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Brian Valentin
· September 29, 2017
Great place to get work done — it has great atmosphere and a beautiful location.
Adam Lowe
· August 12, 2015
I work at The Bungalow whenever I am in Jax Beach. Great crew of folks and great atmosphere.
Blue Angel Flyover

A number of people have reached out recently inquiring if we're still in operation. The answer is...absolutely! Going into year 5, we've got more members than we've ever had and we're building an awesome community of individuals. Updating social media hasn't been a priority for us and likely never will be but we're here so don't hesitate to shoot us a message if you have any questions or are interested in working with an awesome group of people.

A nice little write-up in the local paper about our community here at the beach

For those who are just stumbling upon us please feel free to come check us out any time or shoot us a note with any questions you may have.…/jax-beach-co-working-spac…

The solitude of working at home can be an obstacle for some. Conrad Decker, owner of CDev Technologies, knows this all too well. In 2011, he was an independent software developer who built web and mobile applications from his home. "It gets kind of claustrophobic working in your own home office," sa…