How do you play?
MULTI-PLAYER - Games Bring us Together - GEEK WEEK - Polaris
MULTI-PLAYER - Games Bring us Together - GEEK WEEK - Polaris

It's a question that suggest choice
and video games give us just that.

Albert Einstein once said that play is
the highest form of research


a chance to discover who we are
or may be who we want to become

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Posted by Bytecus
Let's make WoW feel like more of an Action RPG? Why? Eh, it's fun and interesting - perfect for an Allied Race run. Article Link:

I liked a @YouTube video Violence In Videogames, Wankers In The White House (The Jimquisition)

Retweeted Kan Gao (@Reives_Freebird):

Wait a... did a To the Moon track get ripped into an official song by a reputable artist...?
Song (released Dec. 2017):
Having Lived (from TtM, released 2011):

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We moved into new offices, but this wall has been left open for a few weeks now. I knew what I had to do.

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Super Seducer is still the worst game ever. Hitting that "like" button will net you tons of karma breh'. Join my Discord community!

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GPD WIN2 Manufacture Schedule has been released. We estimate optimistically some backers will get the WIN 2 by the end of April. Now support our campaign, you will get WIN 2 one month later! Just Do it! 😍

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In the first episode of @CheckPointOrg's new web series, Dr. Jennifer Hazel introduces the basics of mental health and therapy with the help of some game industry friends.

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