CCF is a non-denominational fellowship and welcomes all who are interested in Christ, Christianity, and spiritual matters.
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It's drop day! You know what that means--Blue Slip Milkshakes! Stop by the Olive Walk for a free milkshake today noon until we run out.

Have a great rest of term! Hang in there~

Hi everyone! The next Science And Faith Examined (SAFE) talk will be on Saturday, May 20. Like usual, there will be FREE DINNER for attendees Looking forward to some interesting ideas and discussion! See you there?

Sat 6:00 PM PDTCaltech Public EventsPasadena, CA
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Blue Slip Milkshakes on the Olive Walk for free today! Come grab a milkshake while supplies last, and best wishes for the end of term (:

We will be holding our annual CCF Council Elections tomorrow, Sunday 7 May 2017, at 8:30 pm in SFL 220. Please plan on coming to play a part in shaping the future of CCF! Please also keep CCF and the Christian community on campus in your prayers during this time of transition. See you tomorrow!

It was great to see everyone at club fair today! Hope y'all prefrosh who are considering Caltech got a chance to stop by and talk to us! We're praying for you as you consider and make your very important decision


We will be hosting Text-a-Toastie again this Sunday, 23rd April 2017, from 8 - 10 PM!

Simply text in with a question about Christian faith/God/Jesus and an order for a toastie flavor to (626) 765-1671, and we'll deliver it to your door free of charge!

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Our annual family business meeting (FBM) is happening today at 8:30 in SFL on the second floor. We'll be reflecting on the past year and discussing the upcoming year. Come join us and/or pray with us!

A quick reminder that we will be meeting in SFL GSR 220 (2nd floor) at 830pm today (Sunday 9th Apr 2017) to have our Family Business Meeting! We will be reviewing the past year collaboratively and discussing key appointments for the next. All members are highly encouraged to attend!

Hope spring break was restful and fun! We're meeting in Avery Library right now--come join us! We'll be back in SFL next week.

Blue Slip Milkshakes on the Olive Walk for free today! Come grab a milkshake while supplies last, and best wishes for the end of term


praise and prayer and POTLUCK night tonight!

avery library
7 pm


some food prep happening in avery lgt at 5 if you want to help/hang out
comment if you/a group are prepping somewhere else, too, if you want people to find you

(bringing food is optional, eating food is a little less optional 😉)

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Veritas Forum is happening now! Come to Baxter Hall to hear Prof Paul Asimow and Prof Francis Su talk about what makes their lives meaningful.

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Paul Asimow, the Ge 1 professor, and Francis Su, a visiting professor from Harvey Mudd (also President of the Mathematical Association of America), will be speaking next week on what gives their life meaning

This is hosted by the Veritas Forum, an organization that seeks to make space for these sorts of questions and thoughts. Perhaps classes and extracurriculars and SURF/internship applications can make you so busy that you don't have time to remember why you do them in the first place. Hopefully this talk can give you a chance to think about what you find meaningful and to talk about it with others. You don't have to come with answers, and you certainly don't have to leave with answers, either. Let's just take some time to wonder.

#caltech #veritasforum #meaningful

Wed 7:00 PM PSTBaxter Lecture Hall
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Liked the songs from prayer and praise night? Here are a few youtube links so you can keep jamming!

Be Like Him:


How Great is Our God:

There's a lot going on in the country and in the world, lots of hate. Let us pray for and love those around us as Jesus loves them. What might that look like?

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"Woyaya": Talisman spring show 2009. "Be Like Him" is a gospel rendition of a traditional South Afri...

Love the flyers for the upcoming Veritas forum!
The event is coming up--mark your calendars for the evening of Wednesday, 2/15.

Ge 1 professor Paul Asimow and visiting professor Francis Su will be sharing what gives them meaning in their work, in life, etc.


See you there!

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Bridges will be hosting prayer and praise night tonight! We'll be singing worship songs in different languages.

Join us in Avery library at 8 PM for a time of worship and praying for each other and the school and the country and the world! See you tonight!

in short--...
Avery Library
8 PM

See you there!

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Last night, we discussed the next of the ten commandments. We read Exodus 20:7 and also looked at the reiteration of the ten commandments in Deuteronomy.

You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.
‭‭Exodus‬ ‭20:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬


This commandment can be surprising. What does it mean to misuse God's name? Which name? Does this include swearing in general?

Perhaps part of it is calling someone else by God's name. Perhaps it means not out of reverence. What about when we get frustrated? What should we do? What if our friends are misusing God's name? What should we do? Does God need us to defend him? Should we anyway?

Comment or message us if you want notes or a summary. It was great to see everyone! Praying for you all continually

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“You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.