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Jessica Carr
· September 6, 2013
Now its bagel boss burger hoss

The last hoorah! These five-story burgers are taking over this table. These super duper customers are taking in allll they possibly can!! Thanks guys!!

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It's too bad we won't see anymore faces like this.

We're sad to announce today we're closing our doors at 8 pm tonight, for the foreseeable future. Everyone's been great but for circumstances we have no control over we have to make this decision. All is not lost though! We're hoping to have word on a potential buyer soon, so keep your ear to the ground! Thank you everyone for everything!

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...Amanda Lynn Lasnier Olone! Check your inbox for instructions on how to claim your $30 gift certificate!

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What other restaurant around has Coke in a bottle? Now that's CLASSIC!

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Lunch time is upon us, and so isn't our question of the week! Answer this question and you'll have a chance to win a $30 gift certificate on Friday when we choose our random winner! The question: what's your favorite burger topping? Let us know, and stay tuned for the winner on Friday!

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Berlynda Aldrich you're the big winner of our $30 gift certificate...check your inbox for instructions on how to claim your prize, and come back next Monday for another round!

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So check this out: despite being one of the most popular American foods, we can thank the Germans for the hamburger. But did ya know...hamburgers are also called the Liberty Sandwich because soldiers during WWI didn't want to use the German name. So now that you're a little wiser thanks to Burgers & Fries Unlimited, call us at 626-3797 for some takeout!

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This ain't your grandma's burger joint! Check out this gourmet burger, the Macho Nacho: 2 patties, cheddar and Swiss cheese, tortilla chips, jalapenos, onions, lettuce, black olives, and chipotle aioli!

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Okay everyone, don't miss out on our Question of the Week! It's pinned to the top of our page, and all you have to do is answer the question to have a chance at winning at $30 gift certificate! When you head over to the page, share the status update to all your friends and family and give them a chance to win! Drawing on Friday!

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Burgers & Fries Unlimited

And our Pink Ladies want to say Happy Halloween.

so the question of the week is!!! what can we do better to serve our customers to make us better? thanks good luck...

we are going to start today. the question of the week!!! on Friday we will pick out a winner to the best answer we like!!! to be the winner you also have to like our page please,,and have shared our question with one friend,,or as many as you would like!!! the winner will get private messaged and announced on our burger page!!! for a gift certificate of $ good luck everyone!!!

Come on out to delicious juicy never frozen burgers and hand cut home made fries just like the fair mmmnm drive past that drive through bring your family to fresh cooked food not food that's already done in a heating cabinet!!

Have you tried our sweet potato fries yet? A lot of our customers try 'em once and don't want anything else!

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It's Friday that's meens it burger and fries night bring the wife the kids your friends. food for everyone!!!! This is a big one I know but we have burgers for big or small we can feed you all!!!so come on down.....let us do all the work!!!

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