Congrats to my good friend Brian Slot and the team at the Calgary Stampede on adding a fabulous new concert venue to the city - the Big Four Roadhouse. And what an amazing launch event it was on their beautiful permanent stage!

Business Edge Media & Corporate Communications is pleased to welcome Michael Dingwall to Business Edge News Magazine's editorial team.

Michael is a skilled writer and a real numbers man. He will be a regular contributor in the areas of real estate, investing and finance.

A certified mortgage associate with Apex Mortgage, Michael will provide insightful commentary on the issues that matter – and will use hard data to back up his opinions.


Michael would be glad to answer any mortgage/real estate/investment questions directly via email ( or phone/text (403 804 4374).

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As regular Shark Tank viewers know, an entrepreneur who won’t listen to feedback is likely to walk away without a deal as one irritated, ultra-high-net-worth investor after another declares, “I’m out.”

Entrepreneurs' openness to feedback may mitigate investors’ concerns that "unrestrained passion will manifest as entrepreneurial ego, rigidity, or resistance to necessary input from the investor, the market, and other key stakeholders," study says.

“Among the 106 global markets tracked by Bloomberg, we are number 105.”

A decade of slumping energy shares is hurting the TSX. Canadian investors need to seek out more tech exposure

While investment in oil and gas globally is increasing to take advantage of higher prices, spending on Canadian oil and natural gas, at $45 billion in 2017, was... down 19 per cent from 2016 and down 46 per cent from 2014.

In the U.S., Canada’s biggest competitor, spending on oil and natural gas last year increased by 38 per cent to US$120 billion.

“It’s taken Canada 150 years to grow its oil and natural gas production to current levels and only eight years for the U.S. to accomplish the same,” McMillan said.

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The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers is calling for a new plan after sustaining such heavy damage energy investors are dumping Canada for Iran and Brazil among other places

Every business needs the best key players. Here are the people you need to have on speed dial.

To accelerate your business in the right direction, there are four key individuals a budding entrepreneur should have on the team.

Congratulations to Mike Wirth on his new position with Chevron! #HireIntelligence

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Mike Wirth joined Chevron in 1982 as a design engineer. Now he’s our new Chairman and CEO. Learn more about Mike:

Happy Valentine's Day!

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"…Employers should always be cognizant of mental health issues in their workplace and be active in accommodating workers who may need support."

A bill to establish a federal framework addressing the symptoms and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a positive step toward awareness of mental health issues faced by first responders, a Toronto employment and human rights lawyer says.

"CIOs have more than their share of concerns keeping them up at night." CIO

From securing IoT to retraining IT talent to finding new revenue streams, CIOs have more than their share of concerns keeping them up at night.

Will your business forecast be the 'lightning before the thunder?' (Imagine Dragons)

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Want to know who the most powerful women in business were in 2017? Here is your answer.

The 19 business leaders on Forbes’ annual list of the Most Powerful Women in the World are driving their companies through social and technological changes such as consumers adopting healthier habits and nations setting ambitious goals for renewable energy.

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What information do you need to make better business decisions?

With all the buzz around dashboards and data analysis, tits obvious that finding a better way to review reports is a priority to many organizational leaders.

Saskatchewan says it will not be joining Alberta in banning the import of British Columbia wines.

In a statement on Facebook, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said that while his province supports Alberta in its fight, he doesn’t think the dispute will be solved by trade measures that have an impact on consumers and private businesses.

A cross-border women's group is urging Canada to support small businesses owned by women.

Cross-border group created after meeting between Justin Trudeau and Ivanka Trump feels 5 per cent of federal contracts should go to small businesses owned by women

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