Brent Spence Bridge Impact
Brent Spence Bridge: The No-Build Alternative
President Obama calls out the Brent Spence Bridge in his speech

Vote on whether you favor using tolls to fund building a new bridge to replace the existing Brent Spence Bridge at…/do-you-favor-a-toll-t…/19255032.

Greater Cincinnati officials have been debating a plan to pay for the Brent Spence Bridge project for months, and tolling has often been on the table. How do you feel about it?

While we sit around and twiddle our thumbs here in Northern Kentucky, Louisville is getting ready to open its new bridge to the public next month.

No wonder transportation and logistics companies are flocking to Louisville instead of Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati.…/before-cars-public-invited-to…/…

The date has been set for the public celebration to be held in advance of the new Downtown Louisville bridge opening to traffic.

Jerry Wray, director of the Ohio Department of Transportation, and Mike Hancock, secretary of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, wrote a joint column in the Cincinnati Enquirer this week about the I-71/75 "bypass" that has been proposed by homebuilders Matth Toebben, Henry Fischer, Steve Frank, and others.

In the column, they debunk many of the claims made by proponents of the bypass project. They say that a bypass would not alleviate congestion issues on the BSB and would cost double the amount of the new bridge between Cincinnati and Covington.

Wray and Hancock said that the transportation departments of both states "must continue to work to find a real solution that can bring not only traffic congestion relief, but huge economic benefits to both states – not an idea promoted by land developers for the sake of land development."

The alternatives to replacing the bridge are not quick, simple or a bargain.

Both heads of ODOT and KYTC say the proposed eastern bypass,known as the home builder highway, is not a viable alternative to the Brent Spence Bridge Corridor. Read link.…/opinion-bypass-solve-…/72247510/

Our legislators from downstate recognize what needs to be done to build a new Brent Spence Bridge. It's a shame that Northern Kentucky legislators, whose constituents fight the bridge traffic every day, don't have the same view.

By John Gregory KET They have 27,000 miles of paved roads to maintain, constituents clamoring for a number of new transportation projects and a shrinking pool of money with which to make it all happen. To say state highway officials have a thankless job might be an understatement. A panel of legisla…

Matt Davis, Director of Build our New Bridge Now Coalition, speaking on Capitol Hill about this important infrastructure. We must encourage our elected officials to find "real" solutions to solve this important issue.

The Brent Spence Bridge is becoming part of the conversation about the nation’s failing infrastructure as issues surrounding the aging bridge were heard in a congressional committee meeting.

“Only a limited amount of traffic would potentially divert to a bypass, so the end result would still include an over-burdened Brent Spence Bridge with safety and geometric deficiencies.”

The heads of Ohio and Kentucky’s transportation agencies dismissed an idea to build a 67-mile bypass around Cincinnati through Warren, Clermont, Campbell and Kenton counties instead of the 8-mile Brent Spence Bridge project.

Unfortunately, this is a pretty common side effect of morning congestion due to the Brent Spence Bridge Corridor - diversion. Here is a pic of cars flooding Dixie Highway during morning rush hour.

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The KYTC and ODOT give Fischer's Highway Plan a "reality check." Read KYTC Secretary Hancock and ODOT Director Wray's joint letter to Henry Fischer.

KYTC and ODOT respond to Homebuilder Highway Solution to Brent Spence Bridge March 30, 2015 In response to an op-ed written by Henry Fisher and published by the Cincinnati Enquirer on January 22, 2015, Kentucky Secretary of Transportation Michael Hancock and Ohio Department of Transportation Directo…

Another morning on the Brent Spence Bridge!

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Public Opinion Strategies, a nationally recognized polling firm used by Congressman Barr and Guthrie, Ag Commissioner Jamie Comer, Sen. Damon Thayer, Sen. Mitch McConnell and KY Republican Party performed poll of likely voters in Northern Kentucky. "59% of voters would support a BSB funding plan comprised of “…a combination of federal and local revenues, including tolls.”

Visit to learn more about the results.

New polling shows strong support in Northern Kentucky for improving the Brent Spence Bridge Corridor February 25, 2015 Nearly two-thirds of Boone, Campbell and Kenton residents support plan that includes tolls COVINGTON – Nearly 60 percent of Northern Kentucky residents support a plan to improve the…

The first step in passing House Bill 443 (Public-Private Partnerships) was accomplished around noon today when the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee passed a "clean" P3 bill.

The committee approved HB 443 with an overwhelmingly majority and voted against amendments proposed by Rep. Arnold Simpson (D-Covington) that would have tainted the bill.

The next step is the bill passing the full House. It’s expected the bill could be voted on the House floor in the next couple of days.

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Did you see the article ran in the Wall Street Journal today titled, “Neglected Roads and Bridges Take Toll on U.S. Companies,” which featured the problems with congestion and delay caused by the Brent Spence Bridge?

In the article, educational publisher Cengage Learning Inc, which operates a facility in Mason, Ohio, complained that the Brent Spence Bridge creates havoc as the company’s boxes of textbooks snake along one of the busiest trucking routes and can get trapped on ...the bridge on their way to the airport.

Cengage reserves space on a weekly plane to the United Kingdom struggles to get its shipments to the airport in time, the newspaper reported. “If one thing goes wrong, we miss the flight” said Gary Bentle, Cengage’s vice president of global transportation. “All we can do is wait another week.”

WSJ reported that the 50-year-old bridge was built to handle 80,000 cars and trucks a day, but now carries more than twice that traffic and that chunks of concrete fell from the bridge and crushed a car parked below in September.

The article also reported that average daily truck delays cost United Parcel Service up to $105 million a year.

Transport is one of the weakest links in the corporate supply chain. Mile after mile, America’s crumbling infrastructure adds to the cost of moving parts, equipment and inventory across the country, the WSJ reported.

The resulting loss of sales could total $1 trillion between 2012 and 2020, while reduced productivity and higher expenses could drain $3.1 trillion from the nation’s gross domestic product, according to a 2013 study by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

For many businesses, time is money, and it’s running out: funding for the federal Highway Trust Fund lapses on May 31.

But sporadic funding for the system over the past decade has amounted to pothole patches, and with the White House and Congress unable to strike a deal on infrastructure spending, pressure is growing on state and local governments to pick up the slack by financing highway and bridge improvements with toll roads, the newspaper reports.

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Another collision on the approach to the Brent Spence Bridge yesterday, injuring a father and son. The father was trying to change a flat tire when the tractor trailer crashed into their vehicle.

Police are investigating an accident that has injured a father and son.

In 2007, Rep. Santoro, Wuchner, and others sponsored a resolution recognizing serious safety issues on the Brent Spence Bridge and its economic impact. These officials have an opportunity to keep this project moving forward by passing HB443. Call 1-800-372-7181 and leave a message.

"WHEREAS, the annual crash rate per lane mile on the Brent Spence Bridge exceeds the Kentucky Interstate system accident rate by an astonishing 750 percent..." - HR 40 (2007)

H.R. 40 Brent Spence Bridge Corridor Resolution sponsored by Rep. Sal Santoro and Rep. Addia Wuchner February 20, 2015 House Resolution 40 was introduced in 2007 and sponsored by Rep. Simpson, Wuchner, Keene, Koenig, Kerr, Draud, McKee and Santoro. This resolution recognized the critical safety i…

TBT: In 2006, the KYTC Dist. 6 and ODOT Dist. 8 completed a joint safety analysis on the Brent Spence Corridor. “Overall, the corridor has a crash rate of 3.54 acc/mvmt, which is more than two times greater than the statewide average rate of 1.338 acc/mvmt.” - Joint safety analysis. Visit and demand that we keep this project moving forward by passing HB443.

TBT: Brent Spence Bridge Corridor Safety Analysis by KYTC Dist. 6 and ODOT Dist. 8 February 19, 2015 In 2006, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District Six and the Ohio Department of Transportation District Eight completed a joint safety analysis on the Brent Spence Corridor. The findings were c…