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Dirk Teucher
· March 3, 2018
No refund or substitute tickets provided after the heavy snow on 2nd march 2018.
We were advised by Police and Bristol City council not to travel unless an emergency and there was no way we were able travel safely due to our child.

Initially I just offered the tickets for free to friends/family and I would have been fine with if someone had been able to make use of the tickets. But as no one was able to travel in the heavy snowfall I contacted the Hippodrome to see if we could see another show later on in the year. So far we have been offered tickets to see wicked at the apollo theatre in London which is a nice gesture but not one we can accept.

I think it would be of little to no consequence for the hippodrome to allow us to watch some other show (In Bristol) this year as a goodwill gesture and as a customer that has paid for a service I will think twice about booking tickets at the hippodrome in the future due to what I consider to be a lack of goodwill on their part.

Should the hippodrome change their mind I will of course edit this review, but as it stands I am not impressed with the way this company has decided to handle the situation.
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Michaela Sillick
· March 7, 2018
I like the Bristol Hippodrome. Yes, we were disappointed that we had to miss Friday’s performance of Wicked because of the snow, but given we didn’t purchase the ticket insurance, I don’t mind a day o...ut to London with the kids - they didn’t have to offer this. Today, we did manage to see “Hairspray” - wow! It did not disappoint! I’m always surprised of the production quality at the Hippodrome, it’s top form. I’d never seen this show before but it was fantastic from start to finish. There’s so much more to going to the theatre than the customer service you receive. I’ve not felt let down by my recent experiences and the massive smile on my daughter’s face after getting photos with some of the lead actors from tonight’s show was worth every penny. Next week - Cilla ... !! Thank you Bristol Hippodrome See More
Chantelle Parry
· March 2, 2018
I have purchased tickets through a drama club my daughter goes too. This was arranged with a coach. I am disabled so cannot drive to Bristol myself. Due to severe weather conditions and the police adv...ising us not to travel so the coach has had to cancel. You have offered us a ticket at a later date in London but due to my disability i am unable to travel that far on my own with my daughter. This was a birthday present for my daughter and a rare event that we could go somewhere without a carer. I am disgusted that you have not offered a refund or even a ticket to another production at your theatre and you do not care about the safety of your customers, many of which are children. See More
Kate Davey
· March 6, 2018
Absolutely disgusted that hippodrome and the production team expected us to travel in a red weather warning and then say we are not entitled to have our money back when we haven't actually see the sho...w wicked.

Yes they have offered us to go to London to watch the show wicked but I doubt very much they will pay the extra cost of getting there and arranging childcare.

I think they have no customer focus and all they are worried about is getting the money. This will be the last time I will be going to this theatre!
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Douglas Hayter
· March 2, 2018
I can't believe that the theatre is actively encouraging people to travel on a day when all authorities are advising people do not make unnecessary journey due to safety in bad weather.

How selfish i...s this theatre?!!!
They are not doing themselves any favours, and scaring people into not booking to see any show anywhere in the country in case they are treated as badly.

I guess your profits are far more important than people's safety.
selfish selfish selfish!

Now do the right thing and pay refunds to those with tickets for tonight's shows so that people don't have to travel and risk their lives and the lives of the emergency services.
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Laura Lander
· March 28, 2018
We were unfortunately unable to attend a much anticipated performance of Wicked on 2nd March due to the snow. The Hippodrome issued a statement before the show went ahead to say that, if we were unabl...e to attend, we would be offered tickets 'at a suitable date for you' to see the show in London - or to email them if unable to attend London.

It appears that, if you cannot travel to London in the week during term time (which we cannot with school aged children), then, in fact, they will not accommodate us.
Really disappointing given their statement that we would be offered an alternative.

A Saturday show in London or even the chance to see another show in Bristol would have worked well. A shame that they have effectively gone back on their promise by not offering anything that we can actually take up.
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Rachel Kelly
· April 8, 2018
Like the hippadrome and always enjoy what I watch a bit of a downer put on my visit tonight watching the magic of motown the singer's on stage said they want people to have a good time and party but the staff ask you to dance in the aisle which means everyone has to get up and down to let you in and out or to sit down! Surely it's a fire hazard too to be dancing in aisles! See More
Andrew David Bradley
· February 1, 2018
Absolutely loved Wicked. Amazing views from the stalls and a totally unforgettable show. Although the stalls are amazing I would say that the seats are too close together and for a 6’ 5” tall person t...he legroom wasn’t much. But it is a very old theatre so I can understand. I was absolutely in awe at the building with its rich historic decor. If anyone wants to see Wicked I say do it! It is an absolutely fantastic production. I’ve now got the urge to book tickets for the West End version. I’m also going to book tickets for Miss Saigon when it gets to the Bristol Hippodrome. If any of the cast of Wicked see this, you absolutely rocked last night at the opening show. See More
Jen Tudor Smith
· February 24, 2018
Thank you so much to the lady on the access door last night who helped us during the performance of Wicked. Because our usual seats weren't on sale we bought some in the stalls and hoped for the best.... It was clear as soon as we arrived due to the unpredictable nature of the disability involved that it wasn't going to work for us and so the theatre and the production company let us use different ones. It made such a difference. There's no way we would have been able to stay for the performance without the help and it was really appreciated. See More
Justine Kemp
· March 13, 2018
Very impressed with the staff at The Bristol Hippodrome this evening in response to medical emergencies that occurred towards the end of Cilla. Very calm and organised - performance paused, situation... explained, paramedics attended and poorly theatregoers left the theatre with dignity and a round of applause as our thanks for the NHS staff and a situation well managed. Show was back on in about half an hour - well done Bristol Hippodrome! Hope everyone concerned is recovering comfortably. See More
Rebecca Treweke
· December 20, 2017
After a shaky start of the panto with my son who can be hypersensitive to noise, was not coping well at all, but a lovely, kind lady from Bristol Hippodrome found him some ear defenders! After a lot o...f reassurance he got right into it and I’ve not seen him laugh that hard in ages!! Fantastic night, fantastic show and also, fantastic and understanding staff... thank you so much. See More
Linzi Gwilt
· March 8, 2018
My friend and I went to see Hairspray this week. When my friend booked the tickets she was going with another friend so they booked right at the top of the theatre � however the other lady pulled out I took her place. I am disabled and stairs are a challenge for me. When we arrived at the theatre we asked the manageress if there was anything she could do to help. Very kindly she arranged for us to sit in the lower circle. Thank you again for your kindness See More
Ian Quirk
· April 13, 2018
A great old theatre, very well located and with good facilities. It would have scored higher, but my experience (an excellent performance of Don Giovanni by WNO, 12/4/18) was marred by the attendants ...who kept walking up and down the aisles for no apparent reason and chatting occasionally. It distracted quite a few in the audience and at nearly £50 a ticket, this was not the sort of behaviour that should be in evidence at such a performance or venue. See More
John Griffin
· December 27, 2017
We were privileged to watch the pantomime Aladdin this evening. What an absolutely cracking performance. I can understand to an extent why very young children could be a little scared but realisticall...y I don’t feel it was anything to get worried about as the comedy far outweighed the scary bits.
Joe Pasquale was absolutely sensational.
It was a superb evening thoroughly enjoyed by my family, even my 83 year mother in law enjoyed it!
I cannot thank the team enough, the producers, the orchestra, the actors, the stewards, the choreographers.....everybody ! Thank you to everyone.
I was literally crying with laughter with the perfectly timed song “if I was not a ..... song”......brilliant acting, brilliant timing and that part alone gave me pains in my tummy I was laughing so much!
Well done everyone, an absolute Credit to Bristol Hippodrome
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Karen Salvage
· March 1, 2018
Despite severe weather warnings and police advising people not to travel after 8pm due to severe snow the hippodrome did not think of its customers safety or the possible extra stress on emergency ser...vices and went ahead with the performance refusing to refund those not from Bristol. My parents living in Street had thought it would be nice for my 40th birthday to take me to see wicked and now I have not been able to do this with my parents or have a refund to do something else with them. In the future I will be likely to book other theatres where possible who do think of their customers safety like the playhouse in Weston-super-Mare who did decide to postpone due to the warnings! See More
Tamsin Rowden
· January 3, 2018
Came to see Aladdin today with my 2 autistic sons, we had fantastic seats in the stalls but unfortunately it was just all too much for my boys. Your staff were incredible though, so nice, helpful, acc...omodating, and just an absolute delight. It meant so much to me when my boys were struggling so badly to have such nice, thoughtful, truly caring staff around. Thank you so much. See More
Amy Warren
· March 2, 2018
I am extremely angered, upset and feel I have been ridiculed and penalised by the #bristolhippodrome I am currently snowed in nd will be unable to attend #wicked tomorrow! I am disabled and have paid ...£97 in order for us to attend the 2pm showing tomorrow! Cars can neither enter, nor leave my village! I have tried to contact the ticket hotline however I have been met by a "terms" notice that I have to agree to before I can talk to an adviser! This is very poor management and clearly shows that profit is all that is important, rather than the safety and wellbeing of your theatre goers.
This publicity that you are now receiving will not bode well for future performances.
I would like one of your team to contact me so that I can make a formal complaint.
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Jenny Albinus
· March 5, 2018
I thought the hippodrome had new chairs put in recently.. the leg room is a joke. i’m 6ft and was in actual agony and couldn’t enjoy the show, i had tears in my eyes it hurt so much as no room for my ...legs at all. such a shame. See More
Maureen Strong
· March 12, 2018
Missed a performance of wicked after being advised not to travel 'red alert' snow warning. I phoned on the day, sent numerous emails to try and rearrange but could not get through message was 'busy, try again'. My daughter and myself cannot afford transport or accommodation in London (which is why we chose Bristol) are you just filling unsold seats. We would like to see this in Cardiff.. would this gesture of goodwill bankrupt you?? See More
Lindylou Jane
· February 28, 2018
We went to see Wicked last night and thought it was amazing! The singing and dancing was fabulous and the storyline was not what we expected but was very original and captivating.
Now for the downsid...e...we could hardly believe the family behind us who it seemed had brought their dinner and drinks with them! It was when we came to leave that we noticed empty cans down the back of our seats that I challenged the female in charge of her brood as to whether all the mess belonged to them and did they intend to pick their rubbish up...I was met with laughter and rudeness when she just shrugged it off with her brood also joining in thinking it was hilarious! I voiced how appalled I was but it fell on deaf ears as it was obvious to me they were used to other people having to clear up after dampened our enjoyable night out and confirmed to me how disrespectful and bad mannered people can be especially when you consider how spotless the theatre was when we fact, most of the floor was left with empty drink cans, sweet packets, empty bags and plastic cups...everyone should clear up their own mess and not be so ignorant in expecting others to do it for is hard to take in that this lovely theatre even allows drink and food in the seating area in the first place and the behaviour of these ignorants has certainly confounded my fear that no one seems to care anymore or have any dignity or respect for others?...I dread to think how they live in their own homes...the theatre looked like a demolition site when we left, why don’t you ban drinks and food consumption like most venues do and preserve the beauty and charm of what is a wonderful theatre? See More
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