Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Ken Livingstone were among a group of at least 15 Labour figures who passed information to the Soviet Union, a former Eastern-bloc agent has claimed.
Witnesses hit out at the behaviour of National Executive Committee (NEC) chairman Andy Kerr after he seized control of a key vote in Leeds yesterday.
Conservative Andrew Bridgen wants the National Crime Agency to use new powers created to crackdown on crime gangs to investigate Labour MP Keith Vaz.
Cllr Christian Wakeford

*** M65 Flooding update***

Attended a cross party meeting with Highways officers and the cabinet member for Highways, County Councillor Keith Iddon to discuss s...everal issues including the flooding of the M65.

Actions that are being taken to mitigate the issue include:

Gully clearing is now on a 6-weekly schedule, which has the scope to be improved if needed
Increasing the size of the gully covers to help prevent these being clogged by leaves and debris during the autumn and winter months
Placing reflective markers above all gullies to help locate these during any instances of flooding

Whilst these are all welcome, a full root cause analysis has also been requested along with inspecting all drains with CCTV to help ensure that there are no blockages

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The Labour leader met the Czech agent at least three times after being vetted by communist handlers in 1986, papers reveal.
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Pendle Conservatives


Pendle Conservative Councillors are launching a bid to break away from Lancashire County C...ouncil and for services to be delivered on a more local level claiming that they feel the huge authority is too distant and doesn’t best serve the people of Pendle.

A Unitary Authority would mean that the functions of both Pendle Borough Council and Lancashire County Council would be carried out by one Council based more locally but would probably need the support of at least one other local Council. It would likely require a strengthening of the Town and Parish Council system too.

Conservative Councillors Paul White and Graham Waugh will present a motion to the Full Council at Pendle next week urging a break away from the County Council.

Deputy Leader of the Conservatives Paul White said “this option would mean less bureaucracy, fewer Councillors, a more joined up approach and a louder voice for Pendle when it comes to things like economic development which is so important but at the moment we’re at the furthest possible point from the Preston-based Economic Partnership. There are clear benefits too for local people for services like Highways being delivered locally. There’d be a greater knowledge and those people would only have one focus rather than competing priorities across the whole County”.

“This isn’t reflective on any one Party, I think it’s something that people in Pendle have felt for a long time and we’re here to represent those people. It’s certainly how I felt when I was a member of the County Council. Local Government is having to rationalise, there are big savings to be made and one way to do that is to have one Council delivering all services rather than two. It will provide the big reset that Local Government needs in this area. At the moment we’re competing across the whole of Lancashire for our priorities but it doesn’t have to be that way”.

“We’re contacting the Leaders of all Political Parties in the East Lancashire to invite them to sit down and investigate the options for a break-away from the County Council”.

Senior Conservative Councillor Graham Waugh added “this is really the start of a conversation with other local Councils to see whether they want to break away, with Labour and the Lib Dems in Pendle to see whether they will support us in this, and with the Secretary of State to see what the parameters would be for such a move. It is likely that a Unitary Authority would need to be bigger than just Pendle, and maybe the size of say Pendle and one other Council together, but this is the start of that conversation to see what options we have to break away from the County Council be that Unitary Authority or otherwise. We’re interested to see what the Secretary of State will say and to hear what other local Councils say”.

“Delivering services on a more local level can only be a positive thing”, he added.

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Momentum, the Jeremy Corbyn supporters’ group, was last night accused of “laundering money” through a front organisation to get round campaign rules and spend up to three times more than the legal limit at last year’s general election.

Momentum, the Jeremy Corbyn supporters’ group, was last night accused of “laundering money” through a front organisation to get round campaign rules and spend up to three times more than the legal...
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Labour want to decide the price of water 💧. John McDonnell has said that Parliament would decide the cost of renationalising the water companies. That means higher prices, more borrowing and higher taxes

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Yesterday our Armed Forces (Flexible Working) Bill became law. Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson explained: "This change will make it significantly easier for service personnel to raise their children, care for elderly relatives, or look after an ill family member."

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This is not right.

If you back free speech, join us:

By Esther McVey, Work and Pensions Secretary
It’s been a month since I was promoted to work and pensions secretary. And what strikes me most on my return to the department is the increased focus and drive on supporting people, not just into work, but on to a career path.
There is no greater example of this than universal credit and the approach to its rollout in job centres across the country.
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County Councillor Andrew Snowden

Fantastic news from Lancashire County Council’s budget meeting today. Where I passionately spoke in favour of this and highlighted Labour’s hypocrisy of complaining about the state of roads given they cut the funding to maintain them when they were in charge!

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Today we made sure UK counter-terrorism policing received an extra £50 million from a £450 million increase in police funding.

What did Labour do today? Voted against it.

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In Parliament, Labour just opposed the legislation that will deliver up to an additional £450 million investment in policing, including £50 million extra for counter-terrorism policing.