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Good Luck on Finals everyone!

Please provide me with info to dept chair and Paralegal Society moderator so I may pass them control of these pages.


Please someone provide Professor Knight, Professor Moore or Professor Canals with my contact info. I would like to make sure this page is well maintained. I graduated in 2012 and much needs to be added.

Don't forget!

CUNY BCC Paralegal Studies Dept

When the Spring Semester starts please someone reply and report who is currently in charge of Paralegal Department so that they can have page maintained by current Paralegal Society executives.

When the Spring Semester starts please someone reply and report who is currently in charge of Paralegal Department so that they can have page maintained by current Paralegal Society executives.

Make sure you attend Paralegal Society during club hours! Every Thursday's

Hope you all are feeling relieved after finals and are enjoying your time off. Keep the end in sight as you get ready for Spring semester. Which classes have you enrolled for Spring Paralegal Studies?

Dear Students

Welcome back to BCC and we hope that classes have been going well for all of you. The Paralegal Society would like to invite everyone to join our first meeting tomorrow at 12pm. Voting will take place tomorrow to choose our newest officers and to see what will be the plan for this semester. We encourage every paralegal student to attend.

The Paralegal Studies Dept wants to thank Professor Marvin Yaker for his years of dedication not only to the students but also to BCC Paralegal Society. Prof Yaker has retired after 25 yrs with us and will be greatly missed.

For Sale
CMS 11 Interplay, never used, purchased new selling for $40
BUS 11, Practical Business Math Procedures has DVD's but old handbook. Handbook can be copied in the Library. $140
BIO 11 Concepts & Connections 6th Edition, Check if your professor will allow 6th edition, I know Araya does. Contact me personally for price to that. Its negotiable.
Any other questions please feel free to contact anyone in the Paralegal Society and they can assist you with the purchase of these books.

Attention Paralegal Studies Dept....To all voters!! If you are not registered to vote GO REGISTER!!! Our very own Professor Eddie McShan's name will be on the ballot this November for Judgeship!! BCC Community let's show our love and faith in Professor McShan and ROCK THE VOTE!!! To the Future Honorable Judge Eddie McShan, BCC thanks you for all that you do. You are truly an inspiration.

Hope you are all prepared finals!!! Last day of classes are May 15th. Wisshing you all luck. Please check the BCC Paralegal Society page for updates on Finals Study groups!!

ATTENTION PARALEGAL STUDENTS!!! Advisement and Registration has begun for Summer 2012 and Fall 2012 semesters. If you haven't already done so please check the schedule to meet with your adviser. Please remember your adviser is not the one you see at Sage Hall, its the professors from the Paralegal Dept. Please remember your core requirements must be met and also you are only allowed 3 electives.

Attention BCC Community: This Thursday, May 2nd, Paralegal Society will be presenting Law Day: KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!!! We will have attorneys in various fields presenting basic information and taking questions on important legal issues you are interested in. We will be in room 332 in Meister Hall. Light refreshments will be served.

Hello BCC Community, hope you are coping well on this rainy cold day. Today Paralegal Society's guest speaker will be Jessica Pérez and counselors from Career and Transfer services. Some may not realize all the options we have regarding our major or what path to take as we continue our education. These counselors will be able to provide us with valuable information such as this. As always our meeting are held in Meister Hall room 303 at 12 noon. Please with all due respect to our speakers and also to be assured a seat arrive on time. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you.

If anyone is interested I still
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