You will never be forgotten. Your light continues to shine through us. Your strength and determination will inspire all of us.

Every year I say basically the same thing.

Another year, another angel birthday... you know how often we think of you, how much you are missed, and how much you are loved.

Happy birthday Jus


I don't think we ever discussed this... I don't know where he was other than in CA. The things that remind us that we aren't invincible.

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Can't believe it's that time of year again. Seeing posts for the annual meet up to remember you. Its hard saying that, Remember. It shouldn't be that way. You should be here. Wrestling season just ended... boy of yours is amazing. They're both getting so big.

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It's your day again fat head... Happy birthday. We miss you something fierce.

Thank you to everyone that supported our family during this long process. I'm sorry to report that the jury has come to a conclusion that wasn't what we had expected or hoped for. I don't understand it but we can't change it. All we can do is remember Justin and live our lives the way he would want us too. Please leave us in peace so that we may figure this out as a family.

Closing statements should be today after the last witness... chin up we got this.

They say it's going as expected. The prosecution will finish up their side Tuesday-ish. And defense should be done by the end of the week. I guess will see.

Opening statements will begin on 9/26. It's going to be a long process again. They are estimating it to last until Oct 12 th or around then. Prayers and positive thoughts will be needed. Thank you to all of you for being supportive.

Trial starts again today. Jury selection... Court is such a tedious process. Pray for clear minds to see the truth.

My girl...your boy.... Family. It's a beautiful thing. States away but we will make it work.

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Justin was proud of who I am. We bury brothers and sisters in all different shades. I know some personally and others just by their story. But the bond we have to eachother can't be broken. I have the honor of attending the services with the honor guard for the Dallas Law Enforcement Officers, EOW 7/7/2016. We have the watch now. God speed. #prayfordallas #prayforourcountry

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Getting out of the car and my mind wanders.... It's been a long couple weeks. Big kid turned 25. I didn't get to see him. Long work weeks. So tired.... Out of no where (in my mind of course, I'm not full on crazy) I hear 'Nessssssa' in this happy excited voice. Damn I need one of those stupid phone calls. I use to love those when I was away at college.

Justin "Bully" Schalk updated their cover photo.
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Two years. It still doesn't make sense.

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