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Did you know that 10% of Cancer Patients: Persistent Opioid Use After Surgery? #CutPoisonBurn #facts

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Lung cancer continues to be the leading cause of cancer death in South Australian men (20.5 per cent) and women (17 per cent) #CutPosionBurn


Breast cancer remains the most reported cancer in women, accounting for 30.7 percent of all cancers. #CutPosionBurn

A large-scale study of 600,000+ people has shown that long-term aspirin use may significantly reduce the incidence of types of cancers. #CPB

ONE cancer patient, from diagnosis to death is typically worth $350,000 & in some cases, over $1,000,000, to the lucrative cancer industry.

Despite over $2.7 trillion spent on research and treatment, 14,800,000 Americans have died from cancer since 1971.

ONE cancer patient, from diagnosis to death is typically worth $350,000 & in some cases, over $1,000,000, to the lucrative cancer industry.

With an initial appointment of $1.6 billion for the first 3 years alone, the program shouldn't have failed – but it has.

A silent epidemic of cancer is spreading among men, in the neck and there are so few specialists in the head and neck region.

Have you ever thought about alternative ways to face cancer treatment? #CutPoisonBurn

The war on cancer isn't over, but tips to help patients are always out there. #CutPoisonBurnMovie…/immune-therapies-take-cente…

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Sharon Hansen

Prayer Warriors! Greg Comer has battled cancer for almost 7 yrs. The doctors are giving him only days to live. Greg is 41, married & has 2 children, Jacob 11 & ...Alyssa 7. Jacob has asked his Mom for a special request, for everyone to pray for a miracle for his daddy. He wants a prayer chain across the world. Please pray for Greg and help start this prayer chain across the world for Jacob.
Copy & re-post, and add your city and state before posting in order to keep prayer chain going.
Bayou Vista, La
Flower Mound, TX
Bethpage Tn
Gallatin Tn
Shiro, TX
Magnolia, TX
Bismarck North Dakota
Conroe, TX
Pensacola fla
Houston tx
San Marcos Texas
San Antonio Texas
San Antonio, Tx.🙏🏼
Caldwell. Tx.
Cuero, Tx
Grand Junction, Co
Austin, Tx
Amarillo, TX
Canyon, Texas
Stinnett Texas
Bixby, Oklahoma
Bixby, Oklahoma
Bixby, Oklahoma
Coweta, Oklahoma
Broken Arrow, OK
Norman, OK
Iron River, WI
Clearlake oaks, CA;
Denton, TX ,
Falls of Rough Ky
Lodi, Ca
Carbon Cliff, Il
Johnstown, OH
Fort Worth, Tx
Mexia, TX
Rochester Hills, Mi
Pontiac, Mi
Clare mi.
Reed City, MI
Gladwin, MI
Virginia Beach, VA
Pueblo, CO
Longmont, CO
Midland, TX
Saucier, MS
Camp Wood, Texas
Ocala, FL
Lake City, Fl.
Hamlin, NY.
Karn - Texas
Redding, Ca
Gulf Shores, Al
Prosper, Tx
Mathis, Tx
Odem, Tx
Seguin, Tx
New Braunfels, TX
Lake Charles, LA
Weatherford, TX
Springtown, TX
Arlington, TX
Stephenville, TX
Ranger TX
Andrews Tx
Guin, Al
Walker, La. Franklin, La.
Franklin, La.
Covington, LA
Franklin Strong, Louisiana🙏 Belle River, La.
Pine Prairie, La.
Crooked Creek, La.
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R Ann Clark Powers
R Ann Clark Powers Praying
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Fatima Istomina
Fatima Istomina Молитва из России.
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Deborah Thompson
Deborah Thompson Prayers
Logan, Ohio
Pontiac, IL
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In last week’s article (Cancer, the disease is half the battle) I shared information and reports on the statistics, rates and conventional treatments and their efficacy.

With a saddened heart, Benjamin has lost his fight. My heart and prayers go out to this family. Please send your prayers to them for peace.

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Little Chloe Fogliaro dodged a rare genetic condition at birth only to be struck down by an aggressive brain tumour. Her Melbourne-based family are desperate to get her treatment abroad.