SPD NEWS - Bank Robbery Update

Arrested from Saturday's Bank Of The West bank robbery were Darnell Howard, a 21 year old male and Dominique Thomas, a 20 year old male. Both were arrested for robbery and conspiracy.

The two suspects were located hiding in an attic in the 5200 block of Riverbrook Drive by Officers during a SWAT call out.


This is still an active investigation as Robbery Detectives are looking for several more people who may have been involved in the bank robbery.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call SPD at 209-937-8377.

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"A couple of reminders about your safety while out and about…

Message from the Lincoln High District Office: There has been a rash of robberies from parked cars. These have often been crimes of opportunity. When items of any real or perceived value are visible through the window, perpetrators have been increasingly bold in breaking windows to snatch whatever they can grab. DO NOT leave any bags, purses, wallets, phones, etc., in your vehicles -- even for minutes -- and genera...lly be careful with your personal items wherever they are. 'Tis the season for some people to gift themselves . . . . Let's limit their options.

A friend works at Hobby Lobby and posted this message on FaceBook: Beware...friends and family we had TWO armed robberies in the parking lot at Hobby Lobby mid afternoon yesterday [Wednesday]. A group of five men in a white SUV robbed a customer of his wallet, phone and purchases on his way out the front door to his car as well as two other customers on their way to the Mexican restaurant around the corner. Tis the season, please don't let your guard down.

And finally… at Trader Joe's on Saturday -- a shopper had her purse over her arm, leaned over to look at something, and a woman reached in and lifted her wallet. Another shopper witnessed it and questioned the thief. She said it was her mother and she was playing a joke. The brave witness asked the shopper, who said it was not her daughter. Fortunately, she dropped the wallet and ran and the store clerks took off after her (it was scary…). Soooo, zip/button up that purse, NEVER LEAVE YOUR BELONGINGS IN THE SHOPPING BASKET, walk with purpose, and avoid using your cell phone in parking lots!"

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"Someone cut off and stole a catalytic converter off of a Toyota pickup parked in the driveway on Riverbrook Court sometime during the night of October 28th."


"This morning when I left for work at 730 I witnessed a man in Riverbrook Court going through recycle.I believe it is this the same person as last week.I drove to Security Tower ASAP TO REPORT IT.I believe he was apprehended.SHAVEN HEAD,WHITE ,SILVER CAR. HE HAD DOCUMENTS AND GARBGE BAG.He was parked on left side of court enterance. Earlier at 6am I was closing a window and I noticed a woman taking a walk alone in the dark...Not a good idea."

From the Record on 10-4-12:
Robbery: A white man in his mid-20s with a shaved head pushed a 13-year-old off his bike before riding away Tuesday evening, officials said. The robbery took place at Brookview Drive and Pine Lake Circle about 8:15 p.m. when the robber got out of a two-door, gray Honda and confronted the victim. Police said the robber followed the car he arrived in as he fled the scene.

From today's Record:
Robbery: A 77-year-old man answered a knock on his front door in the 4200 block of Boulder Creek Circle about 10 p.m. Wednesday and was held down while robbers ransacked his home, taking numerous items. They were described as men 20 to 30 years old.


"I saw a man on Riverbrook Court pulling papers out of my neighbor's recycle can today (note I did not see him pull cans). Could be looking for papers for identity theft. Called security but they did not find him. He was a dark complexion man with a crew cut dark hair in his late 20's and early 30's, medium build driving a late model Nissan grey pickup."

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Rhondda Nunes to Brookside Neighborhood Watch

Hello everyone this is Rhondda Nunes; University Neighborhood Renaissance Committee Security Chair. One of the neighbors in the University Neighborhood had some... decorative balls stolen from their front yard. I am posting this here because the balls could be anywhere, unfortunately. If you see them please let me know so that we can assist in the return of the balls to their rightful owner. Thank you for any assistance and it was a pleasure to perform for you with RB/X for your recent Butterfly Hospice event.

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"We live in Brook Falls. Monday morning a car was broken into. There is also a very aggressive neighbor in this community who yells profanity out the window. We have been instructed to contact security each time we hear him no matter how many times a day. If anyone in Brook Falls is familiar with this, please contact security right away."

Update to the last post; the break-in in the pointe was on tugboat lane at 6 am Friday morning. Woman came downstairs to hear whispers and found someone in her home. Police were called. Make sure to lock all car & house doors and windows at night!

House break-in in the Pointe yesterday morning just after 6 am. More information to come (or if you know any info, please comment)

Update: (from about 1 week ago)

"My neighbor's car was stolen out of the driveway late in the evening in Applebrook. Leave your porch lights on to help deter any late night activity."


"My neighbor's house was broken into this morning on Brook Falls... The robbers actually took the deadbolt from the front door and damaged the other two doors. Be caareful and let's keep watch for each other."


"FYI, had someone go through my car parked in the driveway on Glen Abby between midnight and 4:00am last night. My bad, it wasn't locked. They got sunglasses, phone charger cords and about $250 of new, in the box plumbing fixtures from Lowe's. Be sure to lock cars AND garages at night."

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Just notified of an attempted auto robbery in Huntingdale Circle around 9:30 am on August 19th. I'll give more information once I find out the details. Make sure your car doors are locked at night!

This was on the Stockton PD daily report from yesterday 8/22/12 Robbery 5100 block Riverbrook Drive, The 36 year old male victim was walking in the area when he felt an object pressed against the back of his heard. He turned around and was confronted by the armed suspect, who pointed a handgun at the victim’s face and demanded his property. The suspect took the victim’s belongings and fled on foot N/B Riverbrook. Suspect: Hispanic male 20, 5-00/slim wearing a black hat, black shirt, camouflage
shorts, and armed with a pistol.

This is the exact same location with the exact same suspect description of the person who robbed me in June, and other crimes similar to this one have happened in the same area

Mail boxes are being broken into at night. Be sure to check your mail daily and wait to put in your outgoing until the morning.