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Aaron Jones
· May 6, 2018
Meanwhile in Utah, another Utah Attorney General comes out as a cartoonsh LDScorp clown.

A story about Utah's "top cock" defending Facebook censorship in Utah, with his civil rights department....

Comes a story of a Shambolic Attorney General's office, in Utah, using it's "civil rights" section to defend favebook censorship by the states Veterans department, it's Lt. Government Spencer Cox and it's own Attorney General's staff. They made a judicial record of admission. They admitted to censoring me for six years. They did so in a court record in the 10th District Federal court (doc 38).

Utah's LDScorp stooges: "it's gone on so long it no longer matters" - state executive counsel for Utah's top cock.

The Civil Rights section of the Attorney General's office, argued that because it's gone on for so long, relief shouldn't be granted because it would "upset the status quo".

While I self paid my way into Afghanistan nine times -- as an already service connected injured veteran, Utah's AG and most of the LDScorp stooges, went on a stooge missions for thier private religious order.

Reyes as Utah's top cock, continues to defend six years of viewpoint censorship on thier Facebook site. Rule of law or rule of louses? This top cock and former Bishop is a loser.

Utah's LDScorp stooge, Sean D. Reyes, everyone!

While we are free to delete someone's comments, on a private page..., A page that is a "designated public forum" e.g., the Utah Attorney General's Facebook site--our AG is defending censorship on the Utah Attorney General's designated public forum.
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Brian Nordberg
· February 14, 2018
City has a lot of potential, but it is wasted by the commercial feel and traffic congestion. The city has too many areas without sidewalks and pedestrians are definitely not welcome. Police are heavy ...handed and patrol as if it has a serious crime problem. Neighbors and citizens are great, but the City itself has a crumbling infrastructure and obvious management problems. See More
Alexis Bard
· October 14, 2017
After 8-9 police vehicles engaged in a high speed chase in my neighborhood this past Thursday right as school was letting out, putting many children’s lives in danger, I filed numerous complaints. I h...ave been treated horribly by the sergeants who returned my calls. I have tried to communicate the danger that they put these children in, in hopes of effecting some change. I’ve been met with personal insults, defensive, dishonest comments about the incident, and an overall desire to hide what actually happened. I have recorded nearly all of my telephone correspondence with the CHPD regarding this matter. My last contact was with a lieutenant who inadvertently admitted to the high rate of speed, in excess of 80 mph through our neighborhood. When I made him aware of the fact that I was documenting our conversation and asked to speak with his captain, he threatened me; indicating I would not be permitted to discuss this incident with anyone other than himself and that if I should call again; everyone at CHPD had been made aware that I was not permitted to talk with anyone other than him.
I am shocked to say the least. I am a concerned mother simply trying to protect the lives of the nearly 2 dozen children that walk home from elementary school every day in this area. Yet I am met with such hateful, hurtful, arrogant, beyond reproach CYA behavior. That an officer would consider himself and his behavior of greater importance than the life of an innocent child is abhorrent.
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Yumi Memmott
· February 19, 2018
They usually do the snow plow pretty good and I was actually quite happy last time they did it. However today's snow plow was awful. Yeah the middle of the street seems great it's plowed. All the snow... were piled up on in front of everybody's drive way. Both south facing and North facing side. Since we live by the mountain those piled up snow doesn't melt much if they're on the north side of the street they become a big ice wall, say in front of our drive way. I was pissed. I saw my neighbor shoveling so they can get out of their drive way. I understand today is a holiday and all day thing since it's still snowing. However please do things right. I know they can do much better. My husband shoveled to break all the piled up snow in front of our drive way to avoid ice wall by tomorrow morning. I know they may come snow plow again but please do not pile up in front of our drive way again we WORKED SO HARD TO GED RID OF THEM!
I do appreciate our snow plow service. However I also just had to voice what just happened today and this issue is always in my mind every year around this time. Thanks,
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Elizabeth Eve King
· September 10, 2017
Cottonwood Heights has expanded the road to connect to Little Cottonwood Canyon. The road has become a major thoroughfare. Or backyard sounds like a freeway.
This year they are allowing dozens of new to be built.
In order to accommodate the increase in traffic and thousands of cars, Cottonwood Heights insisted that the development broaden the road and put in turning lanes.
Sitting in our back yard has become akin to hanging out on a freeway.
We have requested that Cottonwood Height take care of its residents rather than selling off our lovely wooded groves to for the highest price. We have asked them to help us pay for a sound wall. The noise is currently untenable and it’s going to get worse.
Cottonwood Heights refused to even listen to our request. They say it would “establish a precedent,” of taking care of their residents rather than trying to make as much money as possible.
Why didn’t they make putting in a sound wall for the current residents’ part of that deal?
Instead they purchased a lovely new city hall and fancy police cars, completely ignoring the concerns of residents who have lived here for years.
This is wrong.
I am disgusted by their greed and lack of concern for the residents they are supposed to be serving.
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Nate Braack
· January 3, 2018
This is the best City I have ever lived in, Best location to everything you ever dreamed!

The police and fire departments are the best in state. They are all out there to serve and to help.
Steve Duran
· May 7, 2018
Great City! I hope you find a different place to cut the budget without endangering lives. Firefighters and police are already running with minimum coverage as is.
Barbara Hood
· January 21, 2017
The most terrible management in Salt Lake City. Don't expect good service in Cottonwood heights, high taxes but not much in return. Terrible snow clearing, terrible maintenance, or actually NO maint...enance of parks and sidewalks in the winter. Do you realize people go walking even in the winter?? We don't get rid of our dogs in the winter!! I have to go to Sandy, or Murray, or along the Jordan, when I go for a walk, as they keep their parks and trails plowed. Shame on you. And just putting up a sign that proudly declares "park not maintained" wouldn't spare you from getting sued if someone got hurt. See More
Valerie Strasburger Jensen
· June 21, 2016
We're stuck living here for another 2-3 months because of a lease. We will be moving as soon as possible and taking our family owned business with us because Cottonwood Heights City is not small busin...ess friendly. At every turn we've had problems that shouldn't be problems. They seem to pick and choose what to enforce and whom to enforce it on. After reading other reviews about corruption, that really seems to fit. It's unfortunate because we like the area for other reasons but we won't tolerate being targeted the way we have been. In talking with other business owners in our immediate area they have said the same thing. It's really too bad. Hopefully we'll be able to find another place that is more conducive to our business and family. See More
Cindy Leatherbury Grange
· January 13, 2017
So not impressed with the removal of Christmas Trees this year. We have gone through 3 garbage days since Christmas and the trees on our street remain. During the winds last week they were blowing ...all over the streets.
I called to complain, of course the city contracts with the waste removal company, the waste removal company has 82,000 customers to service so they take no responsibility, so as usual with CH no one is responsible.
. If you are contracting with a company that is unable to do the job, find a new company. I have lived here for 26 years, we have never had the trees laying out front for so long. Really disappointed, in not only the lack of service, but the general disregard voiced by the receptionist at CH.
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Roger W Knox
· October 14, 2015
The group of politicians and police thugs that run this insignificant little hamlet next to the majestic Wasatch should be ashamed of themselves. From bullying the patrons and employees of the Canyon... Inn to citing an old man for simply enjoying his life by dancing in the streets, one has absolutely no respect for this village and their archaic policies. (I certainly only mean the chpd and the politician that leads 'em). Freaking boo!!!! Best part about driving through C Heights? The rear view mirror. a**hole central. See More
Winter Michelle
· August 22, 2017
The police force is abusive and corrupt. If you look further into where the police officers come from they are all from other cities that fired them for corruption and thinking they are above the la...w. I will never live in that city again, I won't even drive through there city. They deserve a negative star in my book!! See More
Kelly Colby Naylor
· July 14, 2015
I absolutely love living in Cottonwood heights. People are so friendly. We have a great park, with a great splash pad. They make ever effort to make sure our city is safe, for example make the choice close down the slide to prevent kids from getting burned. I have also have great experience with have to call for emergency help, they responded quickly and for efficient and very kind and helpful. Again I love my city! See More
Chavez J Chavez
· December 14, 2015
We had to stay home from work today.. My patrol car would not move, due to the amount of snow in our circle. Melissa had to stay home too because our explorer 4X4 could not get out of the circle. It's... almost 7pm and our street has not yet been plowed. I knew I would be paying higher property taxes living in CH but I also figured they would take care of their citizens.. Thanks Mayor, I bet your street is plowed.******* it's now 2130 hours and still, my street is not plowed***** See More
DerekandNesha Smith
· January 2, 2017
Thanks Cottonwood Heights for towing my vehicle this morning! Way to selectively enforce the code prohibiting parking on the street after its snows. Im glad I was one of the lucky ones and not the hundreds of cars parked on the road. They didn't bother the one in the background or others down the street. Awesome that they didn't actually even plow our street! There was snow on the ground and therefore could be used as a justification for towing. The citing officer said "well there are only a few tow trucks, would it make you feel better if we towed all of the other cars". What a great guy! Harassing us law abiding citizens on a technicality. I am looking into the suit citing the poor to non existent snow plowing services for the last 3 years on grounds of lack of service affected public safety. As far as what I can do now its only a nominal 200+ fee for the tow job! yeah! So beware if it snows while your sleeping you may wake up to a missing car! : )

PS: I will have a legal advisor review Cottonwood Heights city code 11.20.030 subsection C to see if we have legal options. I also will ask for a review of policy if towing is appropriate without notification.
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KenandLorena Cowley
· December 14, 2015
We have lived here for 37 years and have never seen such poor street snow removal. But the thing that is much more upsetting is that our City officials seem to be trying to say that "... It seems t...o be working better ..." ! They will never fix the problems if they
are in denial!!!
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Michelle Lewis
· December 17, 2016
I'm glad our outrageous taxes have purchased several snow plows that seem to be nonexistent. My street wasn't plowed until 6pm yesterday. Many of my neighbors had to abandon their cars and walk home. ... We have yet to see a plow today, so I probably won't make it to work. For all of the complaints we had about Terracare, it was better than this. At least they were afraid of being fired, so they put forth effort when complaints were made. Now, we have no recourse. So, our taxes will continue to go up and we will have pretty new buildings, but still can't leave our houses in the winter. I hope you guys can get it together. See More
Jon Doh
· December 17, 2016
Although I'm not real happy with the management of Cottonwood Heights in general, I must compliment our new snow removal crew. They are doing a far better job in our area than Terra Care did. I was of the first, and loudest critics of Terra Care when they first started doing our snow removal. My praise and compliments go to the new crew. Thanks. ☆ However, I realize that other people are not as happy with it. It just proves that you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time. Unfortunately, we will probably have to raise taxes in order for them to provide better snow removal for everyone. And no one likes higher taxes. ☆ Something else has occurred to me, which is that as long as people continue to post bad reviews, the crew may very well decide that there isn't much use in trying to do their best, when people leave irrational, snyde remarks about how lousy of a job they are doing. (Which certainly isn't to say that I don't understand and appreciate their disappointment). ~ As they say, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". You don't have to like it. Just don't criticize it via social media. Regardless of what inexperienced people might think, plowing streets is not an easy job. Especially when there are so many streets, in all different directions. Irrational hyperbole certainly doesn't help. If you have a problem, the only thing that (may) help is calling the city about it. ☆ To the crew : Thanks for working on Christmas Day, and for doing a great job, (at least) in my area.*
* And btw, I DON'T live in an upper class neighborhood.
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Penny Lily
· December 14, 2015
December 2016 update:
I called again. It is 8:30 p.m. Christmas night. Absolutely no chance of seeing any family today. I got the answering service again. That is as far as our phone calls are I was told someone would call me back hours ago. NOPE!!!! I was just told that someone will call me back soon and that my message is marked urgent. I can hardly wait to find out what urgent means to whomever can part the clouds and have my street cleaned.

Well it been 24 hours since there were 4 inches of snow on the ground. Still now snow plow. I did call the City's hot line and got a very nice young lady who said she would take a message and have them call me to let me know when they would be by my house. Yeah, that was 6 hours ago. NO show No Phone call.

See my updated review in the replies to this to this review. Trapped on Christmas day 2016. Missed Christmas with my family. Lots of snow but no slow plows. :(

This was my 2015 Review:
I have lived in Cottonwood Heights for nearly 30 years. Emergency services are top notch. Love our police force. I thought about moving due to higher taxes but then checked out other cities and decided paying a little more in taxes is worth what we get here. Also I am very happy with the Public Works Department. Every time there has been a problem they have resolved it pronto. When this area was under the County jurisdiction there was a long wait time before repairs were made in my neighborhood to the public way. (literally, like a year) Even then it took a lot of effort on my part to get the county to do anything. Now just a quick phone call and problems are resolved. If you do not like living in Cottonwood Heights may I suggest you move to another city where the taxes are lower but the crime is higher and the deterioration of the Public way is noticeable. To be honest this is the best city in the valley. That is the reason our property values are where they are. We live here because we can afford to and we don't want to live somewhere else.
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Shelley Hansen Croft
· December 14, 2015
I love Cottonwood Heights but the snow removal is beyond pathetic. Hoping for a light winter is not a successful strategy. Drop Terra Care and reconnect with the county on this one. There are plenty o...f things Cottonwood Heights does well but admit to the weak performance of your contractor and move on. The point of hiring a private contractor is to reduce costs and improve responsiveness. Strike one, strike two and strike three, it's been more than 24 hrs and my "high priority" street has yet to see a plow. Your hotline is a place messages go to die. A hotline implies a person will answer and be responsive not a full message box. Big fail on this one. See More
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In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals needing special accommodations or assistance during this meeting shall notify Paula Melgar, City Recorder, at 801-944-7021 at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. If you would like to submit written comments on any agenda item they....