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AnnMarie Lunetta Milone
· October 24, 2017
This place is the best authentic Italian food in the area!! And the amount you get!! Mingya!!!
I can’t express enough that you will be pleasantly surprised at how good this place is and not to forget... to mention the staff is helpful and sweet, but the owner is the best guy ever that makes you feel right at home!!
No matter who we take with us they are always impressed!!
And you usually leave with your lunch/supper for tomorrow cuz you can’t finish it all!!!
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Kel LyAnne
· July 25, 2017
A real Italian sandwich on great bread & yummy homemade meatballs with marinara sauce! Gelato to finish, what an authentic place with Italian music on Friday nights, Country on Saturday nights!
Michael Cerulli
· March 11, 2017
It was one of those spontaneous happenings that make life worth it. It was s late Friday afternoon and i had driven from Lynn , was looking for food while killing an hour waiting to watch my son in a tournament game at Tewksbury High School. As I turned onto rt 38 from Rt. 93 I spied a pizza joint and pulled past it. Looking to make a quick u turn I pulled into a side street only to accidentally find myself in the rear of Cafe Sicilia. I parked and walked in alone. The small cafe with a small counter, a few tables and a large flat screen on the wall, was warmly decorated and inviting. I was met by a friendly woman who became my personal server /chef and was wonderful in both roles. While waiting for my food to be cooked ,i entered into an impeccably spotless bathroom that I could have eaten my meal in. Strictly first class. My meal of al dente linguine, shrimp, scallops and calamari in a homemade chunk marinara sauce was awesome in every way descbribable. The freshly made cappuccino and spumoni ice cream in a ball of chocolate was over the top and delicious. I ate like a king , was treated like a king and left feeling like a king for $20. North End in Tewksbury . if your in the area hungry and also need to feed your soul, make sure you go. A gem. See More
Kevin Petersen
· June 13, 2017
Awesome homemade Italian food right in the middle of town and the sandwiches the lady makes him so quick and they're really nice the best meatball subs around feel like I'm in the north end thank you
Donna Higgins
· March 4, 2018
Fantastic soups, salads, sandwiches and meals always fresh. Such a comfortable environment and the owner Joe, such a caring man.
Pat Mastrorilli
· February 25, 2018
Plain and simple...always Fresh...always good !!!!!
Scott Hersey
· July 24, 2017
Awesome food love the chicken & roasted red peppers sub miss it joe want to mail me one in Florida
Linda Sobalo
· August 27, 2016
Thank you Joe and family for an amazing time tonight . The gnocci and the tripe were amazing Your hospitality was gracious and I felt as if I were with family The gravy was superb . Sorry for the spel...ling. Your daughter has an amazing voice See More
Mrz Hayes
· April 25, 2016
Just had the best experience at this place!! So quick to offer me anything to make me feel comfortable while waiting for The Best Italian Sub I have ever had!! Thank You so much for the most treatment! I will be back very soon! See More
Holly Cormier
· March 22, 2017
i dont usually give bad reviews for Anything and i was hoping that the food was a lot better than it was but i am quite dissapointed.
first of all i got the eggplant parm...the eggplant was okay , co...nsidering it wasnt any better than any other fast food place around in the area. in my opinion it could have been a lot less soggy but hey if you dont know how to cook eggplant and you run a fast food place , that happens.
also it didnt have much flavor. i think i should have experienced garlic and olive oil hints , i didnt get any.
i was craving red sauce but the red sauce i got from here nowhere near helped my craving. also lacking in flavor...
the sicilian antipasto unfortunately i must say is a joke.
you could start with using a nicer lettuce but my real complaint about the salad is the fact that it didnt have anything other than italian cold cuts , slices of cheese , iceberg lettuce , a total of 6 half slices of cucumber , tomatos , thinly sliced bermuda marinated mushrooms. no olives , no red peppers.
after ordering from the online menu , getting take out and getting home to read the "new spring menu" for 2017 , i realized the things that typically come in an antipasto that i thought i was getting wasnt what is on the new menu or what i got haha
also...just a little tidbit if you want your customers to be happy...
if you ask what kind of dressing they would like , and then you give them something else because you either figure 'oh its the same' or 'oh we dont have what you asked for'....try Speaking to the customer about it. Obviously you know you didnt give the dressing that was requested. easy fix to just ask ,' is this other okay? ' or 'would you like something other?' because of what ever the reason being the customer doesnt get what they asked for hahaha
its also Really easy to make your own salad dressing. brings a sort of homemade-ness to things.
oh my - its upsetting to think that for the price i paid , i could have made a nicer salad and eggplant parm myself. im sorry but total dissapointment. but then again , to each its own!
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Brian Boudreau
· November 28, 2014
What a treat it was to be introduced to this place! Prices are incredible and the food was perfect. Ordered the shrimp marinara for $10 and received 12 full shrimp! Can't wait to go back.
Patricia Hourihan-worth
· June 10, 2016
Joe is an amazing host. The food is great. The cappuccino is the best. The addition of Friday night jazz with Dede and the Jazz Cats, Deanna Brunetti, Doug Worth and Arnie Rosen, has really been GREAT!
James J. Bryant
· June 4, 2016
Excellent food and great hospitality.. Real Sicilian food and if you like the dessert you can not beat. The alcholic beverage are spectacular.
Raquel Palermo Kaplan
· October 2, 2014
I found this place about a month ago and now I go back weekly. It's inexpensive and the best meal i eat all week. It's like a family there everyone is so nice. The live Italian band on the weekends it feel like the old country. It is wonderful here See More
Scott Ringwood
· April 7, 2017
Can't wait to come back and try other items on the menu!
Peter Orlando
· January 23, 2016
First time there, and it will not be my last. Fantastic Italian meals @ a great price. It was a pleasure meeting Joe the owner.
Cat Dufresne
· September 3, 2016
Love this place; great prices and big servings. They don't skimp on seafood either. A hidden gem in Tewksbury.
Jason Ferrara
· November 28, 2014
Amazing food, prices are very inexpensive, portions are huge, and friendly service. I felt like my Norna was serving me!
Barry Ace
· April 6, 2017
Without a doubt the best Caesar salad I ever had!
Deb Carleen
· November 28, 2015
Cute little cafe. Great food. I've been stopping by for years. Need to go back, soon.
Here is Joe's daughter, Michelle singing at the Son's of Italy Italian Festival earlier this month. Thank you to everyone who attended!
Here's a clip from last night during our night of live music. Come down every Friday and Saturday to enjoy a meal while listening to live Italian sounds!
Celebrating Saturday night at the Cafè!