It has been far too long, have a bit of time this weekend, so lets stream! Chasing them #PUBG chicken dinners! come say hi

Lets get dem chicken dinners!

Alright, have really been slacking on my social medias... If you get this, please help me get affiliate twitch status! Follow/check out some of my streams if your available! Lets go win!!!! giveaways all day today for each win.


PUBG Gamble time! Use my referral for a free roulette spin!

We did it boys!

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Time for a good Sunday of streaming! Between #overwatch and #PUBG Going to keep music rolling, who needs footsteps?

Start with some OW, then moving on to #QuakeChampions . Quake closed beta giveaway tonight! Tune in #giveaway

Shoot em up!

MASSIVE lose spree yesterday. Can we recover? Come help me

Going live! Lets get some wins plz.

Ranks are so broken in OW right now. Season 3 wrecked it. Now plat/diamonds are floating in master and GM insta locking dps.... sigh

Happy Friday! Lets goooooo

Widowmaker today baby! Live soon!

Happy Friday! Lets go kill the enemies!

Going live soon.... Hope for some wins cause we playing the same song until GM! (chill music while we wait!)

Torture... Same song until GM folks wish me luck!

The journey continues with Ghost Recon Wildlands! Extreme gameplay coming up!

Going for that GM, then off to play widow for the remainder of season!

Widowmaker tonight!