The Westerway Raspberry Farm is running an amazing competition at the moment to support our campaign to save Cascade Ultra-c! Make sure to send in your photos and take part in it!

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The Westerway Raspberry Farm

Inspired by the feedback we have had regarding the disappearance of Cascade Ultra-C Syrup from Supermarket shelves, we would to set you a challenge which will also help us to spread the word!
1. Find Cascade Ultra-C in a store
2. Take a photo of the bottle on the shelf
3. Post the pic with the name and location of the store and TAG @westerwayraspberryfarm and #buylocal
(Photos of Shelves which seem to have sold out but have a space for Ultra-C WILL be accepted!)

At the end of February we will put the names of all participants into a big farm hat and randomly select our winner!
Open to Tasmanians and Mainlanders - we will post out your prize if needed!!

Remember, Cascade Ultra-C is made from 100% Westerway Blackcurrants (the only widely available Syrup brand to use Aussie Grown!) and after a huge effort last year is back to its ORIGINAL Taste! So refreshing and Blackcurrant-y!!

THANKS and happy hunting!

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Cascade Blackcurrant cordial will soon be removed from the shelves of Chain stores and the production of ultra-c completely ceased.

Sign the petition and share this to help Tasmanian's most iconic drink stay on the shelves!

Coca-Cola: Don't remove Cascade Blackcurrant from the shelves

Our DLCCDC team are currently at an exclusive Coca Cola event.

It is made to be as close as the original as possible.

Cascade are going to release a new Blackcurrant Ultra-C with a new recipe. It will be released in stores in the next few months.


Make sure you share this with all of your friends to get the news out!

More photos to come.

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Can we make it to 5,000 likes guys? (More updates soon)

Make sure you check out the Mercury today, could see a picture of us in there somewhere!

Keep up the support guys and don't give up! We love it

having to use my last litre of the original black currant cordial, going to be fully out forever soon! but all of you can help get it back! lets work together and get our favourite cordial back and show Coca-Cola who is boss!

every share and like helps

woah 4,702 likes!

thank you so much for the love and support guys, keep it up

Send us some of your Cascade Topping!!

is there any left?

let's try and get 4750 likes by tonight

to show support for the cause just simply like and share this post with all your friends!

need some more photos of products to post if you have any amazing collections or just any thing to do with the old cascade Just send it in!



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lets continue the fight for a world where Cascade products still exist!

Just bought a bottle of the original sparkling apple from south Hobart fish and chip shop! Great for this hot weather! Share and like if you want this!

Hope every one is alright in the fires at this current time across the country


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Thanks so much for the 4000 likes! Share and like this to get more please

Thankyou so so much

lets try and get 4000 likes before 12 Tonight! this is a picture with a nice glass of ultra-c blackcurrant
like&share if you want what is in this picture!

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a glass of this goes down great on a warm day!
~like and share if you wish you had a glass of this right now


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Thankyou alot claremont advantage pharmacy for hooking me up with 9 litres of the finest origanal ultra-c cascade black currant
Like and share if you want these 9 bottles

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great shot by Tania Cherry! who took this on the cascade brewery tour last year! this photo has all the original tasmanian icons the great drinks and especially the thylacine (tasmanian tiger)
make sure to send us more photos of any thing to do with cascade!


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