Guys, don't forget the Men's Breakfast this Saturday, February 10th at 7:30 am in room 216! Also, if you aren't receiving the Men's Community Newsletter, be sure to sign up!

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Al White
· September 26, 2016
We have been attending CCC since January of this year. I have served as a pastor for 37 years, so that provides me with a bit of a different perspective of the local church. It was soon evident that C...CC was very different, in a great way. Their emphasis isnt on the programming and the staff, but on connecting their people to each other in community, helping them become better followers of Jesus. It is a local church of all age groups, many ethnicities - all sorts of people. They don't have a constant emphasis upon giving to support their ministries, but continue to encourage people to grow, to connect, and to serve - knowing that giving and support will follow. We have found several places to serve, and we're connected to a great small group.
I'd highly recommend CCC for all the right reasons of what a church should be!
Al and Pam White
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Wendy Mandrell Foster
· July 11, 2017
Amazing children's ministry where our children are loved, safe, and welcomed! They are taught God's Word and learn to how to worship Him their way. They laugh and play together - even at church! Tha...nks for supporting our family in our efforts to raise children who know, love, and follow Jesus. See More
Yvette M. Krauth
· August 20, 2017
Such sweet, Godly folk here at the "Women's Clothing Swap!" I had so much fun and met wonderful ladies! I will be back for a worship service very soon .
God bless you all
Don Goodwin
· July 29, 2017
I have been a member of CCC since May 1991 and love coming back every Sunday to be fed & taught the word of God.
Abby Nease Sipe
· December 18, 2016
When we first began to attend, I was overwhelmed at the size of it. That was quickly remedied after plugging into various Bible studies and attending a few events. The pastor focuses on biblical teach...ings and he teaches about God's word rather than preaching, per say. Thankful for this congregation of amazing people. See More
Pam Gilley
· February 22, 2015
I love this church, been going for a couple of months now. Love the small group that I am involved in. Just the kind of church I was looking for. They are warm and friendly.Looking for a church to go then CCC is just the right one See More
Paul Shinn
· February 11, 2016
My family and I have been going to CCC for 11 years now (yes I'm old).

In the last 5-6 I have been involved in small groups, bible studies and biblical financial studies. I find that CCC is an extens...ion of my home. When you find a place like this you want to give back. How? By finding out what your spiritual gifts are and honing those skills for Gods work. It's not about me!

To know God and to make him Known!
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Dennis Seale
· May 1, 2017
Beautiful church, wonderful baptismal service, Spirit moved good place to worship and praise the Lord.
John Woodall
· November 19, 2014
Really enjoy the bible studies. Appreciative of those serving in the children's ministry as well.
Ilene Blair
· October 29, 2014
This is what I want in a church I am thinking about going here
Jessica Dobbins
· April 5, 2015
First time being here.. It was good.. I was a little lost but I figured it out...
Tori Norman
· October 16, 2016
Great messages
Come connect contribute
Love love this church.
April Whitson
· August 2, 2014
Christ center teaching
This is the week that His Little Feet children's choir arrives! We are so excited to see them as they arrive on Friday and then as they minister during both our 9 and 10:30 services on Sunday, May 14! You can go to their FB page and like/ follow them also! Precious children from all over God's world.....
Dancing with worship dancer Kimberly Hoffman at Music and Drama camp Wednesday!
Who else was blessed yesterday by His Little Feet's performance?!? 🙌🏻