Prize Support for this event will be from the Rocket and Groot OP Kit

Entry will be £15 per person (everyone will get Rocket Raccoon - Rigging Up Destruction. promo)

1st Place: Power Bolt - Basic Action Card...
Fellowship Prize: Groot - I, Am, GROOOOOOOT

Each player should come to the event with 8 Sidekick Dice, 12 Basic Action Dice, 4 Indicator Cards, and 2 Basic Action Cards (players may choose which Basic Action Cards they.d like to use after completing the draft, but must use the same 2 throughout the event).

Each player in the draft sits down with 12 packs of Dice Masters to draft with. A set of 6 packs is opened. As each player opens their packs they should verify that the cards and dice match. Keeping their cards secret, players should set them aside into a pile of 12 cards. The next 6 packs are opened and when complete are placed into a separate pile of 12 cards in front of the player (the piles are not to be mixed). All dice are placed into the center, and arranged as below so players can see exactly which dice and how many of each will be available during the draft. We call it Rainbow Draft as players may elect to sort them by color to allow for easier visual spotting of which cards correspond to which dice during the draft.

Each player then takes the pile they most recently prepared and after a short amount of time to review the cards, they select one, setting it face down in front of them, and passing the remaining cards to the player to their right. This card begins a pile of cards that players will be able to use in their team. After all players have selected a card, they take the pile from their left to select their next card and repeat the process until they are passed a single card to be placed into their pile.

After the first pile of 12 cards have been depleted, players should take a moment to review the cards they drafted (each player should have 12 cards at this point). After reviewing their cards, players will return them to a face-down pile in front of them and draft the second pile the same way as they did the first, this time passing in the opposite direction (left).

After drafting all piles, players should take dice from those that were set aside to match each of their cards. They will then construct a tournament team based on the Basic Action Cards they own and the cards they drafted. This tournament team can have up to 8 cards and up to 20 dice across those cards (many teams will have less than this). The basic action dice and cards and sidekick dice do not count against this limit of 8 cards and 20 dice.

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Wed 7:00 PM UTCCalamity Comics HatfieldHatfield, United Kingdom
3 people interested


Oh yes there is! Lots of Doctors to be precise. The next wave of Mr Men Doctor Who books is here, ready and waiting for you

#drwho #doctorwho #mrmen #mistermen

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41 Reviews
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Paulina Milewska
· February 3, 2018
Staff is always friendly and helpful, there's very good atmosphere in the store. They have a big choice of comics, manga and the related stuff, if they don't have what you want they will get it in no time
Davis Konopackis
· September 15, 2017
Amazing place to get comics related stuff, lots of card games and so on. The staff is just wonderful, helping in any possible way they can. And as an extra they have special evening events through the... week where you can enjoy yourself with nice people. See More
Panda Tebbs
· August 25, 2017
Brought my boyfriend a Yu-Gi-Oh! Card set that came with a games mat, storage box and limited edition cards, and he has found this amazing! The gentleman at the counter was very knowledgable and helpf...ul. Couldn't fault this store in any way. It has stuff for all kinds of people See More
Sophie Blackman
· September 26, 2017
I utterly adore this comic book shop and can not recommend it enough! The owners are beyond lovely and on a few occasions I've spotted something on Facebook and they've put it behind the counter for m...e. Glad to finally have one in the town :) See More
Sam Kelly
· January 13, 2018
Took my two boys in today to get them started on Pokémon cards. Very helpful and friendly and good atmosphere :)
Jordan Thomas
· July 8, 2017
Whenever I go to the shop the staff are amazing and helpful

They have a positive attitude that is welcoming and they will help you in anyway they can
Brett T Girdlestone
· February 15, 2018
Nice atmosphere and great people in store. Always helpful.
Amiy Chatley
· July 15, 2017
Great store, with a solid selection of TCG items. Well managed events in a nice space. Clean and ventilated.

Will definitely be returning!
Dag Sverre Syrdal
· July 15, 2017
Great store, friendly staff, good community, and nice selection of comics, CCGs and other games.
Carl Kemal
· December 10, 2016
Great service very helpful and the game afternoons are excellent, topped with a very good selection of comics graphic novels/ gaming cards Yu-Gi-Oh! And Pokemon. It's my favourite shop in Hatfield!! 👍👍
Lincoln Lim
· October 17, 2017
Definitely a lovely place to be :D
Sam Falkiner
· December 1, 2016
An excellent store with a friendly atmosphere, great service, a wide selection of products, and definitely seems to be up-and-coming in Hatfield. Very excited to see where things go from here!
Kimberley Mortby
· April 3, 2017
Very welcoming staff, wide range of comics and on the rare occasion they haven't got what you're looking for they will order in.
Olly Waring
· April 29, 2017
Great shop with very friendly atmosphere. My son attended his first Yugioh tournament and was made to feel very welcome. Couldn't recommend it enough.
David Faltskog
· December 28, 2016
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! An A L I E N fan's dream come true, best shop this side of LV426 :)
Ben No Navel Williams
· November 9, 2016
Finally a local comic shop, friendly staff and a great range of all things nerd. Look forward to game nights.
Paul Cross
· February 7, 2017
Great shop, helpful and well stocked. Friendly and highly recommend.
Rayne Is-dead
· February 7, 2017
Great shop, lots of Variety from comics to manga to trading cards! I especially love the game nights, my favourite being Final Fantasy TCG night on a Friday! :D
Stuart Finesilver
· November 9, 2016
Great store looking forward to seeing it all up and running. Will be buying all my comics from here from now on.
Sue Lambert
· November 9, 2016
Fantastic shop lovely staff I have found my people��