Bruce Cooper
“Life beats down and imprisons the soul and art reminds you that you have one.”

— Stella Adler

Adobe always playing with the setup 🙄

Matt Kloskowski

Big news in the Lightroom Community. In the video below, I go over the new changes in the latest version of Lightroom. But Adobe also changed the name of Lightr...oom to Lightroom Classic, and released a whole new program that's now called Lightroom CC. You can ready about it more over on my website:

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Posts - Save Give Learn Create - repeat

Sara was sold as a sexual slave by her own mother when she was just 15 years old. She lost her virginity to a stranger. She was forced to do unimaginable things..., all with tears in her eyes. This kind of thing happens every single day—to children. These are human lives and they deserve better. Sara was saved from sexual slavery, thanks to The Exodus Road, an organization that provides support for interventions and rescues by providing covert gear, technology, resources, and staff to support local authorities in freeing and caring for victims like Sara.

The Exodus Road is one of the charities the photography community has gotten together to raise money for through this year’s Complete Photography Bundle by 5DayDeal. The goal is to raise $200,000 for charity in 5 days. Please take the time to check out the other charities, find out how you can help, and consider joining the cause.

By investing in yourself—your art and your work—you are doing so much more. You are investing in a child’s freedom!

If you’re not able to help this year, we understand, but please do your part and share this with your network to help us make the #5DayDifference goal!

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Photo accessories are always fun!

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Gipsy Dharma

Comment below and share this post to be one of our 20 winners in just 4 days!!!

Which style and colour would you choose if you won?

50% off now on selected sty...les

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great resource place to learn more about PhotoShop


Learn how to make incredible composites with our new course: Photoshop Compositing: Essential Tools & Techniques. No more struggling. No more fake looking compo...sites. We will guide you step-by-step on how to make perfect composites every time. Start watching ->

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It's a weird and wonderful world out there but be careful - it can get a bit muddy. email correspondence from a day ago.


Hi, I am fond of making pictures. Your shoots are amazing really, especially erotic pictures. I would like to make a portfolio for my boyfriend. Could you please send me your price list?


I am 23 years old, my name is Melissa.

Waiting for your reply


Where are you from?


Originally I am from Moscow. But I have lived in Turkey. Now I have an ukranian boyfriend in Canada.


Love travelling myself, I lived in Scotland for 17 years before moving back to Canada.

You're in Edmonton now?


Perfect! Where have you been? And how does it correlate with my wish to make pictures? You are a real Professional as I see. And I wonder about your prices dear. Erotic photos and a bit covered. I am going to be in Canada in about 2 weeks

I'm located in Edmonton, Alberta just now!
Prices depend on time and quantity of images and what you want in respect of use and editing! $100 for shooting up to 2hrs and then it depends on number of images you would like!


You know it is a touching thing... If I make erotic or porno photons is it possible to have some discount? And are you going to print it or to share it in your website dear?

If I want to earn some money as well is it possible?


Depending on amount of images and no I won't be printing or posting for myself! I was under impression that this was a personal project! You need to tell me your plans and your budget! If it's for resale you need to be honest of your intentions.


And that was the last correspondence that we had …….

The scams keep coming so ask the important questions and put them on the spot.

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Travel photographer /vlogger /blogger from Alberta! Well worth a follow!

I'm back in Scotland for a video project with VisitScotland. To see my travel photography, check me out on Instagram at @brendanvanson. I've been looking for...

Neat LR trick!

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Boundary warp is key! In this week's Lightroom Coffee Break, Ben Warde explains two great things about stitching panoramas in Lightroom.

For more coffee break videos, check out the full playlist here:

It's finally here....

  • Master the Essentials of Composite
  • In-Studio Lighting Techniques
  • 12 RAW Image & Backplate Files Included
In this episode, Renee shares how she plans backplate shoots into her extensive travel schedule. Strap in, turn up the volume, and press play. Explore more o...

Alberta's home grown field to table product!

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Image may contain: drink and indoor
Eau Claire Distillery added 2 new photos.
September 21

Today marks our official launch into the U.S. beginning with Parlour Gin & Prickly Pear EquineOx availability in NY.

Matt Kloskowski was live.
September 5

Here's 10 quick Photoshop tips in 10 minutes. Enjoy and Share please!

Supporting Edmonton & Alberta creative talent!

JUSTINA GREEN | EDMONTON@justinaamgVote Below!Like, Share, Comment, let us know!SMN - How long have you been modelling?JUSTIN - I'd say that I really started modelling in 2011, for multiple designers participating in Western Canada Fashion Week. It was part time, then eventually my passi

Go see Riti Jain at her new venture!

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Riti Jain is at Kaya Kama Hammam,Laser & Day Spa.

Meet the new owner of Kaya Kama Day Spa
Riti Jain @ritu_makeupartist @makeup and hair by Riti
She is a makeup artist and hair stylist...who is doing it as free...lancer since 2013 and now at Kaya kama you also enjoy the makeup and hair services. Kaya kama is beautiful spa and with its holistic approach and calming environment you always feel relax and rejuvenated.
Come to Kaya kama for new and existing promotional deals and amazing spa services

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Cooperscapes Photography added a new photo — with Kristen Au in Edmonton, Alberta.
September 18

Throwback to another image from our guerilla photoshooting in Edmonton. SFW

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Bucket List is getting more defined!

Brooke Shaden Photography
September 18

I hosted 100+ individuals at my Promoting Passion Convention last week, and it has taken me this long to digest my thoughts and put into words the experience of... it all. I need to share it with you so that you understand what makes my life meaningful. I need to share because PPC is me, it is my favorite people, it is my best life. Enjoy the video (all images are by Kim Winey Photography, and holy wow, amazing) and I hope you find meaning in my words as well.…/

"Here is my message to you, my friends who maybe I have never met: There is hope in connection, there is soul in art, there is beauty in sadness and there is life in each of us that means more than we know. I share these experiences with you because my life is dedicated to the promoting of passion so that we may all be uplifted by the example of those who pursue what they love.

Life is too short not to."​

Music: "Man on the Run" by Harbor and Home

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Competition closes on October 10th 2017 and one winner will be chosen. The winner will be contacted by email and will have 5 days to respond.