Yesterday, we announced our Class of 2018! We truly believe that these remarkable women are the future of aerospace.

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Brooke Owens Fellowship Program is celebrating this special day.
February 15

We are ecstatic to introduce you to our newest Brooke Owens Fellows. Each of these remarkable undergraduate women has rightfully earned their spot by doing some incredible things for the aerospace community! Welcome to the Brookie family!!

Every Brooke Owens Fellow has run an incredibly challenging gauntlet in order to earn her position in the program. We receive an overwhelming number of wildly impressive applications, which means that ultimately we've had to decline applicants with 4.0 GPAs at the top schools in the world, letters ....

Finalists! We’ve got almost all of the data, but a few hosts asked for extensions until tomorrow (Friday) evening to complete interviews. When you are all done, don’t forget to email us with your thoughts and rankings of hosts you interviewed with—that helps ensure best possible match!

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We are incredibly honored to receive the inaugural Patti Grace Smith Award from the American Astronautical Society. Patti was an inspiration, leader, mentor, and friend to each of our founders--and what's more, she was all of those things to our namesake, Brooke. We're so grateful that now we get a chance to carry on the legacy of these TWO incredible women.

Check out the other award winners, including record-setting NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson, the gravity wave detecting LISA Pathfinder mission, and more.…/winners-of-2017-american-astron…/

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Thank you to everyone who carved out time during their holiday break to speak with us! We will be contacting our finalists and our host companies with preliminary matches early next week!

Some things to think about when prepping for the host interviews:

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THANK YOU to everyone that applied for our Class of 2018! You are a ridiculously talented group of women!!

We are preparing emails to each of you now - please watch your inbox over the next 24 hours.

Exciting news: we received more than 60% more applications this year than we did last year! We were so excited to hear from so many amazing women in aerospace.

If you submitted a complete application, you should have received a confirmation from us by now. It you haven't gotten that confirmation email, then you might want to check your spam folder! If nothing is there, either, it means that we didn't receive all of the required parts of your application. If you think that something has gone wrong, please contact us (Twitter, Facebook, or the form on our website).

And if you did get that confirmation letter, please be sure to fill out our anonymous demographic survey! It doesn't impact your application at all, but it does help us doing an even better job in the future of serving ALL women in aerospace.

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The finish line is here! Cross it with confidence and submit it now!

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Today’s the big day! Get those Brooke Owens Fellowship applications in and get a slingshot into the aerospace career of your dreams.

To answer to our most frequently asked question today: if it’s still Tuesday somewhere on 🌎, you are good to submit. We’re setting our watches to GMT -12 ! 🇹🇻😎

Good luck!

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Applications for Summer 2018 are due TOMORROW!

Toss aside any imposter syndrome you may have and power through to finish up any last parts of your application so you can submit it ASAP! You’ve got this!

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Tune into our reddit "Ask Me Anything" session happening in about an hour (2:00pm PST)! We've got about a dozen Brookies ready to answer questions about applications and their experiences!…/were_the_brooke_owens_fellows_th…/…

Our program offers paid internships and executive mentorship for exceptional undergraduate women in aerospace. BOFP connects you directly with...

We're hosting a reddit AMA tomorrow at 2:00 pm PST, where you can ask the founders and past Fellows about the Brooke Owens Fellowship and how we can help you perfect your applications, due December 5th!

Join in to get the the scoop on all things related to finalizing applications!

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It's raining mentors! 🌧️ In the past few weeks, we've added a BUNCH of new mentors including former NASA astronauts, top executives from leading space companies, and outstanding experts in business and strategy!

YOU have the chance to have one of these incredible mentors give you one-on-one advice, stories and guidance.

Applications are due TUESDAY! Apply online at:

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We are pleased and honored to announce that Pamela Melroy, will be joining our mentor pool for the Class of 2018! She is a retired United States Air Force officer and a former NASA astronaut. She has served as pilot on Space Shuttle missions STS-92 and STS-112 and commanded mission STS-120. In addition, she played an instrumental role in inspiring the Brookie Class of 2017!

YOU have the chance to gain incredible, one-on-one insight from her by applying by... Dec. 5th!

Welcome to the Brookie family Pamela!

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⚠️MAJOR news alert!⚠️

We are so excited to welcome the President & CEO of United Launch Alliance Tory Bruno as a mentor for the 2018 Fellow class. YOU could have 1-on-1 talks w/ the CEO of one of the US's major launch companies!

Stay tuned for some more major announcements...

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Application Tip:

“Demonstrate your personal and professional values, we don't want a group of all the same people. Don't be afraid to express your passion in an atypical way, especially with the multi-media piece!”

-Makiah Eustice, Brookie Class of 2017

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We are thankful for all of our host institutions, mentors, and everyone who helped make this incredible program possible. Happy Thanksgiving!

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