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We celebrated Burns Night this week with a piper sending off our train from Inverness.
Chinese New Year

Happy #ChineseNewYear and #YearOfTheDog!
We’re celebrating by looking at some of the good pups who’ve travelled with us

We were delighted to welcome European Travel Magazine on board, as they explored the north of Scotland.

"Although there are many ways to get to the UK’s northernmost city, the most transformative is the overnight train from London known as the Caledonian Sleeper."

Inverness is the gateway to the north of Scotland and the Scottish Isles. The ancient Gaelic city is a launching point for explorers targeting Loch Ness, Isle o...f Skye and Northern Scotland.

And although there are many ways to get to the United Kingdom’s northernmost city, the most transformative is the overnight train from London known as the Caledonian Sleeper.

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All aboard? Escape to Scotland on the Caledonian Sleeper eutravelmag / 27 mins ago 10. February 2018 Aboard the Caledonian Sleeper by Dave Douglas Davis Inverness is the gateway to the north of Scotland and the Scottish isles. The ancient Gaelic city on the River Ness is a launching point for explor...
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Tony Behan
· November 18, 2017
Travelled Euston to Fort William 17/11/17. Staff very friendly. My son slept like a log. I didnt. Light sleepers should not expect a full nights sleep but it is so much more comfortable than a seat,... and avoids a wasted full day of travel. Rising to the Lochs passing the private berth window is priceless, and the cooked Scottish breakfast taken at a reserved seat in the lounge car, as the train weaves between snow capped mountains and crosses the dramatic Rannoch moor, really is pleasant. The view of a stag disdainfully looking down from the hill side as the train passed his kingdom was a fabulous glimpse into anothers world. Arrival into Fort William on time some 12 and a half hours after leaving London. Highly recommended... whether you actually sleep or not. Where else can you travel on a proper train with 16 coaches! See More
Nura Zela
· January 18, 2018
Great service both onboard and at the lounge in Inverness. The train left London-Euston punctually and arrived on time in Inverness despite the bad weather conditions on the way. The train is due for an upgrade, but it's still comfortable enough for us to relax in (we travelled 1st class cos we wanted more space). Can't wait to try out the new trains when they are in service. And the lounge in Inverness, small but cosy. Great place to relax after arriving. Thanks Davie for looking after us. ��� See More
Denni Smith
· December 22, 2017
Great experience but unless you book 1st class you cannot get any tea/coffee or any form of refreshments on board at all! We wanted 1st class but wanted to be together then when we got on the train we... discovered that they have adjoining doors so we could have done that but that wasn't made clear at the time of booking. So make sure you take water and snacks with you. There should be a buffet car. See More
Fred Silver
· January 21, 2018
I have loved travelling on the sleeper in the past couple of years - both Inverness-London and Edinburgh-London - but I am very disappointed by the decision to ban sharing - always a gamble, course - ...but I have travelled by train across Asia, Europe, and China sharing with strangers and it works! I think is a very bad decision and typically British - of course, it’s aimed at making more money, I guess, in some way, See More
Danielle Rodger
· December 9, 2017
The staff were really helpful and friendly, there weren't many people who had booked the sleeper coaches so everyone in the seated coach got upgraded to a sleeper coach, there was free orange juice an...d biscuits in the morning and they had a clean towel, eye mask and magazine waiting for me on the bed, there are USB ports, each little sleeping area has it's own temperature controls, the beds were really comfy and we were allowed to lie in a little bit once we'd reached our destination. Honestly couldn't have asked for much more, free WiFi would have made it even better but I've honestly no complaints. See More
Val Ross
· December 1, 2017
I am sorry to say that the SERCO Caledonian Sleeper experience is all about image
Don't get me wrong, the staff are helpful and the welcome on board by smart liveried Caledonian Ambassadors is delight...ful. However, the state of the WC leaves a lot to be desired. If I can I'll post pictures of dirty sinks and plug holes clogged with dirt and fittings which are not just tired but chipped and corroded. I have raised a concern formally to be told, 'we inherited old rolling stock'. No excuse in my view to subject customers to a WC which is filthy and bacterial breeding ground! See More
Stuart Meanwell
· January 18, 2018
This service has really gone downhill recently. Staffing levels are a fraction of what they used to be. On our last trip just before Christmas my partner had a severe reaction to the bedding and when ...we had a closer look we could see that the mattress covers were disintegrating which cannot be hygienic. The steward confirmed that we weren't the only people to have had a reaction to the bedding but Caledonian offered us a measly £50 of rail vouchers as compensation for what had been a miserable night. See More
Mike Sellars
· October 26, 2017
First timers on Monday 23/10/17 from Euston to Fort William. And return on 25/10/17.
Going up our Stewardess was amazing. Such a lovely lady polite and nothing to much for us. Wish I had gotten her n...ame to praise her directly but company will do that for me.
Rooms are a bit dated but a refurb is due 2018 but they do exactly what you expect. Private compact and functional.
Your staff are your biggest asset and we encountered were great assets to have.
Sleep wise it's hard but a lot more comfortable than a chair.
Well done Caledonian Sleeper top marks from me
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Kirsten Labor
· December 21, 2017
My daughter and I arrived in Inverness this morning totally exhausted due to strange allergic reaction to bed clothes! Both of us have had prickly stabbing pain all night! And it wasn't just us, othe...r travellers experienced the same pain! Have been travelling this route for years and do believe it's gone downhill since the new service provider took over! Would suggest @caledoniansleeper you go back to the cotton sheets!!!! See More
Brian Connelly
· October 13, 2017
I use the sleeper all the time and since Serco have taken over the fares have more than doubled for a worse service. Under Scotrail a solo berth supplement was £40 and only a standard class ticket was... required now its £80 but you need a first class ticket to have a solo berth. Bargain berths have gone and advance purchase berths are ridiculously expensive. Serco have taken a £60 million subsidy from the Scottish government and are milking the travelling public for profit. Swanky new trains are no good if the people who NEED to use them regularly are priced out of the market. Rich American tourists seem to be all their interested in! Shocking. Humza Yousif and the SNP have lost my vote over this shambles. !!UPDATED!!!! Since posting this review I have been blocked from commenting on the Caledonian Sleeper Facebook Page. It seems Serco don't like to face criticism. They are however happy to take 65 million of our money along with 12 million a year running subsidy...please contact Humza Yusef if you feel as I do that this franchise needs to be removed from Serco immediately! See More
Lorraine Hamber
· August 7, 2017
We have just arrived back after a week long holiday to Glen Nevis via Fort William on the sleeper service. I hesitated before booking due to some of the negative reviews! I'm so glad I went on my own ...instinct! I totally understand some peoples frustration if there are delays or changes to timetable, however I wanted to show some balance. We're too quick to complain but never to offer praise. The staff are friendly, approachable and accommodating to all, however challenging the passenger! The compartments are very clean, adjustable lighting and air conditioning, crisp white linen (maybe too crisp for some!) and little touches with complimentary items too! Don't necessarily expect a gourmet meal, however good refreshment is offered and if there's a wait, sit back and enjoy the stunning scenery from either the lounge car, your coach or the rear door is a real treat! Great fun for kids, big and small. Certainly brought out the kid in me!! Thank you Caledonian Sleeper staff, you made the holiday and we'll definitely be back! 10/10 See More
Dave Lord Heath
· September 3, 2017
Open return ticket from London Euston to Fort William £120. Sounds expensive, right? But think about it.... that is 24 hours on 4 trains (including return) and a massive distance to travel. So, for... the money I think it's worth it. The carriages were clean and the ride was very comfortable and smooth. Staff were friendly. I can only form an opinion based on my own one-time experience, and my only negative was that my return train to London was due to leave Edinburgh at 01:38, but didn't depart until 02:07. Doesn't seem like much, but after you have climbed an enormous mountain and have no energy and want to get home, a delay of 29 minutes seems like forever. So this is my only criticism. There was no apology or explanation. Other than that I'd say it was perfect. I did find that some small number of passengers didn't quite get the concept of why it's called a "Sleeper" train and talked all the way through the journey whilst so many were trying to sleep. But that is not the fault of the train's operators. See More
Judith Thurlow
· October 19, 2017
I had my first experience on the Caledonian Sleeper this week doing a return journey from Aviemore to Euston. I thought it was a fantastic way to travel and my children absolutely loved the adventure.... The beds were really comfy and we all slept extremely well, the staff were very helpful and efficient and overall it was a fantastic experience, one that we will most certainly be repeating. See More
Adam Orriss
· October 18, 2017
Hello, yet again we turn up at Fort William to find the food options are an utter shambles! I can’t have confirmation of a Haggis Neeps & Tatties until Corrour! What a ahambles! Every time we come on there’s an issue! We travelled down Sunday to be told you had sold out of Cider by Wembley! What an utter shambles! I’m now on the train travelling to London & can’t order my food til Corrour! What an utter disgrace! Apparently you only have 2 of each! So here we are, a group of 5 who I’ve dissuaded from eating in Fort William insisting that you’ll get fed onboard as I want to promote your service (use it or lose it) to me by this utter farce! When are hou going to sort this shambles out? 3-4 times a year I travel, every time the same utter crap! No wonder people eat before boarding! On that subject your daft system of allowing first class only to book is stupid, utterly stupid! Offer that to STD too & you’ll have a far better idea of what is required on your journey! We are now sitting here waiting & smelling the food, yet having to sit and await our fate! Utter crap to be quite honest & totally destroys the pleasure of a meal on board! WAKE UP! We are your customers & yet you treat us like this! See More
Michael Gallagher
· October 26, 2017
Took the sleeper down to London for the weekend and was delighted by the service received from start to finish. Steven the sleeper host was friendly and informative and the service in the lounge was f...antastic. Nothing was too much trouble for Laura and the other woman (who I can't remember the name of. Sorry!). Will definitely use the sleeper again! See More
Brain MIsh
· December 15, 2017
So thoroughly disappointed with service. Boarded 2 hours late at Euston. Travelling with 8 yr old. No explanation, no representative. Nothing.
Just a cold empty station on a December night with some ...other homeless souls. Surely this was not we had been looking forward to for months.
But yes.Even when train eventually came- no apology then only given 5 hours of rest as woken at 6 am. Crap crap crap.
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Dave Normington
· July 16, 2017
Arrived at London Euston this evening to see my wife and children off on the Caledonian Sleeper to Helensburgh Upper only to find out that they have been removed due to a 'defective carriage'. Appare...ntly my wife was informed which was a blatant fabrication as she has just received a voice mail left this evening when we were already on the underground making our way to Euston. They have now been moved on to a later train which only goes as far as Glasgow Central and arrives at a later time. To add insult, the train they have now been told to catch departs 2.5 hours later; 2.5 hours sat in Euston station on a Sunday night is not funny. They have then been told they will have to catch a separate train from Glasgow onwards. The whole point of travelling to Helensburgh Upper is because we live next to Upper station. This, quite simply, is not good enough. Whilst the duty manager at Euston was apologetic and sympathetic, the customer service in this case is pathetic. My wife was not informed of this whole fiasco and she will be seeking a full refund. I will no longer be recommending your service.

If I could rate at less than 1 star, then I would.
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Jayendra Parmar
· July 22, 2017
This was the first time we have travelled from London Euston to Inverness on the Caledonian sleeper and first class at that! The access to the first class lounge at Euston station was a welcome start our outbound journey and very relaxing! The staff to board us onto the sleeper were very friendly and informative. The berths were comfortable and practical for our needs. My wife and I had interconnecting berths which made a big difference to my wife! We had pre-booked our onboard meals but found that although we got to the lounge as soon as we had boarded our first choice meals were already out of stock even though the lounge car was empty! How can that be at the Ararat of the journey and when you are told you cannot actually choose your meals prior to the journey! Please explain this to me as I am lost on this point! Otherwise all was good and went well. The trains departed at the allocated time and arrived into Inverness as per schedule. The return journey was excellent and went without any hitches. The sleeper lounge access for first class passengers in Inverness was very welcoming and once again well complemented with teas/coffees and snacks. The sleeper lounge on a Friday offers cheese and wine and that too was very welcoming! We would definitely consider using this service again in the future! Our vacation in the Cairngorms mountains as a result was most enjoyable! Thank you! See More
Stephanie Alexandra Poyntz
· July 5, 2017
Berth sheets cause a terrible prickly itch which means my mother and I did not get any sleep. This painful itch stayed with us for the rest of the day, it felt like being covered in splinters of - completely unbearable. We mentioned it to two members of staff who said it is a well known problem but clearly Serco are not interested in remedying the situation. The whole point of buying a cabin was so that I could get sleep before work the following day, I was left feeling exhausted and upset. Both my mother and I have tried to contact CS but no response as of yet. Will be asking for a full refund for poor service. See More
Scott Cook
· July 17, 2017
We purposely booked a sleeper train back with a cabin so we could spend a full day extra of our holiday and get home after a night's sleep in time for work in the morning. After five minutes of sittin...g in the bed, the sheets were incredibly itchy and uncomfortable, with my skin becoming very itchy and prickly. Very uncomfortable. This lasted the whole journey to London and sleep was very minimal, if at all. We mentioned this to the train guard and he stated that this has known to happen, but there is nothing wrong with the sheets and to speak to customer service. Hope for some compensation. See More

Caledonian Sleeper were delighted to partner with Hotel Chocolat in offering last night's guests a Valentine’s Day treat

Guests on the Glasgow to London service on Tuesday were given the chance to sample a selection of 10 handmade chocolates, information on the cocoa growing process, and a goody bag.

Ryan Flaherty, Serco’s Guest Experience Director of Caledonian Sleeper, said: “There’s no better time to indulge in luxury chocolate than on Valentine’s Day so we treated our guests to a special event created with the perfect partner, Hotel Chocolat."

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‪We’re delighted to be recommended by Prince Harry on his visit to Edinburgh with Meghan Markle, although we would always encourage taking the sleeper train.

A young boy spoke to Prince Harry about trains during his visit to Edinburgh

If you're feeling inspired by the Winter Olympics, there'll be plenty of fresh snow on the Scottish slopes this week.

Arrive refreshed in the heart of the Highlands with Caledonian Sleeper.

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Caledonian Sleeper
Travel Service

Changing the Guard – also known as Guard Mounting – is the iconic ceremony seen by millions of people each year at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

The ceremony is accompanied by a full military band playing a selection of music ranging from traditional marches to songs from musicals and even familiar pop songs.

Visit London and see its iconic traditions on the Caledonian Sleeper.

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The majestic red deer is Scotland’s largest wild land mammal – and one of the most impressive wildlife spectacles.

Ever wondered how to define the stags?

A Royal Stag has 12 points or tines on their antlers; an Imperial Stag has 14 points; and a Monarch has 16 points.

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The William Wallace statue has been in its city centre location in Aberdeen since 1888.

Commemorating Wallace’s life and sacrifice to Scotland, this bronze statue is not one to miss when visiting Aberdeen!

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Last night we had a Burns celebration on board our Inverness to London train. Guests were seen off in style with a performance by Spud The Piper and a glass of Tomintoul Single Malt Whisky . Tonight's London to Glasgow guests will also enjoy an 'address to the haggis' during their journey of a night time.

Photo Credit:

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Missing the Scottish scenery from Outlander on your screens?

Take the Caledonian Sleeper and you can visit the real life locations from the show.

Learn about Outlander filming locations, places to visit in Scotland, including Castle Leoch and standing stones, find Outlander map and more.

If you are a snow sports enthusiast, there are few places more spectacular than the Nevis Range, near Fort William. The forecast suggests there'll be fresh snowfall this week, but be sure to wrap up warm!

Arrive refreshed in the heart of the Scottish highlands with Caledonian Sleeper.

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Caledonian Sleeper
Travel Service

VisitScotland have beautifully captured some of the Highland’s hidden gems in this video.

Take the Caledonian Sleeper to Inverness, capital of the Highlands.

It may be one of the most recognisable corners of Scotland, but there is still a lot you don’t know about the Highlands. Witness the stark beauty of the regi...

“Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face,
Great chieftain o the puddin'-race!”

All across the globe today Scots will be celebrating Burns’ night.


On your next trip to Edinburgh with the Caledonian Sleeper, why not find out more about Robert Burns and Scotland’s other great literary figures at The Writers’ Museum in Edinburgh.

For more information, please visit:

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The Writers’ Museum celebrates the lives of three giants of Scottish Literature – Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson.

From mountain hares to red grouse, Caledonian Sleeper has highlighted some of the top winter wildlife spots to help families make the most of Scotland’s frost-tinted outdoor scenes.

Find out more on our blog:

Caledonian Sleeper - London to Scotland by sleeper train

Enjoy an island hopping adventure by boarding Caledonian Sleeper at London Euston

Kicking back in a local Islay pub with a roaring fire and local music couldn't be more idyllic after a picture-perfect day sight-seeing on the isle. 🥃 🔥 🎵

Caledonian Sleeper, CalMac Ferries, The Port Charlotte Hotel, Laphroaig

ISLAY is famous for its whisky but there's plenty more to see on the island than the inside of distilleries. Where to go, what to do and how to get around.