Sarah Conrad was texting her brother about Christmas plans as she sped down Route 11 at 70 mph on Dec. 20, 2016, charges say.

Up ahead, traffic had stopped for a school bus.

Evening classes are cancelled at Bloomsburg University tonight.

#BUAlert: Due to the winter storm, evening classes (starting at 4:30 p.m. and later) for Wednesday, March 21, 2018 are canceled. Regular schedule resumes tomorrow.

The president may invoke one of the following three options: Highlighted copy is how the message will be stated in news announcements.

It was his job to ensure that the man was staying out of trouble. Instead, police say the longtime state parole officer took narcotic painkillers from a parolee he was supervising last year.

A teenager testified in court Monday that a former Geisinger doctor “stuck his tongue down my throat like I wasn’t even a human being.”

Police are looking for YOUR help to identify the driver in a hit and run that injured a teenage girl early Sunday morning.

BLOOMSBURG — A 17-year-old girl suffered a head injury when she was hit by an SUV here early this morning, and police are looking for help to identify and locate the driver, they say.The silver or grey Ford SUV or Crossover hit the teen with enough force to break off the passenger side mirror, sai...

There are days I miss covering Southern Columbia, and this is definitely one of them. 😂😂😂 #OutweighBarbarianBecker #FightHunger Bring on the livestock scale, Tresa!

Police are sending extra officers to Berwick schools after someone threatened the middle school - even though they say the threat appears to be part of a nationwide hoax.…/extra-police-guard-b…

BERWICK - Extra police officers are guarding Berwick Area School District schools today after school officials learned about a threat to the middle school - even though police say it appears to be part of a nationwide hoax.Superintendent Wayne Brookhart said the district was notifiying parents early...

When postal worker Heath Walker started delivering mail here about seven years ago, the post office received a strange phone call: A resident identifying himsel...f as a “concerned” citizen said he feared Walker had beaten up the postal worker who regularly worked the route, stole the man’s uniform and began delivering the mail.

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ICYMI -A Bloomsburg University professor was arrested last week after staff allegedly found pornographic pictures of little girls on his office computer.

The night Bonnie Fulop was allegedly drunk and disorderly at the Good Old Days bar, her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Town Mayor Eric Bower, was called to take her home. Instead, Fulop, 31, was arrested and jailed.

A Bloomsburg University sophomore used social media to fire off a racial slur in response to revelry in town Sunday after the Eagles' Super Bowl win.

BLOOMSBURG — A Bloomsburg University sophomore used social media to fire off a racial slur in response to revelry in town Sunday after the Eagles’ Super...

Fresh off their first Super Bowl title, the Philadelphia Eagles arrived home to a hero’s welcome Monday afternoon, hours after overjoyed fans mobbed the streets in a sometimes unruly victory celebration nearly 60 years in the making.

That first comment pretty much sums up why we need to have this conversation.

“Don’t walk past the fountain." It’s a saying among minority students at Bloomsburg University, passed down from upperclassmen to freshmen who have just arrived in town. A warning. Now one student wants to have a talk with the townspeople.

Shortly after the Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Bowl last night, police converged on Bloomsburg to manage the revelry.

BLOOMSBURG — Police converged on the downtown to quell rowdiness that broke out shortly after the Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Bowl late Sunday.Reports of snowball-throwing people, including at least one in an Eagles jersey, had town officers calling for cars from around the county, i...

The annual Block Party drinking bash? It's “a disaster for the University” according to a new assessment of Bloomsburg University’s Greek organizations.

It’s been four years since a fire ravaged the Moose Exchange on West Main Street in downtown Bloomsburg, but officials are optimistic that the historic structure can still be revived.

Reporters love documents. Exhibit A - Now you can find out what $100,000 buys for the presidential home at Bloomsburg University.

A new dining room table with chairs: $19,426. A new Samsung TV: $1,569. An antique 19th century “table with birdcage”: $695. Bloomsburg University spent nearly $100,000 cleaning, refurbishing, and furnishing the president’s home last year, according to bills and receipts.