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Deborah Corey
· January 12, 2018
I love going to concerts, love going to Preds games (I’m a season ticket holder) but if I have to deal with drunks getting beer throughout and entire concert I’m going to pass. I went to a Garth show ...last month. I had this guy that was so drunk his girlfriend even moved seats with his buddy because she didn’t want to be next to him. As this guy walked in front of me for the 4th time not even an hour into the show he went in front of me and elbowed me in the nose. Drunk or not I know you have to feel in wearing a T-shirt. My nose hurt all night. When he came back I stopped him and told him next time he hits a woman, purposely or accidentally, you better apologize. Instead of saying he was sorry, didn’t realize, etc he argued with me making fun that my nose hurt and telling me to get the cameras out and show him proof! I was thisclose to calling security but wanted to watch my first Garth concert and was ready to handle him if he started anything. Any man especially a stranger hits me I will NOT stay quiet!! I’m tired of dealing with drunks at concerts!! I spend hard working money and the last year every concert I’ve attended I’ve had to deal with some drunken a$$. I wish some shows would not allow alcohol to be sold See More
Lenny Hayes
· April 18, 2018
So I just got very lucky that the Marriott refunded my $ since the date was changed from the 20th to the 25th for Jeff Dunham. Piss poor planning on your part and do you care? NO!!! Your Customer se...rvice is not customer service because so many people are willing to spend their hard earned $ on entertainment and you take on this attitude of not caring because if I do not go you think someone else will just step in and get my ticket and with stub hubb, ticket master, and others buying up tickets of course you do not care because you are getting your money no matter what and this what drives up prices. It is very sad how things are now and nothing is going to change because in the end it is all about $$$$$. You try and do nice things for your kids things that they want to see and enjoy in person but your arrogance, greed and just down right disrespect you guys show makes me wonder why in the hell support these clowns! Come on Colorado please beat the Preds just because Bridgestone are assholes and uncaring unorganized bafoons! Now instead of a weekend in Nashville with my girls I get to drive back tired afterwards so they can go to school the next day! my rant but am I wrong? Look forward to seeing Jeff Dunham Wednesday � but you should offer some free tshirts to my daughters especially Catey who this was her birthday weekend and now we have to cancel and make it a rush Wednesday! Goodness I understand things happen but the response of not giving a shit is mind blowing! Thanks!!! See More
April Wyatt
· January 13, 2018
The way you guys ran the VIP for the Avenged Sevenfold show was a tragedy. You let everyone inside regardless of the type of VIP they had — and then sent them back outside into the snow when you learn...ed they were the lower tier, I kept asking multiple questions —- when do we get inside? Where do we go? Etc— and was met with the same clueless look and shrug with pretty much every employee. On pure luck alone did I have an amazing time. It would have been easier to split up the VIP lines by the package purchased. Not to mention that you didn’t even put the VIP flag up until maybe a bit before 3—- so half of us were wandering around the building in the snow trying to figure out where we are even supposed to be. It’s going to take a really good band to get me to come back to this arena and even then I might just travel elsewhere. See More
Eric Griffin
· December 21, 2017
This is more of a question than a review. Until the other night, I have never sat in the 300's section at Bridgestone. We've always been fortunate to be in a lower level. The main thing I noticed i...s that the seats seem to be drastically smaller and closer, not just side to side but front to back. Was I seeing things or is this correct? Are the seats in the 100 & 200 section that much bigger and spacious? If so, where can I find out what the seat sizes are in each section so that we know when buying tickets? I hate being packed in so tight and a little information would be very helpful. Thanks! See More
Alicia Brooke Ferguson
· January 6, 2018
Went to see Monster Jam today and was very happy with the show, but very disappointed with the people working there. We walked around the arena 4 times asking everyone we saw that worked there how to ...get down to the pit party. They were obviously too busy talking to each other to offer any help. Finally found someone that helped us find where we needed to go just to hear them announce the pit party would be over in 10 minutes. We had time to meet one driver while event staff was screaming at us to get out. We were able to walk around and take pictures of the other trucks. Overall the event was awesome but the employees at Bridgestone are not helpful and rude. I'll take my business to Nissan stadium or the amphitheater. Not wasting my money there anymore. See More
Bonnie Chambers
· May 16, 2018
We went to a Justin Timberlake concert on our vacation. When we got to our seats....we couldnt see the main stage! Chris Stapleton came out to sing with him and we couldn't see ANY of it! Why in the w...orld would an arena have stuff that is blocking entire sections of the place view! Our tickets were not cheap!!! I was SO upset. I'm not so sure we will bother with Bridgestone again. Complete and total disappointment. See More
Amy Wells
· December 29, 2017
We drove from Michigan to see Garth on December 22nd, Garth was absolutely amazing however we had several issues with the venue, we sat in section 326 the seats were so narrow we actually had to sit s...ideways in our seats and the couple behind us had absolutely no room to move around because of the size of the seats.I moved to the platform directly infront of me to give the couple a little room and the opportunity to see when an attendent came and told me to return to my seat, I tried to explain why I was standing, but she would not listen or let me explain. At one point Christmas music came on very loud directly above us, after it played during several songs we went to tell someone and we were told several others had complained about the same thing. I think the size of the seats is a huge issue and caused some people a very uncomfortable experience. See More
Lucas Wyatt
· December 16, 2017
My sister bought me Garth Brooks tickets for Christmas. We went to the concert last night. Garth was great, but we had a terrible experience. There was a group of drunk and belligerent 20 something olds behind us. One guy was so drunk that he was already slurring at 8PM. They were being very vulgar. They were elbowing us in the back of the head as they were moving around and the really drunk guy spilled a beer on the floor. My sister and I had to stand in a beer puddle for half the concert. Around the time Trisha started to perform, the drunk guy spilled a beer on my sister's seat, purse, coat, and boots. They are probably ruined. I had enough and got an usher. I wanted the whole row out, but the guy who spilled the beer said he would leave. He did leave for about twenty minutes. He came back and was trying to fight the guy sitting behind him. I had to fight back the rage from trying to fight the guy. My sister was so upset that she cried. Worst concert experience of my life. I have two questions. 1. Why was the drunk guy allowed in the arena? You have to go through security before entering the area. They should not have let him in. 2. Why wasn't the guy walked out of the building by security? All Bridgestone Arena did was bring us clean chairs and mopped up the floor a little. See More
Stephanie Williams
· December 22, 2017
We went to the Garth concert the 10th and sat in section 103. The chairs there were horrible. There was one that you had to sit so far sideways due to being on the curve that we had to put my child that seat. Tonight we sat in section 307, once again more leg room but the seats were so tight together on the hips, I will have bruises on my legs. Then the worst part, the people in front of us 3 of them were smoking their e-cigarette throughout the entire opening blowing it into our faces. We asked them to stop, they continued. We had to let security know twice. They came up but the people still continued. Then during 30 mins of the concert Christmas music was blaring in the background over Garth was absurd and nobody could turn it off quite distracting and disappointing. See More
Katie Kludac
· March 14, 2018
I had such a blast, but the only thing stopping me from a 5 star was metal things on the ground on the outside patio. I messed up my ankle pretty bad. A girl right next to me was icing her knee, said ...she injured herself the same way. Seems like a very unsafe thing to be right on a balcony. See More
Steve Bri Macdougall
· December 26, 2017
Attended the Garth Brooks concert on December 23. I made 3 purchases at the concessions that night, the first 2 at the Twice Daily store in the 300 level for $16.50 and $18.50. My third purchase of ...the night was at the "Bar" outside of section 330, I purchased a tall Miller Lite, a can of Wiseacre, and a bottle of water. As the cashier is ringing me up she continues to press additional buttons adding things to my order such as a hot dog and another beverage. I see the total comes up to $29 as she runs my card. I'm very perplexed as to why she is struggling with the system as her name tag stated she had been working at the arena since last season and this is in the middle of a concert but when I am handed my receipt it says $20. I figure she had worked it out, I sign it and leave a additional $2 tip (it is Christmas after all) and go on my way. Sunday when checking my bank account I see that I have a charge of $29. Thinking this was maybe done in error I wait until everything clears as sometimes things have a way of sorting itself out once they clear but I was wrong, today I show a charge of the $29 and $2 tip. I find it absolutely criminal that the arena is allowing it's employees to use these tactics and STEAL from it's paying customers. We're 4 year season ticket holders of the Preds and last season my wife had told me while at concessions she noticed the arena was charging different prices than that on the board (not just the difference between STH and regular pricing). I'm not only concerned that I myself have been ripped off but also how many other paying customers overpaid for things at the concession stands Saturday night or from other events. It was bad enough the lady sitting next to us that night had to walk on our row using myself, my wife, my older mother and mother in law to hold herself up to walk by because she was so drunk and then fell asleep leaning on my mother in law's shoulder, and then you have to throw on top of that you can't even trust the arena to not scam you when making a purchase. I do not ever see myself making an in arena purchase at Bridgestone Arena again. See More
Erica Nicole Cherry
· December 21, 2017
I have been coming to games and concerts for quite a while now, and there are so many reasons I love the Bridgestone and their employees. Tonight takes the cake by far! After the guy behind us threw u...p all over my sister, a woman named Theresa helped us get new seats, a change of pants for my sister, and continued to make sure that we were enjoying our night. Thank you for turning our night around after the craziness that happened before the puck dropped! See More
Allison Plattsmier
· March 28, 2018
Currently here for Demi Lovato and DJ Khaled. I had four different employees point me down the wrong section/wrong side of the row and they refused to listen when I said someone else was in our seats.... We missed all of DJ Khaled's set because none of the employees appeared to know where our seats were. Extremely disappointed in the staff. They ruined the experience. See More
Elizabeth Thornburgh
· January 1, 2018
I attended the Huey Lewis and Jimmy Buffett concert 12/31/2017. We ran into a HUGE line trying to get in. I'm so glad we came 45 min early to get in. The delay was security was tight and using full me...tal detectors. As much as I appreciate the extra security, I wish it didn't take so long. I'm not how to remedy this though other than to get there early!! The rest of the night went very well. Everyone was nice and friendly. If a guest was out of his or her seat in the aisle, the ushers politely asked them to return to their seats. I witnessed throughout the entire concert badge/ticket check, which I highly appreciate (nothing ruins a concert than a drunk a$$ pushing to the stage). We sat in section 120, which is a great section!!! I will certainly return to future events. See More
Tim Mccutchan
· January 1, 2018
We went to the Jimmy Buffet and Huey Lewis concert New Years evening. We had to wait outside the venue for an hour just to get in and ended up missing half of Huey Lewis. The reason was security and t...he use of metal detectors. Unfortunately it was like shopping at Wal-Mart, they didn't even have all available detectors opperating!
It seemed like Bridgestone had never held a concert before. Probably won't be back to this venue.
See More
Amanda Woosley Potter
· December 8, 2017
Always have a great time here but I want to give a big shoutout to Tony and the rest of the security team at Bridgestone. Left my wallet there last night and filled out a lost and found report not rea...lly knowing what to expect. Within five minutes they called me back letting me know that they had found it! Thank you so very much for your prompt response, and finding my wallet!!! See More
Richard Hudson
· November 4, 2017
We attended Kenny Rogers Farewell Concert on 10/25/2017. Great show. However, huge Bridgestone Arena needs up-to-date video screens! We were seated in a mid-price area one level above (but very nea...r) the arena floor. There was a big screen behind the stage, but performers were not projected there. It was used for random background scenes. Since most in the audience was so far from the stage, the only real option was to watch the small video screen high above the area. Those seated on the floor toward the back would not have been able to see them since they were directly over their heads. Our local university (Fayetteville, Arkansas) has screens 4 times larger than those at Bridgesstone. It was like stepping back in time. See More
Clint Nowlin
· January 22, 2018
Why have chairs on the floor? Never been to a rock concert that has chairs on the floor. For some it is nice to be able to shift around in order to see the stage, everyone is at the same level. We att...end a lot of concerts and that was very disapointing. See More
Chuck Tilton
· November 12, 2017
Big shout out to our usher Thomas section 114 tonight. What a great guy who knows the job well. He kept an eye on everything happening in that area and stayed ahead of it. Moved some folks around due those one or two that have to stand thru the whole concert when the entire rest of the section is sitting. Plus they were drunk enough that standing was barely the word for it. Thank you Thomas! See More
Barbara Goad
· March 28, 2018
great venue for concerts; don't like they put people in wheelchairs way up on 4th level; would expect to be given better seats because some of us older people cannot see that well; the behind the seats from 4th level were bad. I thought that Garth Brooks made sure to make to acknowledge all the fans; there was only a few times when I could tell it was Garth except on the megatron TVs. I CAN WATCH HIM ONTV FROM HOME See More

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