· September 21, 2017
I love it out here! I work at the Bridgeland Great Clips!! Come get an awesome haircut by Me!!!
Christopher Moody
· February 19, 2016
Abundance many trails and running paths that you could utilize forever, the parks for kids are futuristic. Besides high taxes, which for the area it's expected, wonderful place to live.
Marisela Elias
· April 1, 2017
Blessed to have found Bridgeland it's gorgeous and peaceful so happy to be part of the community and call it home.
Nick Snyder
· April 18, 2014
What's the update on this epic water project in Oak Meadow Park? When will it finally be done and over with? And when is that section of H&H Rd going to get re-paved and the new bridge built? Corre...ct me if I'm wrong but wasn't all this supposed to be done already? That back road is in TERRIBLE condition and the developer needs to do everything it can to get it totally re-paved. See More
Elaine Leverett Nelson
· January 8, 2014
I love this neighborhood! It is nice that there are several quality builders so the homes are diverse.
I hope that they will continue that throughout the neighborhood as it grows.
Ehsan Shamim
· June 6, 2016
Specially the landscape is unique. The lakes & hilly forest terrain is eye soothing as well as wonderfully awesome. The neigh hood is excellent for peaceful living.
Mague Balderas
· February 25, 2017
I love Bridgeland! This area is excellent to share a great time with good friends and more!!!! Love it.
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