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Morgan Wilson
· December 13, 2017
Great drinks, fantastic food, and absolutely fabulous and friendly staff. Any guests I have to visit Potsdam I bring to Cactus for dinner. The staff are all so friendly and personable. Our waitress is... frequently Anna who is very knowledgeable about what to recommend if asked and super attentive. Staff remember names and “your usual”. Food comes quickly and is consistent (always being amazing). Highly recommend. See More
Brittany White
· April 21, 2018
The elderly gentleman that take care of (in a wheelchair) and I came for dinner tonight, tried to use the handicap ramp only to find the entrance was locked. So we went to the front entrance which was... not wheelchair accessible so I asked if there was a different way to get in, answer was no. The response I got from the man I take care of "We don't have to stay, I want to go somewhere it's easy for you." I said no they can figure it out. So an employee helped me lift him up the steep stair in and back out as everyone else stared and probably thought I was an inexperienced care taker and shouldn't have brought him there to begin with. He had chose where he wanted to eat, I wasn't going to go elsewhere for your lack of accessibility. Yes it was kind of the employee but my point is first it's illegal to block any type of emergency exit and second it's not fair to any handicap or wheelchair bound person to have to be stared at or bumped around because you don't have the handicap/emergency entrance open but instead have it blocked with a table and chairs and people eating at the table. Yes we managed to make it work but shouldn't have had to. The otherwise service was fine. See More
Kiernan Peterson
· December 8, 2017
Walked in with a party of 11(most of us were coming from far away to visit each other). Was told they couldn't seat us but would call Mama Lucias for a table....uh no thanks. Seated us at separate tab...les on other sides of the room from each other. Never sang happy birthday liked asked, service was terrible and food was not as ordered, not impressed. See More
Brandon Calton
· December 13, 2017
Everytime we go, the food and drinks are amazing and excellent (granted, I’m not able to drink- so I’ve tried all the Mexican sodas and loved them). I typically order the sirloin steak and it is alway...s cooked perfectly- just the way I like it. The mucho grande brownie is by far my favorite desert in. Most importantly- the wait staff is always wonderful and friendly. There has never been a time when I’ve encountered a rude wait staff member. Lately Anna is always our server and is absolutely wonderful! She is always friendly and personable! Plus, she remembers our names and what we typically order. It’s always a pleasure to go in an experience the excellent food, with an outstanding wait staff to provide service!

Always look forward to Cactus!
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Donna Keegan
· October 21, 2017
Started out great. Short wait to get a table. Good salsa and chips. Margarita was great. Then, after seeing 2 tables served before us when they arrived a long time after us, we had to ask for our food.... We were done eating for quite a server, so we also had to ask for our check. I left a bad tip to match the lack of attention. See More
Christine Lynn Castle-Hall
· August 17, 2017
Service was terrible. Had to ask 3x's to get my daughters drink. No sides came with tacos?? No salsa or sour cream/ couldn't ask for it as waiter was no where to be found. Waited 15 minutes with empty... plates in front of us. Had to get a host to find waiter. One host was constantly checking and using cell phone. Food was ok, salsa and chips great. Margaritas good. See More
John Woodrow
· July 5, 2017
was good years ago . just went back , super nice . over intensive probably from old complaints . super nice and checking if you need anything .. no problems . try some drinks on the roof top one da...y . eat and dine , bar pool and drink . nice change up . plus i don't know if i'd have a feed back page . things happen and bad employee's . a great place to eat . be nice in reviews unless ripped off . i know nicest people own restaurant . they forgot me up stairs .. next time they said they take care of me . restaurant business is brutal . great place just for scenery of the building . foods good too . waiters so nice i almost had to slap her . pleasant people . See More
Kelly Wilson
· March 26, 2017
I would give it negative stars if that was possible. I've never had such poor service. Went to the desk 4 times to get our waitress there. After a half hour I attempted to order our drinks at the bar ...and was ignored for more than 10 minutes by the bartender. I gave up when the waitress finally came over after having been there for 40 minutes. 40 minutes later we finally got drinks. And it was at least another 20 minutes for our food. It took us two hours overall. The table next to us came in after us and had finished before we even got our drinks. We had a reservation so there should have been no issues even though we were a party of 13. I've been here many times and never had such issues. I love the food (though this time my dinner was burnt to a crisp) but it will be a long time before I go back. It was clear that this situation was a huge management failure and from all that I've heard this is now a common occurrence. When I hear they get a new manager I'll go back. Until then beware! See More
Mary Van Kennen
· September 14, 2017
Yes I was there, the market party was very nice, the food was good but why they gave us a table by people celebrating a party and children is beyond me, I felt terrible for the girls TRYING to put on ...their program See More
Chelsea Cota
· November 22, 2017
Good food, but $5 for a Labatt Blue Light? There are higher end restaurants that serve them for $3.50.
Jackie Johns
· July 30, 2017
Atmosphere and waiter great... The food was TERRIBLE. We ordered two steak fajitahs and the sirloin. HORRIBLE. We enjoyed dining on the roof, but that's about it. When taking our walk after dinne...r we noticed 4 of the kitchen staff outside on back stairwell, smoking, laughing... They were out there at the begining and end of our walk... (About 25 minutes) ...I'd like to say that was the problem, but how can you mess up a fajitah??? Tasteless shoe leather, stale tortias. Food was Luke warm. Very disappointing because this place looked great.... See More
Jennifer Tricia Amo
· April 11, 2018
Absolutely love it here, great food and ambiance:))
Nikki Sanford Jandreau
· June 24, 2017
The wait wasn't to long and the food was good. The waiter wasn't that good. We had to ask for salsa and still didn't get it until dinner came and we ask again. The waiter never came around to ask if w...e wanted anymore drinks. See More
Patrícia González Duarte
· October 3, 2017
Great place! .. they play latin music and that is awesome .. I felt home for a moment !
Schuyler Hellings
· September 25, 2016
Went there for the first time Sat 9/24, little bit of a wait, expected it as Parents Weekend was on for two colleges, nothing a cocktail from the bar couldn't handle! Service was great, attentive and ...friendly, meals for the three of us were huge, plenty of leftovers. Highly recommend, looking forward to going back! See More
Heidi Jo
· June 6, 2017
My son and I love the Cactus Grill! We always enjoy our meal. The last few times we have been there we have been fortunate enough to have the same awesome waiter! He is friendly and always make sur...e we have anything we need. See More
Lisa Bell
· March 6, 2017
Service was excellent as was the chips and salsa. However, when I ordered the burrito bowl and was asked what I didn't want in it, I got it anyway. I'm not sure if the cook could not read the slip c...orrectly or if it was a matter of pumping out as much food as quickly as possible without paying attention to what was ordered. However, the others that joined me enjoyed their meals. See More
Gordon Thagard
· September 14, 2017
Yankee-Mex is terrible. The Cactus Grill has perfected terrible and taken it to a new level. They get my vote for worst Mexican restaurant in the Universe.
Pamela Sue Ferguson
· March 5, 2017
food was ok. the seating area was not that great.a lot of cold air blew on us because front doors were near by
.they could have turned the heat up
it was bitter cold outside. we all left our coats o...n. waitress seemed to be nice .until she accidentally dumped a ice cold Margarita on my lap.i really froze even more. they offered to dry clean my coat.but I chose to have free meal and they took family members one drink off. then she wasn't there very much to see if we needed anything more.i had to get up three times to find her so we could order .etc. I thought it was over priced.and so very loud in there you couldn't even carry on a conversation
.so.summary on my night out # too expensive ,freezing, crowed, loud,not very enjoyable at all . probably won't got back. let the younger crowd have it.
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Sue Caldwell
· April 15, 2017
The food was excellent as well as the service. Our waitress was phenomenal and I couldn't believe how fast she was to give our party of thirty refreshments and plenty of refills. Everyone had a blast... at the Cactus Grill and Cantina. I especially liked the upstairs dining- this was my first time dining in the upper level. I give this a 5 star rating. It was better than I imagined it would be. See More
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