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Brian Hudson
· November 29, 2017
Dropped my Canon 70-200 II 1:2.8 lens with camera attached scratches or damage to camera, but lens seemed to have separated by zoom ring by about a 1mm st...ill went fine but I thought I'd stuffed it. Was going to send it to canon but found this Company on the net. Sent the lens to Greg and received it back a week later all new again and at a cost I was more than happy with.....I to highly recommend this Company...cheers Greg thanks very much from a very happy customer. See More
James Glucksman
· September 20, 2017
I can't say enough good things. Not only was Greg able to repair a lens that Canon wouldn't even touch (too old for them to be bothered), but he did it at a reasonable cost and extremely quickly, too. Cannot recommend him highly enough.
Lynne Jamneck
· October 28, 2017
Fantastic service. Sent my Canon camera in to have the shutter replaced and had it back a week later, including a sensor clean and at a price much more reasonable than what I was quoted by Canon. Highly recommended. Thank you, Greg!
Bart Ellenbroek
· November 28, 2017
Thanks Greg, an awesome job. It was not easy to change the USB port on my Canon 70D, but Greg searched high and low to find a replacement and repaired the camera really quickly and for a good price. Highly recommended :)
Ross James
· June 22, 2017
Amazing service. Very fast turn around at a great price. This was the second time we had this lens fixed for the same issue - the first time cost twice as much through another service agent 5 years ago.
Keryn Bloxham
· May 14, 2017
Thanks so much for your amazing service, great packaging, fast repair and lightning fast email responses! No wonder everyone says that you are the best for fixing camera gear!
It's great to have my favourite lens back and working great!
Bob Deakin
· May 24, 2017
Greg is amazing. Great customer service, a really quick repair to my daughter's Sony A57 and at a very reasonable cost. Thank you!
Marilyn Brown
· December 8, 2017
Great service , advice . Friendly fast efficient . Far superior to the responses from Canon.
Tim Fordham
· September 18, 2017
Top notch service wouldn't hesitate to send year to Greg again.
Tom Dignan
· December 17, 2015
Seldom have I experienced such superior service. Greg cleaned the sensor on my my Leica V-Lux 30 camera, and sent it back to me in under 10 days. Communication ...was excellent, and the price very reasonable. Several specialists in Auckland - including the Leica agents - had told me the camera was either not worth repairing or would need returning to Germany. See More
Hidenao Ben Nakagawa
· January 16, 2017
Greg is very confident and he does a GREAT job in reasonable price. I'm very happy customer and I do not hesitate to ask any future job directly for indirectly through the shop I usually use.
Eunice SwaprecyclePhoneparts
· August 3, 2017
Good quality and service ! Trustworthy Reliable partner :)
David Russell
February 9, 2013
Greg at CW Services, camera repairs in Timaru is brilliant. Got some gear I needed urgently fixed and back to me in 3 days. When you have camera gear that is n...ot going, Greg is a wee wizard, because the time it took him to repair and return was only 30% of the time that Canon said it would take to LOOK at the problem. Keep up the great work Greg! See More
Gethin Hill
· May 26, 2016
Great customer service, very helpful. I'd be a regular customer if he wasn't across an ocean
Lisa Ball
· April 23, 2014
Excellent service, had a bayonet mount replaced on my lens and works perfectly! Quick turnaround and great price. Thanks.
Wayne Lorimer
· December 20, 2016
Don't use anyone else. Greg is da man! Great job at a very reasonable price. Can't ask for more.
Joanne Hunter
· March 1, 2016
Can't speak highly enough of CW Services. Highly recommended.
Clockwork mechanisms...... No batteries required. :)
EF 28-90 Testing
There is an old adage that a mechanic’s car is always broken and a builders house needs repairs ..... well, my personal 7D has been without a functioning inbuilt flash for over a year .... today I finally decided I could spare the time to fix it !! Have a great weekend everyone 😎

Nikon D80 that displays 'Err' upon release ..... this is the fix - contacts on the 'phase switch' that tells the camera when it has completed a charge / release cycle break and need to be repaired or replaced. This is really the only 'issue' with this model - they are generally a reliable beasty !

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Many new users of cameras use the camera on FULL AUTO ... which is perfectly fine .. BUT when they want to get more creative, it is not always easy to understand the relationship between Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO that makes up the perfect exposure ( and of course effects other results ... ) This adage and diagram was spotted on another page, and I felt it did a decent job of helping the understanding :

Imagine your camera is like a window with shutters that open and cl...ose.

Aperture is the size of the window. If it’s bigger more light gets through and the room is brighter.

Shutter Speed is the amount of time that the shutters of the window are open. The longer you leave them open the more that comes in.

Now imagine that you’re inside the room and are wearing sunglasses (hopefully this isn’t too much of a stretch). Your eyes become desensitized to the light that comes in (it’s like a low ISO).

There are a number of ways of increasing the amount of light in the room (or at least how much it seems that there is. You could increase the time that the shutters are open (decrease shutter speed), you could increase the size of the window (increase aperture) or you could take off your sunglasses (make the ISO larger).

Ok – it’s not the perfect illustration – but you get the idea.

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I wonder how many photos actually ever 'leave' the smartphone ...... hmmmm

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Having a wee play with the Time Lapse mode on my iPhone. Here you see me changing a faulty ( Error 01 ) Power Diaphragm Unit on a Canon EFS 17-85mm IS USM Lens.

It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.

I hope you have unlimited Fibre !! Records 2 Terabytes of data in 40 minutes, so I assume the same would need to be transmitted to your Netflix if you want your Movies in 8K !!

Sharp Corporation used its late November National Dealer’s Meeting in Phoenix for the U.S. rollout

I know it seems from my posts we only repair DSLR and Older film cameras ... BUT .. Digital Compacts still make up some of our work. Back in the 2000's they made up 80% of our work, but these days with the lower replacement prices and lack of spare parts at economical prices, often people choose to replace.
However, this customer for example really enjoyed using his Panasonic TZ10, but was told by others just to replace it, so it was put away in a drawer .... 12 months later he found out about us, $100 later the camera is up and running, good as new 🤗

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While I commend the NZ 'DIY' attitude, sometimes you need to be aware of your limits .....
Here we have a 600D that the customer attempted a self sensor clean, and unfortunately damaged the shutter, mirror and focus screen.
All our sensor cleans are done by experienced technicians, and include a shutter count ( on models where this is possible ) and in MOST cases can be carried out for $65.
... this repair is going to run the owner a bit more than that .....

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For models with Micro AF Adjustment possible, we can fine tune your body / lens combination using software to select the best focus position. Adjusts for production tolerances.

Newer Canon cameras facilitate independent adjustment of the short and long end of zoom lenses.
1Dx Mk 1 & 2
5D Mk 3 & 4...
6D Mk I & II
Older Canon cameras without independant adjustment of the short and long end of zoom lenses.
1D Mk 3 & 4
1Ds Mk 3
5D Mk 2
Nikon (AF Fine Tune)
D800 (/E)
Sony: AF Micro Adjustment
Olympus: AF Focus Adjust
Note: Olympus cameras facilitate independent adjustment of the short and long end of zoom lenses.
E-M1 (only when used with 4/3 lens adapter)
Pentax: AF Fine Adjustment
K-3 series
K-5 II
K-5 IIs

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Another awesome Pentax ME Super in for a well needed overhaul ! The second pic shows all the perished foam and rubber parts that cause issues with these cameras as they age.

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Battle of the Cases ! 🤖

Image may contain: indoor

Does this mean I can go home now ?? 🤔

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Just finished CLA on the 2 AE-1 Programs for the same owner. The A-1 is theirs as well, but they decided against getting work done on it. I had either not known, or not remembered that the Black Program has a Metal Bottom cover, whereas the Silver is Plastic ... or maybe it changed mid-production ?

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Not the usual fodder to cross my desk ... but I help where and when I can .....

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A small project from the weekend to help tidy the office - even when i am away from work, I am still thinking about it, it seems ....

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The Old and the New ............ EOS600D

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