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Alan Taylor
· January 10, 2018
No representation stay away one sided organization with one thing in mind there pockets this organization costume 3000$ in the 80s they say they changed but haven't bottom line if u have a bad busines...s and want to play to play it's for u if ur a good business u can't tell or advertise ur rating unless u cave in and play there game so folks that's my opinion it probably will get erased but hopefully smart business owners will stay clear of this manipulating pay to play organization I have nothing good to say and never will Alan Taylor Taylor Paving Company LLC See More
Missy Jacobs
· February 14, 2018
Despicable, dishonest & unprofessional. Employees who don't know what their job title entails. Disgusting. They are definitely not on the side of the business owner! Mike needs some new training as a...n arbitrator! Lol Good riddance. ��� See More
Darling Carol
· February 29, 2016
I think BBB has it wrong when make it seem BOB's Discount furniture in Orange CT as a reliable furniture store to buy merchandise from... I am really dissatisfied at the fact that this company is people goof proof insurance that apparently covers any damages but yeah when the problem really happen you get bounce from department to department.. I have a 2 year old bedroom set that I reported an accidental damaged in but BOB management team is refusing to cooperate with me.. Instead I have being told that is not something that they would cover but YEAH it still is an accidental damaged ... Again you guys are promoting false advertisement and I believe that you sign should not be on that store's door at all... See More
Justin Olshan
· April 4, 2016
the BBB is a business out to make money , if you as a business pay them you will automatically get an A rating and be credited.... HMMM also you will be protected against complaints even if you are ...wrong. This is the truth and yes they are being investigated for this. Any shop that pays them there fee is credited .......this is a scam company not a trusted service out to help you beware See More
Sonyetta Strickland
· August 25, 2016
They helped me several times, and I recommend a friend that was helped as well, one time it didn't work out, because I tried doing everything on line, and it just wasn't fast enough, they would thi...nk that I solved the problem, but I didn't, the auto place broke our steering wheel, but luckily had to be other complaints they closed the shop down though it was a loss for me, it was good to drive by and see that the company was shut down! ! ! But the BBB is and always did assist me,and solve the problem! I would recommend them to anyone who needs, right your letter, explain your problem, and let them do the rest. See More
Kevin N. Cormier
· January 21, 2015
The BBB does a thorough background check before any business, contractor or not gets accredited and the fee to be accredited only helps them stay in business to help people who have problems with comp...anies... It's not a sham or scandal and as a contractor and a business consultant I will tell you that it's only a good thing to be accredited... Doing business with an accredited company gives you a better view into the company and what they stand for if they allow the BBB to do background checks and speak to other business' they do business with. BBB CT keep up the good work!

Elevate Management Group
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Brian Dungan
· May 24, 2016
When I had a business in Bristol , CT all the B.B.B. did was ask for donations and free food !!! They couldn't be bothered with promoting the business just themselves, the largest mistake I made !!! P...ushed out by corporate business through the Bristol B.B.B. in the early 2000s !!! So screw the B.B.B.of Bristol See More
Gregory Cariglia
· February 10, 2015
What a joke this business has become. He plowed my driveway during one recent big storm. He only plowed a small portion of my driveway. And wanted $175.00, then called my cell phone threatening me to or he would come over to my home and " kick my ass "
I recommend using seone else!!!
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Tony Hess
· June 14, 2016
They give the companies that pay the BBB good ratings no matter how bad the company is or how many compliments they have. The BBB is a Sham and s shame.
Ed Villamana
· May 20, 2017
Great Organization. The BBB accreditation is a way to differentiate our company and having an A+ in the Painting industry takes a lot of work but we have hundreds of happy customers
Christine Moretti
· January 2, 2015
No way is this organization helpful. Hired a contractor who we now need a lawyer to help us . We complained to bbb and they still have this contractor listed as wonderful . The work was done wrong ..., insulation, paint , and clapboards were all wrong and sloppy. The contractors pay into this bbb so they can flash it to their customers/victims . It means nothing. Awful , they need to be closed down . Any good contractor will tell you, it's a scam, they don't need to pay into this farse . See More
Antonio Trovato
· June 7, 2015
It is an honor to be recognized by the BBB. The BBB is a nationally recognized and highly respectful institution and to be part of that if is just amazing! Thank you BBB!
John Lewis
· December 4, 2014
Update- 6/8/2015
Okay a representative from the BBB is making a good solid effort to rectify my issues. A professional named Jeanne is taking my issues seriously and is working towards a solution. She...'s already done a great deal to correct several other items, and is working on the rest. I just realized in an email that Jeanne is the VP in CT. Hopefully faith is restored.
BBB is a sham, they have erroneous complaints from people who aren't even, or never were our customer! The BBB added to our complaint file a guy who had an unlicensed electrician do work on his house and the inspector wanted a permit pulled, and the guy's electrician skipped town so the homeowner called our company and wanted us to pull a permit on work that WE NEVER DID!!! We told the guy that we ONLY PULL PERMITS ON WORK THAT WE DO! So he called the BBB and the BBB charged us with the complaint!!! WTF ?????
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Shannon Andrea Strong
· March 18, 2017
Our business and our wellness practitioners are thankful to have BBB accreditation!
John Finney
· January 13, 2017
They suck!!! Look at how they rate the street pirates, tow truck companies.
Scott Johnson
· January 29, 2016
Carol Lubak and everyone else at the BBB are extremely helpful and talented!
Happy to be a BBB for life!
An Earthen Vessel
January 9, 2013
PLease investigate this site:

Nomorerack has an F rating. Concerning their FB page, deleted a gentleman from NY who posted a comment right above mine for putting up a c...omplaint. I liked the complaint and it disappeared! Im guessing they will ip block me or delete me within the hour as well. So far, Im speaking to the operator of their FB site right now. Nomorerack has given me a bogus USPS tracking number this morning from Sep 10, 2012 for delivery in TX... I ordered my tablet Jan 5th from CT :/ So far have only sent automated fb responses. People are getting ripped off left and right! Bogus net merchant badge on the bottom of their site, bogus Mc Affee badge from April 11th unknown year... If nomorerack does not give me a NON-FRAUDULENT tracking number before end of business TODAY I'm filing a police report and an official complaint with Chase, the BBB and Hartford police dept. See More
Gerry Capodagli
· October 29, 2016
so glad to see this on FB we need protection so badly
Dubah Dubah
· June 8, 2015
Check us out 24/7emergency roadside assistance and a array of other benefits carefully package for working families in USA Canada and Puerto Rico including 365 days service call. 36500 miles per year.... For info<<< Add me first<<< then inbox me<<<. See More
Richard Urbina
· December 30, 2014
I am so glad to be part of this family, very satisfied being a member of BBB
Awesome opening to this weekends Sound Tigers game- sponsored by your BBB!
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