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The LORD taketh my part with them that help me: therefore shall I see my desire upon them that hate me.
Psalm 118:7.

Jesus took a boat from this Nazareth to this Village?


Jerusalem's Old City will once again host the Light in Jerusalem Festival from June 3-11, 2015. This year, ten international and several local light artists will present spectacular 3-D light exhibits, sculptures and video projections. Live performances, exhibits and tours will also be offered. The festival is expected to attract more than 250,000 visitors to the Old City throughout the week-long festival.

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"But he was pierced for our sins, crushed for our iniquity. He bore the punishment that makes us whole, by his wounds we were healed."Isaiah 53:4



Holy Monday, 30th March 2015:
At the V. Station of the Way of the Cross
6.00 Masses in different languages until 8.00.

In the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher
7.00 Parish mass on Calvary
8.00 Daily solemn mass at the Holy Tomb
17.00 Daily procession

Holy Tuesday, 31st March 2015:
At the Flagellation Convent
8.00 Solemn mass with singing of the Passion

In the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher
8.00 Solemn mass with singing of the Passion
17.00 Daily procession

Holy Wednesday, 1st April 2015:
In the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher
8.00 Solemn mass with singing of the Passion
10.00 Veneration of the Flagellation Column throughout the day in the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament
16.00 Tenebrae Service

In the Gethsemane - Basilica of the Agony
8.00 Solemn mass with singing of the Passion

Holy Thursday, 2nd April 2015:
In the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher
8:00 Pontifical mass with the Washing of the Feet celebrated by the Latin Patriarch and procession
Note: Soon after the service (12:00 noon) the Basilica doors are closed. No entry or exit after the doors are closed.
14:45 The Basilica doors open, and close shortly afterwards. Service. Exit after service (at 18:00). The Basilica remains closed for the rest of the day.

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Oops! Jesus’ Last Steps Are in the Wrong Place
The discovery of the site where he was sentenced to die confirms that pilgrims are off course in Jerusalem.
Archeologists may have uncovered the site of the trial of Jesus. While excavating the floors underneath an abandoned building next to the Tower of David museum in Jerusalem, archeologists came across the foundation walls and sewage system that lay beneath Herod the Great’s Jerusalem palace.

According to scholars, this is mo...

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And it came to pass after many days, that the LORD said unto me, Arise, go to Euphrates, and take the girdle from thence, which I commanded thee to hide there.
Jeremiah 13:6.

Dear Friends,
We are pleased that a ceasefire came into effect on Tuesday evening, August 26 and are happy to inform you that everyday life is returning to normal. The vacation season is in full swing and currently there are thousands of overseas tourists enjoying the attractions, weather and surroundings throughout Israel. Groups and individuals arrive daily and they feel safe and enjoy themselves, according to their testimonials.

The Ben Gurion Airport is open and has been... operating nonstop. The Israeli Airlines and foreign carriers have maintained their regular flight schedules to and from Israel.

Tourism sites, museums, holy places, attractions and night life are open and operating. Outdoor festivals are taking place as are concerts by foreign performers.

The Directors and staff of the Israel Government Tourism Offices will be happy to assist you. To find the closest office in your area please check the site:

Senior Deputy Director General &
Head of the Marketing Administration

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St. Catherine’s, which is believed to be the oldest continually occupied monastery in the world, is home to a community of about twenty Greek Orthodox monks. Visitors enter through massive stone walls built in the sixth century to protect the monastery from attack. Winding through a narrow passageway, they enter the Basilica of the Transfiguration, which dates back to AD 527 when the Emperor Justinian ordered that a church be built here on the remains of an even older chapel.... Inside, Byzantine icons line the church’s walls and an ornate icon screen separates the altar from the sanctuary. The atmosphere here is serene and hushed, providing a welcome respite from the large crowds that often fill the monastery enclosure.

After leaving the church, pilgrims can see a huge evergreen bush that overhangs an adjacent walkway. Tradition says that the plant is descended from the Burning Bush from which the voice of God spoke to Moses. In a custom followed by many generations of pilgrims, people stand on tiptoes to touch one of its overhanging branches. Visitors also can tour the monastery’s library, whose collection of ancient manuscripts and icons is second only to the Vatican’s in importance.
Though St. Catherine’s is one of the world’s most-treasured religious landmarks, in many ways the landscape that lies outside its walls is an even more powerful draw. Above the monastery loom a set of peaks that over the millennia have been hallowed by the prayers of countless penitents and pilgrims. The most famous is Mt. Sinai (also known as Mt. Moses), where Moses is said to have spent forty days and nights before receiving the Ten Commandments. Many pilgrims walk the route at night so that they can see the sunrise from its peak, while others take a camel ride for at least part of the journey.
Even a short walk in this dramatic landscape evokes a sense of awe in visitors. In this fierce landscape, devoid of creature comforts and harshly baked by the sun, it’s possible to feel a kinship to the desert pilgrims of long ago. In the silence here, God’s voice speaks louder than almost any place on earth.

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July 23, 2014


Haim pic
On Monday, the U.S. State Department advised American citizens to consider deferring non-essential travel to Israel as a result of Operation Protective Edge, our current military engagement with Hamas in Gaza. Please know that tourism is continuing, and hotels, restaurants, tourist sites and holy places are open as usual. And it is important to understand that no ban has been proposed, but the State Department has urged Americans to "consider" the situation.

Yesterday, the FAA imposed a 24-hour embargo on U.S. airlines' flights to Israel, and several European airlines have followed suit. Please know, however, that flights by British Airways, El Al Israel Airlines, Arkia Israel Airlines and Israir are continuing as scheduled. Indeed, we expect all Israeli airlines to add additional flights to absorb passengers from cancelled flights.

Please know that life in Israel, and tourism to Israel, goes on and we welcome all visitors in peace. Some 75,000 tourists are in the country, and their travel arrangements are proceeding as planned.

We foresee the current conflict ending soon - and that all will return speedily to normal.

The Ministry of Tourism in North and South America is at your service to respond to inquiries, concerns, and to restoring "business as usual" very soon.

Haim Gutin

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American tourism to Israel is still in full swing despite the current situation in our part of the world. Last month, 16% more Americans visited Israel than in June 2013, and the first six months of 2014 are showing a 15% increase in American tourism to Israel, with 460,000 visitors from the Americas, an all-time record.

Despite the headlines about the present tensions in the country, life and tour...ism are continuing pretty much normally, with visitors touring as usual and with more than 120,000 visitors currently in Israel. Flights are operating normally in and out of Ben Gurion International Airport, with some 90 airlines connecting Israel with the rest of the world. Flights from the U.S. are arriving full and flights to the U.S. leaving with empty seats.


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July 16, 2014
Re : Events in Israel
In reply to questions regarding tourist arrivals to Israel, we recommend noting the following points.
Headlines about Operation Protective Edge can be alarming, but the reality is that:
Currently there are more than 100,000 overseas tourists traveling, enjoying the attractions, weather and surroundings throughout Israel. Yes, there are cancellations, but groups continue to arrive daily and they feel safe and enjoy themselves, according to ...their testimonials.

Flights by some 90 airlines in and out of Israel are operating as normal. Ben Gurion Airport takes extra precautions to guarantee the safety of all passengers onboard aircraft upon approach and departure from Israel, thus the slight delays in the timetable.

Tourism sites, museums, holy places and attractions are open and operating.

The Ministry of Tourism is in contact with all relevant authorities to answer all questions which may arise.
For more detailed information please contact the Israel Government Tourism Office in your area. A list of the Offices is located in the site:

Welcome to Israel.

Oren Drori
Senior Deputy Director General & Head of the
Marketing Administration

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Close has published an article on Tel Aviv's Best Restaurants, which may be of interest to your clients traveling Israel. Please find the link to the article below. And, if clients prefer to hit the beach, in Jerusalem, never say it can’t be done. Please scroll down to see how Israel brings the beach to Jerusalem

Tel Aviv's 10 Best Cultural Restaurants: Great Middle Eastern Eats

cid:image001.jpg@01CF91E3.6FBE4D20An incredibly diverse and culturally fascinating c...ity, Tel Aviv also boasts a rich culinary culture, which combines a great number of influences from Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. But picking the right place to eat is easy with our curated guide to the best cultural restaurants in Tel Aviv.

Read the full article at The Culture Trip>>

You can also read more about Israel at; a one stop guide to the best of every country’s art, culture, food and travel, currently visited by 400,000 people per month.

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New York - June 25, 2014: More than just an ancient city filled with religious sites and historic attractions, Jerusalem offers a diverse collection of contemporary art, dance, music and cultural events this summer as part of its annual Calendar of Culture 2014, including:

Contact Point (July 10), featuring a series of specially commissioned exhibitions and artworks, including an inflatable elephant in Israel Museum's Art Garden, a massive "Big Bambu" installation, a "crawlin...

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Hip-hop artist and YouTube sensation Eppic, who recently spent a week in Israel filming with Israel’s "The Voice" stars Rudy Beinsin and Daniella Milo, has just released the music video entitled "Home” . It can be viewed here:

The music video and Eppic’s tour (iMIX) are the initiative of students from Bar Ilan University who are part of the Israel Fellowship program run by StandWithUs, a thirteen year-old, international Israel education organization dedicated to educating people around the world about Israel.

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Click to tweet: I'm excited to finally share this video with you guys! I was given the opportunity to fly out to Israel near the end of l...





New York - June 12, 2014: A record-breaking 32% more Americans arrived in Israel in May 2014 than in May 2013, says Haim Gutin, Consul and Israel Tourism Commissioner, North and South America. Overall, U.S. tourism to Israel is up 14% for the five-month period, January-May.

2013 was the best year ever for tourism to Israel, with close to 4 million visitors. Worldwide tourism to Israel was up 17% in May 2014 over May 2013.

"Frankly, an increase of 32% is staggering--it's the largest monthly increase in U.S. tourism to Israel that I can recall," said Gutin. "What it means is that Israel is experiencing a phenomenal increase in general market tourism from the United States. An increase of these proportions is proof positive that the Ministry of Tourism's U.S. promotional efforts in terms of public relations, marketing, social media and advertising are succeeding."

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